2016 FORMULA 1 MONACO GRAND PRIX- Proper at-TYRE Required- Driver Selections for Monaco

Brought to you by TheJudge13 contributor Mattpt55

Monaco Tyre Choices


Well Well Well guess it’s getting easier to tell the teams with deg problems apart from the ones that are on top of it (*coff*MANOR*coff*) but sadly by time we get to the race most teams will have almost exactly the same sets of tyres left. THAT WAS NOT THE POINT!!!!!

Thankfully at least Renault have 2 slightly different sets of tyres to keep it from being a loathsomely monotonous selection but still!!! Anyway, maybe it will rain or a giant sea-beast will eat half the yachts in the harbour. Now is the time to insert obligatory Purple Rain reference. Perhaps the Ultra’s will all melt in 3 laps time… At least that would be somethin’. Quali should be fun thanks to traffic and I can’t wait for the onboards, always the best part of the weekend. Odds for a red flagged Q session that sees a Merc or Ferrari not make Q3? LMK in the comments



2 responses to “2016 FORMULA 1 MONACO GRAND PRIX- Proper at-TYRE Required- Driver Selections for Monaco

  1. To be frank, it’s a step in the unknown, isn’t it? The US tyre has only been tested at Montmelo (BCN).
    I’d be surprised a Merc, Ferarri, Red Bull (or any other fast car) on SS wouldn’t keep behind competitors on US if the SS cars have good traction out of the last corner, and into the tunnel. How much work can the US withstand, before equalling the SS, and falling off dramatically afterwards?
    I’d have guessed that Merc would have more confidence in this respect. Let’s see what happens.
    Obviously, should it rain (hard), we’re up for … 🙂

  2. And McHonda have 5 sets of SS (Merc: 2; ScF: 2, RB: 2)
    (*coff*WISE*coff*,*coff*STUPID*coff*, or *coff*Let’s wait till Sunday*coff*)

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