Fender bending and a case of mild paranoia for Hamilton


When an F1 driver misses a scheduled PR/press event, questions are raised; even more so when you are Lewis Hamilton. Following an ‘incident’ in Monaco earlier this week, Lewis missed a press event yesterday and posted the above on his instagram account. For many it will be amusing that the new F1 world champion – and possibly the best racing driver in the world –  hit a parked car – but in reality its no big deal.

But if never just rains for Lewis. He apparently has also had a fever this week. Whether the fever had anything to do with Lewis unfortunate fender bending activities, is not clear.

Yet Lewis is taking this ‘nothing’ incident very seriously. It is apparently a moment in life, which is providing Lewis with an opportunity for introspection and is an event from which he can ‘learn’ and ‘grow.’ That said, “don’t hit park cars when driving” is a given even for unqualified drivers under instruction.

Given that the object of Lewis metal merging instincts was stationary and the contact was light, it is unlikely there are any law suits in the offing. If the facts of the incident are just as we have them, then Hamilton’s Instagram explanation feels a tad paranoid. “Whilst ultimately it is nobody’s business, there are people knowing my position that will try to take advantage of the situation and make a quick buck. No problem”.

Lewis being suspicious of those wishing to take advantage of him is not such an ‘out of the box’ notion, given his pursuit of celebrity status and ‘A’ list friends. It’s all just part of being a global megastar.

But Hamilton’s lengthy explanation will give rise to the suspicion that maybe something a little more than a fever and clipping a parked car, has provoked Lewis’ latest contemplations and naval gazing. After all, Hamilton has been described as Formula One’s ‘Rock Star’ driver. Therefore sex, drugs and smashing up hotel rooms would be a natural course of events for this persona profile.

There’s just one small problem for Lewis though. Unlike a Rock Star, Hamilton is an ‘ambassador’ for Mercedes. Which means if he does some naughty boy ‘Rock Star’ stuff, he can’t really revel in the shock this causes to those who are part of the establishment. Indeed, any behaviour which was too unpalatable might require a few lawyers to sort out, together with a statement about ‘learning’ from mistakes – ie ‘I won’t do it again.’ Add in a couple of comments about moving to a higher plane of human development and consciousness – ie ‘growing’ – and Bingo… Problem solved.

Lewis’ travails, just go to demonstrate, how easy us mere mortals have it.


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  1. I hope it wasn’t the Zonda. Please, not the Zonda. Anything but the Zonda. That Zonda’s ‘hawt’.

  2. That said, “don’t hit park(ed) cars when driving” is a given…
    Thanks for my first coffee-spitting moment of the day!
    Speaking of rock star behaviour, you don’t think that Lewis has just ‘done a George Michael’, do you?
    No, not that kind of ‘done a George Michael’, I meant the one where he has a few spliffs, falls asleep at the wheel, and gently thwacks into someone’s parked car, or a corner shop. : )

    • World Champion hits a parked car, you gotta wonder? It is not a common occurrence amongst average, sober, healthy drivers.

      • Really? Have you got some form of evidence to prove that its not a normal occurrence amongst ‘average, sober, healthy drivers’?

        • Is it a “normal” occurrence where your from? I didn’t actually prepare evidence because it is not a common occurrence amongst the sober and healthy where I come from. I feel pretty comfortable with my statement so I’ll leave it to you to sort through the stats and prove it wrong.

          • Well you made a statement which blanketed everyone, not where you’re from. But I guess you’re fully aware of the reasons behind all fender benders in ‘your’ area.

          • Hactually, whilst it may be true that 10% of road traffic accidents are, indeed, caused by drunk-drivers it is equally true that the remaining 90% must, therefore, be caused by the ‘average, sober, healthy drivers’, of whom you seem so fond.
            Hyuk! Hyuk!

        • Yes, my bad. I believed that healthy, sober people, driving into parked cars was not common occurrence on the streets of Monaco or the rest of the developed world. Now I didn’t consider police chases, joyriders and bank robbers in the movies, but yes that was a generalization. It is obvious that you are convinced it is a common occurrence, I’m fine with that.

