Channel 4 outsource their F1 broadcast to David Coulthard’s TV production company


In December 2015, TJ13 revealed that Channel 4 had made an investment during last autumn in a company called Whisper films. Click here. 

Whisper films was established in 2010 by Sunil Patel, David Coulthard and Jake Humphrey and whilst the connection with F1 is obvious for the latter two, Sunil Patel has a most interesting background. He was previously a producer for BBC sport and was a key individual in their BAFTA winning Formula One production following the Beeb’s acquisition of the broadcasting rights from ITV.

TJ13 sources also revealed at the time that the BBC is contributing around £10m a year to Channel 4’s F1 budget and the public broadcaster will now outsource the production of Formula One to Coulthard’s Whisper films. Channel 4 remain a minority shareholder in Whisper films.

“This is an exciting time for the sport and an exciting time for Whisper Films,” Coulthard says today. “The F1 world has been incredibly impressed with what Whisper has delivered over the last five years and Channel 4’s decision is testament to that.

“I’m looking forward to being part of an exciting new era for Formula 1, with Whisper Films and our proven level of creativity and innovation very much at the heart of that.”

Ed Havard, Channel 4’s head of TV events and sport defended the broadcaster’s decision to outsource their F1 production: “Whisper Films outlined an extremely impressive and exciting vision for their F1 coverage, with outstanding on and off screen talent as an integral part of their pitch.

“We are delighted that David Coulthard will be at the heart of Channel 4’s coverage and look forward to announcing the full presenting team in the coming weeks.”

11 responses to “Channel 4 outsource their F1 broadcast to David Coulthard’s TV production company

  1. Please not another season of dull David Coulthard with politically correct answers. I don’t mind Perry, Clarkson, Allen or EJ, but I can’t stand the dullness of Coulthard.

    • So potentially we’re stuck with him telling us how to suck eggs multiple times every race…..Fantastic. NOT.

    • Steve Jones really sould really be hosting Loose Women instead of a technical sport where fans desire facts about the car instead of mums eye candy shuddering inane observations.

  2. I really hope that Lee McKenzie is given a role. Her knowledge of the sport and her journalistic skill really shone out to me throughout this recent period of F1 on the Beeb.

    • Big plus one there. I had much higher hopes for Suzi from her MOTOGP coverage days, sadly the F1 work hasn’t been anywhere near as great. Lee was always the go to girl for me from the off plus she’s rather attractive too 😉

      • Big Lee Mc fan here too! Sadly I think she will stay with the BBC as they obviously like using her in a variety of sports.

        She is mighty fine looking as well – I wonder if her boyfriend gets her to bring home her utility belt and headphone/ariel combo, for some kinky pit lane style reporting in the bedroom? That’s been my fantasy for some time now…

        I think it would be especially seductive if she pushed the microphone in my face as the lovemaking climaxed – pushing me for an answer as to how I felt during today’s “event”? If she wasn’t having that good a time, she could pressure me into critiquing my own performance.

        If she insisted on using protection – I’d enjoy the opportunity to time her performing a pit stop for some “new boots”!

    • Completely agree, although I get the impression she will stay with BBC Sport. I would like to be proven wrong, however.

  3. Whisper Films outlined an extremely impressive and exciting vision for their F1 coverage…
    Well, that’ll sort things out then. No need for extremely impressive and exciting F1 races, which is just as well, as it’s likely that there won’t be many of those.

    • I’m also a big NFL fan and by no means have I been impressed by that Road to the Super Bowl programme which the BBC televises. Now I understand why it’s so boring and unprofessional, it’s been produced by DC’s company Whisper. I’ve switched to an on-line subscription to the NFL network. If DC continues to annoy me I will switch to Sky as well. Horrific!!!

  4. If we have to put up with Coulthard, could we also have Jake Humpheys back please?

    And Gary Anderson….

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