First Test, day 1 – Live trackside video & images


At last testing is upon us and the Circuit de Catalunya is busy with the new 2017 machinery pounding out the laps.

This page will be updated throughout the day with images and video content from the trackside. Discuss in the comments below and please feel free to copy paste links there to any updates you find.


Full results for today are:

Pos. Team Driver Time Laps Compound
1 Mercedes Hamilton 1:21:765 73 Soft
2 Ferrari Vettel 1:21:878 128 Medium
3 Williams Massa 1:22:076 103 Soft
4 Haas Magnussen 1:22:894 51 Soft
5 Red Bull Ricciardo 1:22:926 50 Soft
6 Mercedes Bottas 1:23:169 79 Soft
7 Force India Perez 1:23:709 39 Soft
8 Toro Rosso Sainz 1:24:494 51 Medium
9 Renault Hulkenberg 1:24:784 57 Medium
10 McLaren Alonso 1:24.852 29 Soft
11 Sauber Ericsson 1:26:841 72 Medium



Current laps completed:

Vettel 102

Massa 86

Bottas 79

Ericsson 65

Sainz 52

Hamilton 51

Perez 36

Magnussen 36

Hulkenberg 36

Ricciardo 30

Alonso 11





Vettel 1.21.878 with Mediums!


Alonso returns to the pits at a crawling pace, with the Honda engine already switched off. He pulls out of the fast lane as mechanics run up the pitlane in case the McLaren can’t coast all the way to the garage.



The Toro Rosso does everything it needs to do and rides the kerbs well.

The Haas, by comparison, isn’t really hitting the kerbs hard. When Magnussen does attack the kerbs, the rear reacts badly and he had a moment in Turn 2 just now that effectively ruined the lap.


12:10 GMT

Headlines from Testing Day 1 Morning

McLaren only able to complete one lap with oil leakage
Ricciardo suffers sensor failure requiring gearbox removal early in first run for RB13
Near the session end Magnussen puts the Haas in the wall at Turn 10
Bottas completes the most running, covering 79 laps on soft and hard tyres
Vettel posts the fastest time at a 1.22.791 but Ferrari and Mercedes reluctant to show true pace
Whale Tails see running for many teams
  • 1 Vettel Ferrari 1m22.791s
  • 2 Bottas Mercedes 1m23.169s
  • 3 Perez Force India 1m23.709s
  • 4 Massa Williams 1m25.552s
  • 5 Sainz Toro Rosso 1m25.632s
  • 6 Hulkenberg Renault 1m26.319s
  • 7 Magnussen Haas 1m26.404s
  • 8 Ericsson Sauber 1m26.865s
  • 9 Ricciardo Red Bull 1m28.712s
  • Hamilton Mercedes No time
  • Alonso McLaren No time



Kevins front wing damage

11:50 GMT

11:30 GMT

11:00 GMT




10:00 GMT

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