      • If you in doubt about it being common “hitting parked cars, go ask Kimi, and please do not believe everything you read about me, neither everything I say about myself.

  3. what is it with hamilton. is he now a social philosopher gracing us with his intimate inward revelations? this is the same guy who cannot,usually, mention anything about anything except himself linked to senna as if he is trying to establish a dual persona. dear oh dear, the F1 equivalent of the kardashians/jenners of this world.

    • “… the F1 equivalent of the kardashians/jenners of this world … ”

      When I first wondered who Kim Kardashian was, I found out that her claim to fame was based on a video. So I looked it up, looked at it, I admit it did give a little bit of stimulation, and that was it. If any more similar videos of her videos surface, I may decide to look at them too.

      Now about Lewis Hamilton. His claim to fame is as a F1 champion. I still find his driving and antics on the circuit very stimulating and continue to watch them whenever I can.

      As for his off-track antics, well they don’t interest me and I leave it to the gutter press and don’t bother with them.It may be that soon those reported antics if true will start to affect Lewis’s F1 career, and if so as a committed Hamfosi I think that will be a shame. However, I will then move on to someone else to follow – maybe Max Verstappen.

        • Because in sport generally, to make it exciting, you need to identify with someone to make your “fosi”.
          So in most sports I support a particular team, and have a particular favourite in that team.
          In F1, it will be “Maxfosi” or “Verfosi” for me whichever you prefer to call it.

          In the corporate environment, we apply a similar tactic in situations where a company is being de-merged by giving new “caps or badges” to the people being split before the split has been finalised. Conversely where two companies are being merged, staff are given new “caps or badges”.

    • @Kenji

      Seems like you’ve been waiting a “hell’ava” long time to say that. The relief must be refreshing 😏😏😏

  4. It sounds more like an unplanned coming together with elements of the local landscape resulting in a subsequent and unfortunate nudging of an innocent automotive bystander.

    Prolly no big deal unless he was being naughty, as alluded to by TJ.

    The nigh-on tldr mea culpa is silly – drawing attention to the faux pas, not deflecting it – perhaps it belies a guilty conscience.

    He would do well to never explain – friends / followers don’t need it, enemies / haters aren’t listening.

    And lastly, for mine, I hope it was the Zonda – a butt-ugly abomination if there ever was one. Just hideous.

    • You are absolutely right, but he’s just a person, and we’ve all done the: “before you say anything it was just a…” thing before. Just because someone is famous, or successfull, they are still a person with judgment that sucks balls occasionally. Better by far to say nothing and if the press mention it, then joke and say even world champions have off days. But they certainly would mention it; and even if there was no wrong doing he’ll have been waiting for the inevitable press reaction from the moment it happened… just anticipating that ‘first question to Lewis…’ moment. Who hasn’t walked into the pub after a dumb mistake filled with dread at the avalanche of piss taking from your mates… now imagine its the worlds press, and half of then want to rip you to pieces, and you dunched your car and your a triple world champion… jeeesus.. I does not get more embarrassing! Shit happens!

        • Your words not mine… I’m saying humans is humans, not matter how rich you are. Doesn’t matter how rich you are, no one ever stops finding problems with their lives… thats how anthropological survival instincts for us, they don’t just turn of at 100k a year salarys and above! 😛

  5. You know, F1 drivers used to be rock stars. Most of the drivers “courted fame/celebrity,” and that fame courted them.


    If, today, Lewis was British, White, handsome with long hair, dabbled seriously in music, and was a 3-time WDC he’d be seen everywhere —- including being mentioned or interviewed in mags like Rolling Stone. And 95% of F1 press, avid watchers and fans would be basking in his glow, commending him for raising the visibility of the sport.

    • For me, Hamiltons non stop self promotion of his opulent lifestyle and his clamouring to be seen with the “glamourous crowd”, turn me off. All I can picture is how many kids, from Stevenage, could go to university on the taxes he avoids paying, so he can have more, better and faster of everything.

      • Every single F1 driver lives an opulent lifestyle…

        “Clamouring to be seen with glamorous crowd”… You need to think that one over again.

