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TJ13 has suggested on more than one occasion that Haas F1 should get its PR/Media briefing in order. Mixed messages have consistently emanated from the new F1 team and this kind of confusion is likely to cause American Gene Haas some difficulty once the heat of battle is enjoined.

Initially, Gene claimed his new team would be a baby Ferrari team: “We’d be very proud to be a Ferrari B team because that would certainly teach us how to run in Formula One and quite frankly we will take all the help they can give us. You can’t get any better than Ferrari,” Haas told CNN. Gene later withdrew from this position following a ‘talking to’ in Maranello and concerns raised by the likes of Monisha Kaltenborn who observed, “I don’t think that is a good move for Formula One because it is going down the road of customer cars.”

Amusingly Haas told Sky last November, “We think our chassis in some ways will be better than a Ferrari chassis because we’re using some more… I won’t say state of the art, but we’re taking a different approach than Ferrari is and we think it’s probably a better design. The Ferrari is more conventional, they’re going to stay with what they’ve been doing for a number of years.” Expressing this kind of notion may suggest to those who understand a modicum about F1 that Gene doesn’t really get what it’s all about just yet.

Gene’s last foray into media-land saw him claim his team was way ahead of schedule with their F1 entry preparations. “We had too much time, actually. We probably had maybe three months more than what we really needed,” and the team were indeed the first to pass the FIA chassis crash test for their 2016 car.

Yet Autosport is now reporting the Haas team has pulled back from a ‘bespoke launch’ and will now just do a garage roll out on the first day of testing in Barcelona next month. The team “shelved the idea when the season opener was brought forward two weeks”.

Really? What happened to the three months buffer?

Of course what Haas F1 do over their car launch is Gene Haas’ decision, though given his team is the first new outfit to enter F1 since 2010 – a dedicated launch would surely have been a significant publicity event for Haas and their sponsors.

Maybe the Haas F1 car really does have some revolutionary concepts incorporated into their Dallara-designed chassis, and revealing these to the world would give valuable additional time for the rest to copy them.

Then again…

For those of you who missed it, here is the rendered corporate image Haas F1 released last week to market its upcoming F1 activities, featuring a silver-and-black livery.

So far just Ferrari and McLaren have declared they will do a dedicated car launch ahead of the Barcelona test which begins February 22nd, and Red Bull are set for a ‘livery’ launch on February 17th.

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  1. maybe a silly question, do we know what external sponsors Haas will actually have? I know he mentioned his budget before, but again, one would think when issuing the above pic they would have the sponsors on display if they were already signed up. We haven’t seen the new red bull yet but we’ve seen Tag Heuer on display? Or is Haas getting some funding from Maranello (unlikely to want a sticker, the wind tunnel time sufficed)?

  2. I do hope it’s not black and silver, way too boring. Americans don’t normally do subtle. The yellow renderings were great, brought back fond memories of Jordan.
    I am looking forward to the first race. Will Hass make Q2, will McHonda make Q3 or just blow up, has Renault improved their engine and will Red Bull have best spec Renault, will Torro Rosso beat Red Bull with the 2015 Ferrari engine, will Sauber have a car and the correct number of drivers, will Manor make Q2? So many questions to look forward to….
    Probably all end up as disappointment during Australia race… We can only hope for a challenge to Merc.

    • Speculating about who is going to win this year is a waste of time as we all know. It is much more interesting to speculate who is going to come last as someone has to and it is going to be fascinating! I do not have a clue how to rate everyone below Williams at present! There was a story doing the rounds about Honda having found 200 HP and bookies making Alonso 4th favourite for WDC but that sounds far fetched and I’m not buying it.

        • Were Honda really that bad? Anyway, I’ve had another look at the odds at the bookies. Hills are offering
          Lewis Hamilton 11/4, Nico Rosberg 4/1, Sebastian Vettel 25/1,
          Fernando Alonso 40/1, Kimi Raikkonen 50/1, Jenson Button 66/1,
          Daniel Ricciardo 66/1, Valtteri Bottas 100/1, Felipe Massa 150/1

          So the bookies think that The McLaren drivers have a better chance than the Wiliiams drivers, that Alonso is going to beat Raikkonen, and that Ricciardo is going to be faster than the Williams too. The Bookies have a lot of incentive to know what is going on. Interesting innit !

  3. my god that is some boring livery (if its true). why cant ANYONE hire someone decent to do something good?

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