Merc road car to use F1 Power Unit

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Next year will mark 50 years for Mercedes performance arm, AMG. To celebrate, the division will reveal a 1000 bhp W07 engined supercar for the road.

Evo magazine have been told by a source during last weekend’s GP at Spa that the 1.6 hybrid monster was not only going to be a reality, but is actually in the final stages of design process.

With Red Bull announcing a tie up with Aston Martin to produce it’s hyper car earlier this year, it seems that the Mercedes board are keen to market their domination of F1 with their own road car. Perhaps this hints at the marque seeing a continued future in F1?

Regardless, the challenge to convert a race bred hybrid engine for road use will have some unique challenges in terms of reliability. Time will tell if they even manage to pull it off – considering AMG have never actually built a car before, existing purely as Mercedes tuning division. New owners are unlikely to want to hire a team in order to maintain their weekend run about.


6 responses to “Merc road car to use F1 Power Unit

  1. Will be another interesting dream car, or maybe a real car for the 1percenters….

    Somehow I don’t think Honda should be thinking about the same thing yet, unless they want to release a car down on power that is unreliable 😉

    • That reminds me of when Honda teamed up with UK car firm Rover and the result was epic..epic in that it managed to fail on so many levels. The Merc looks pretty yummy though..that back end has a taste of the Jag about it,maybe its time to sell a kidney😇

  2. Between this and the collaboration between Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin, this is the trickle down technology to the public? Another hypercar costing 7 figures and production run of less than 50?

  3. Will they limit the engine to 100 liters per hour or will we see what hp this engine can really produce?

    • If they limit the fuel flow it will be for reliability, interested in what the thermal efficiency will be.
      First steps into converting F1 Power Unit technology into road cars, always start with the dream car end
      of the market to get people talking.

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