Hamilton benefits from Ken Tyrell’s legacy

ken tyrell

On this day… August 25th


The founder and team principal of Tyrrell Racing, Ken Tyrrell, dies peacefully at his home in Surrey. Tyrell were an established part of the F1 landscape from 1970-1998 and under their master’s tutilige secured 23 wins before the team was sold to British American Tobacco for the 1999 season.

BAR become Honda, then of course famously ‘Brawn GP’’ and now the legacy of the somewhat grumpy at times Ken Tyrell is the Mercedes AMG F1 outfit basedin Brackley.

Jackie Stewart, whose three F1 driver titles were won with Tyrell has said: “Ken was the most important person in my life outside my family. Without Ken Tyrrell, I would not be where I am today.”

As Lewis Hamilton heads towards a possible fourth world title, he too may become thankful as he benefits from the legacy of one of F1’s great architects and characters.


2 responses to “Hamilton benefits from Ken Tyrell’s legacy

  1. I read somewhere that problems Tyrell had were still there when Schumi raced for Mercedes – getting the tyres up to temp.

    Fascinating. My 20xx alfa had the same feel in the gearbox as my 1973 Spider.

    • “…and as the modicum of respect that WTF_F1 had for Verstappen evaporates like a droplet of water hitting a scorching pan, WTF_F1 reminds himself that even Alfas deserve an owner.”

      I jest, of course. 😀

      *Coughs* Not really.

      No, no; I’m joking.

      *Whispers* No.

      Yes. Just kidding.




      Soooo… yeah, that weather. Very weathery.

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