New unregulated performance loophole found by Mercedes? | DN&C 24/02/16


New unregulated performance loophole found by Mercedes?

Mercedes’ W-floor, end of the bargeboard?

Having completed more than the targeted mileage on the first day of testing, and actually topping their mileage record from any test session since the introduction of the current engine regulations, Mercedes are again one step ahead of the competition as they have already started to add new aerodynamic components on their car, a single day after the W07 debut.



Named the W-floor by Mercedes, the area ahead of the sidepod now features a number of serrated horizontal and vertical panes, all aimed at directing or contioning airflow towards the rear of the car. The more conventional layout here is to have a barge board, which is a solid vertically standing panel that guides air away from the centreline of the car, and around the sidepods. The thing is that with sidepod undercuts becoming so thorough and smooth, that there is less need for such a panel, forcing teams into the investigation of other things to put in this – largely unregulated – area.

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Lewis Hamilton’s ex-McLaren boss Dave Ryan insists his “conscience is clear” over ‘Liargate’ scandal
Former sporting director at McLaren, who was axed over the 2009 drama, has returned to F1 with Manor and said: “It’s like I’ve never been away”


Honda ‘retires’ head of F1. Arai: “…it’s not my decision”

Honda has explained Yasuhisa Arai will be replaced as head of its F1 project due to company policy regarding his age.

Arai will be replaced by Yusuke Hasegawa as part of a restructuring at Honda, with the news announced on Tuesday morning. Speaking later in the day, Arai explained he had no input in the decision as it was simply Honda’s choice to make the change ahead of the start of the new season with McLaren.


Lauda blasts Bernie Ecclestone for ‘destroying everything’ in Formula One

BERNIE ECCLESTONE has been accused of “destroying” Formula One by three-time world champion Niki Lauda.

The Mercedes chairman is livid with the 85-year-old, who took a swipe at the sport ahead of the first test in Barcelona yesterday by labelling it “the worst it has ever been”.

Lauda said: “We are having a big meeting with Bernie and I hope someone asks him his reasons for saying those things.

“Everything is just starting to get going, everyone is very positive and he has to do this and destroy everything.

“I just don’t understand why he does it: the master of the sport being so critical.”

 Haas targeting 8th place

Haas team owner and founder Gene Haas has revealed he will be keeping Team Principal Guenther Steiner to his word of finishing 8th in the Constructors’ Championship in 2016.


Head protection: Formula 1 agrees to bring in ‘halo’ for 2017

The FIA told teams earlier this month that it wanted to introduce a device called a ‘halo’, which is designed to guard against impacts from large airborne debris.

This came after the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association made it clear it felt that it was time for the ‘halo’ to be introduced after years of research.

The ‘halo’ has been deemed the best compromise in terms of increasing safety with the fewest side-effects, such as compromised vision or extrication in the event of an accident.

Teams have been analysing how to incorporate the device into a car’s design. It will be a standard part, with all terms using the same design.

The device features two arms protruding from behind the cockpit, forming an elliptical shape above the driver’s head and supported by a narrow forward strut.

The halo is unlikely to have prevented the injuries suffered by Frenchman Jules Bianchi, who died last July, nine months after his Marussia collided with a recovery vehicle during the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix.

But it might stop incidents such as the one that killed English IndyCar driver Justin Wilson last August. He was struck by debris from an earlier crash.

Mercedes reveal their ‘unusual’ aero piece


Sniff Petrol’s take on McLaren




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