        “All I can picture is how many kids, from Stevenage, could go to university on the taxes he avoids paying, so he can have more, better and faster of everything.”…

        Do you also have the same picture in your head of all the kids from Frome that can’t benefit from taxes Jenson Button avoids paying?

        So to sum it up, the problem isn’t really Hamilton, it’s more you, right?

        • Fortis if you want my opinion you should leave the snotty tone out of your posts to me. “You need to think that one over again”, after quoting me, is stupid. What is it I need to think over, that you saw something negative about Hamilton and had to blurt out something in response? I’m not sure you know what opulent means but regardless, no other driver hops around the world flaunting their lavish lifestyle. He’s the guy at the party whose conversation is dropping names and telling you how much things he bought or owns cost, “how do you like my new $40 mil jet, the gold pinstrip matches my dogs gold chain; yes I love Stevenage, I think of it every time I fly over”.
          I think exactly the same for any athlete, in any sport, in any country, that avoids paying taxes to their country, the country that gave to them. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” (JFK), still applies.
          “So to sum it up”, the problem isn’t me, it’s that you put your fingers in motion before your brain was in gear and ended up writing a bunch of hokum.

          • “I think exactly the same for any athlete, in any sport, in any country, that avoids paying taxes to their country, the country that gave to them.”…

            Hmmm just a pitty that you’ve never mentioned Jenson Button when you make such statements.

          • Oh stop. Save the self-righteous indignation for chats with yourself.

            “For me, Hamiltons non stop self promotion of his opulent lifestyle and his clamouring to be seen with the “glamourous crowd”, turn me off. All I can picture is how many kids, from Stevenage, could go to university on the taxes he avoids paying, so he can have more, better and faster of everything.”

            Face it, you committed yourself to typing a generally disturbing comment. You lobbed witless salvos at Hamilton, then tried to ply your way out by saying you think the same for any athlete, while demeaning fortis with coded bs: “I’m not sure you know what opulent means…” But you’re not finished. You also created a narrative about Hamilton – your imagined party scene – where you can then stamp him with negative value judgements; what, are you also a speech writer for some pol stumping for economic “austerity” using the hackneyed tale of a mythical moral high ground that never, in the past or present of the Western world, existed???

            So, from you ill-begotten diatribe I can safely surmise that everyday you bear witness to the gaping maws of the psychopath power elite by blaming plebes – Lewis Hamilton – I’m sorry, “any athlete” – for not feeding the Crown it’s 90% or so of his earnings?! Meantime, that very institution of conquest and colonial imperialism to which you so want any athlete to pay fealty, hasn’t paid a tax… ever, and, in fact, owes its pre-and-historic-present-and-future peoples who it has not only successfully enslaved but negatively propagandized into adopting its bereft of emotion behavior patterns, mimicking its psychopathy for its very existence?!


            The only “hokum” in this exchange was spawned from your own fingertips.

          • As Hamilton has confirmed, he does pay tax in the Uk, and he most likely pays more than you do. Perhaps you should reserve your spluttering indignation for those who are too stupid to make enough money to pay more net tax amount to contribute more to their country than Hamilton – especially if they spend more time here poncing of the services than he does

        • “Hamiltons non stop self promotion of his opulent lifestyle”

          “Every single F1 driver lives an opulent lifestyle…”

          I’m wondering if you two guys are using the same definition of opulent. My perception is that McMaster means that he is showing off his wealth, not that he lives in a big house with a pool.

        • Of course Button doesn’t post his wealth and celebrity on the web everyday, so I don’t get the constant reminder of what a selfish twat he is. I assure you I hate all tax dodgers equally.

          • If anything your comment illustrates is that you’re nothing more than a jealous twat yourself. But hey that’s life. 😏😏😏

          • Read your comments again, I’m sure tax was not the only thing you were annoyed with.

      • kurikrocks – Did you mean to publish your email? You may have put your name and email in the wrong fields.

    • Without Hamilton the sport would be entirely screwed. Lewis’ endless sideshow and RBR’s engine soap opera are the ONLY talking points around the sport at the moment.

