Vandoorne on standby as Alonso forced to undergo medical examination



Crash… Strange goings on… Crash… spectacular… are all words which have become associated with Fernando Alonso over the past few years. The footage of Alonso’s head almost engaging with the floor of Romain Grosjean’s Lotus in Spa is one no one will ever forget.

Then during the Barcelona winter test last season, Alien’s apparently took control of Alonso’s car causing it to behave in a strange manner – according to Sebastian Vettel – and merge with the wall on the inside of turn 3 at the circuit de Catalunya.

The wipe-out the Spanish driver suffered in Australia was indeed an epic addition for those who collect racing car crash footage and McLaren have revealed his carbon composite seat suffered damage though it retained its structural integrity as required by the design safety regulations.

Alonso’s Honda engine is unsurprisingly unsalvageable though the double world champion walked away from the carnage apparently unscathed. That said, the McLaren driver raised one or two eyebrows when he hinted on twitter that he would not be able to train following a return to his family home in Spain.

McLaren’s Stoffel Vandoorme has been put on standby for Bahrain as Alonso will be forced to undergo a medical examination tomorrow morning before being allowed to step into a car during the upcoming Bahrain GP weekend. This is at present merely a precautionary step from McLaren as Vandoorne continues with winter testing in Japan for the upcoming Super Formula season.

McLaren Honda announced last night that Fernando will be in Bahrain for the medical and Alonso himself is keen to get back behind the wheel: “I’m very pleased to be heading to Bahrain after the crash in Australia,” he said. “I’ve spent some time resting and I can’t wait to get back in the car.”



9 responses to “Vandoorne on standby as Alonso forced to undergo medical examination

  1. TJ13 is back to its speciality – creating smoke and mirrors from news feed articles!

    The only thing missing here is the claim that a McLaren insider provided some confirmation

  2. Apologies for being a smidge off topic, but I just want to publically doff my cap to those responsible for the spectacular video of Fred’s crash the other week.

    I guess there was some luck as a side serve to the skill involved, but the end results were genuinely epic.

    The front-on shot of the McLaren having the right front corner knocked off, sliding up the road, culminating in the fixed camera placement being centre-punched by the nosecone. I laughed out loud at the pure luck of that shot.

    Then the perfect, full-colour, HD, slo-mo tracking shot of the whole thing at ground level – carbon fibre, gravel, grass and Fred tumbling through the air. Just fking priceless.

    The best thing is that it all ended as well as could be hoped for so we can admire the footage guilt free.

    Mucho kudos to whomever 🙂

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