Sauber to use Honda engines in 2018


As we all know Honda wants to deliver engines to a second team on the grid. I, bruznic, believe it is Honda who’ve pushed Ron Dennis out of McLaren, because of the latter one’s reluctant attitude towards such a deal. I’ve been telling that to everyone who wants to hear it, haha. And it now seems Honda found their second team, namely Sauber.

Honda believes they’ll be able to fight for the win again, with McLaren, in 2017. Many readers here hope for the same. So they’ll love to hear that Honda gave a total make-over to their current engine design. The layout has been altered to serve both performance and packaging needs. Furthermore they’re now using the Mercedes style concept of having the compressor on one side of the engine and the turbo on the other. With both turbocharging systems joined together by a shaft between the inside of the V-bank of the engine. And thus they’re leaving their ‘size zero’ concept behind, as they feel the advantages don’t weigh up to the disadvantages…

It is also believed they’ll be using a Ferrari- style multi jet injector system in order to spray fuel inside the combustion chamber.


Their previous design had a split turbine and compressor situated within the V-bank of the internal combustion engine. In order to make the engine as tight as possible. But, like mentioned before, Honda always felt they got held back by Dennis’ decision that they’re only allowed to supply McLaren with their engines. Logically speaking four cars generate more testing opportunities than two. So who can blame them?

Now it seems they’ve found their second team! Sauber won’t be extending their current deal with Ferrari(at this moment), which was running up until the 2017 season. Honda is busy, as we speak, by upgrading their Milton Keynes based factory, in order to meet the extra supply needs.
Honda’s Yusuke Hasegawa has told the English Autosport Magazin that they want confirmation by Sauber no later as the Monaco GP, in order to deal with the necessary logistics to supply two teams.

That second team can only be Sauber, as both Red Bull and Toro Rosso are locked in by Renault. Ferrari supplies Haas and Mercedes has Williams and Force India as customers. Yesterday, January 17th, rumours emerged of talks between Honda and the Swiss based Sauber team. Sauber did not take up their option on their current Ferrari deal, which expires at the end of the new season. As it is a no risk operation for Sauber, they’re in their right mind to try and get a hold of Honda, as a supplier. Current rules state that engine manufacturers are obliged to supply customer teams with engines. Meaning Sauber has time enough to either get Honda on board or still opt to take up their Ferrari option. Or perhaps even go with Mercedes engines!

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  1. Honda, as an engine supplier had great success in the mid – late 80’s. Failed with Mugen in 1999 – 2000. Failed with BAR and Jordan with the 3 litre V10’s.Then failed on their own with the 2.4 litre V8’s.

    It’s nice to remember their success from 25 years ago. Their recent history of the last 15 hasn’t been very stellar.

    • That 1.5 litre 80 degree Honda V6 Turbo – RA168E which was used in 1988 was one of the fastest of it’s time and easily the best sounding engine I’ve ever heard in person here in Australia. The wailing high pitched scream that seamed to endlessly keep on increasing all the way along the back straight and then the Turbo ‘pops’ as Senna blipped the throttle on the slower corners where awesome to hear. The sound echoed through Adelaide and bounced back off the surrounding hills. Sensational to experience!
      The only thing that louder and more awesome was the RAAF’s F-111 Fighter Jet when it cracked the sound barrier on the Saturday arv. The massive, deafening sonic boom almost knocked us off our feet, plenty of people ducked for cover thinking a bomb had gone off! Due to the amount of complaints from the locals about broken widows and rattling doors, that was the last time it was allowed to happen at such a low level … thank heavens! As cool as it was to talk about it after the fact, it frightened the hell out of us at the time!

      • Haha. I can imagine. I live near an army airfield for 20 years now. I’m pretty used to f16 but whenever friends or family comes over, who never witnessed anything like that, they also think the worst war themed thoughts. But I agree, certain f1 engines are the best noise I ever heard. Anything that comes close are fighter jets. It may have been 20 years but I still search the skies if I hear one. Always impresses me. Plus the f16 is one of the prettiest ever made.

        • I agree. I’ve heard F1 engines since the mid-70’s. Most / all of the engines during the first turbo era were in the 10500 -12000 RPM range. They were marginally louder than today’s – but not by much.

          In the early – mid 2000’s they were spinning up to 19000RPM – they screamed. It was ear shattering. Even the recent 2.4 V8’s needed you to wear ear protection.

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