      Hamilton’s “fancy” lifestyle clashes with a good portion of the F1 target demographic as well, which doesn’t help. Likewise his choice of music style. The kids these days, etc.

      Besides all that, motorsport just doesn’t capture hearts and minds like it used to. Billiards and snooker were big things once as well. The world has shifted. There will always be hard core fans, but casual fans are increasingly finding other, more entertaining things to do with themselves.

      So, respectfully, I don’t accept the hair follicle / skin pigment argument for the (your) perceived lack of appreciation for Lewis and his achievements. I have no doubt that there’s a bonehead / troglodyte element for whom race is an issue but I’d submit that it’s far from the only story here.

      • Agreed. But I think he needs a good PR agent who guides him to say the right things in the right way yet without curtailing Lewis’s freedom to express his trueself

    • Or, I it could be I wrote what I believe, but wow, what a great rant. I mean you even managed to bring up colonial history, outstanding. I love, “the gaping maws of the psychopath power elite by blaming plebes”, what wordsmithery.

  6. “there are people knowing my position that will try to take advantage of the situation and make a quick buck.”

    I’m just wondering if this is a passive aggressive dig at a paparazzi photographer who made pictures of the accident; or whether he is a bit paranoid.

  7. Well he did not phrase it very well so it does sound slightly paranoid but i think I’d take it at face value. I’m slightly surprised that he was in Monaco though as he was in the usa last week and brazil is the same time zone so you might think he could have gone straight there. Maybe he had to take the car had in for a service!

  8. I bet he hit a parked Merc, while driving a VW diesel that was billowing out emissions like Bernie at a press conference.

  9. Sounds like he had too much to drink, hit the parked car, police show up, Daimler’s lawyers swoop in to hush it all up! That takes time so he missed a meeting. What’s the big deal? LOL!

  10. I hope fellow Monaco resident Nico was not sitting in the parked car or Lewis might be accused of running him off the road again 😉

  11. This article and others that are discussing Hamilton’s off track incident are pretty much proving what he’s said. Lewis Hamilton is big news to the media and everything he does is watched and commented on, by them and also the obsessive sad cases who find if necessary to tell all and sundry how much they dislike him at every opportunity. I can’t but notice that several have popped up with comments here and there will many more spewing more crap in most of the other forums.

    I wonder if Graham Hill would have had to put up with similar attacks on his lifestyle. Hill was a bit of a media darling. He was frequently on talk shows and the like. He made the most of being in the public eye. Most of us would have seen his famous interview from a hospital bed. I’m sure the odd balls would find something wrong if that were to happen now.

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    • Very interesting Prof. I think much of the description would fit many top sports people. In fact maybe it is a desired ‘qualification’ for the job. The bible suggests that “the meek will inherit the Earth” but omits to say that they are unlikely to drive racing cars!

    • Is all that just to ‘exclusively’ reveal that some highly talented sportsmen are highly strung individuals?

      Why not just stick to calling yourself a professor, no need to ridicule yourself as well

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  14. At least we can forget about RBRs building 9, Illien built ERS package and concentrate on real F1 stuff

  15. In defense of Lewis, Monaco is a tight place, and cars like Zonda’s are wide and you sit quite low. If the knock was on the passenger side, it can be understandable.

    The responses from fans justify his response. Not sure how he was evenly mildly paranoid, assuming one understands the meaning of the word..

  16. I resent the way the term “psychopath” is being used in an exclusively negative context.

    Without us, you would all be fucked.

    Project your morality elsewhere, or don’t ask us for help in times of great stress or crisis.

    Don’t forget – for every Hitler, there’s a Churchill.

  17. WOW! 67 comments and climbing. A quick check shows no other recent article has received such a large number of posts. And all because it’s about Lewis Hamilton. This response says volumes about some of the people who use F1 forums. The obsessive have arrived here, like bees chasing a honey pot.

  18. Sort of curious why my two comments haven’t been posted after 10 hours. Nothing obnoxious in them. I’ve been posting here for more than two years (way before Fortis by the way).

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