#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: The Still We Rise WDC Edition




Ahead of the returning Mexican GP, three amigo’s from the TJ13 crew chew the cud (or baccy) together over the goings on in Austin. This is a no whistles, no bells, no dancing fountains session – just Tourdog, Mattpt55 and Andrew Huntley-Jacobs talking F1, all F1 and nothing but F1.

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19 responses to “#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: The Still We Rise WDC Edition

  1. Welcome back guys, been too long.

    Thanks Matt for mentioning Canada 2014.
    AJ just come out and say who the Arab sympathiser…. Cough layer…. 😉😉

  2. At least this podcast/show wasn’t such a Lewis droolfest like at the other media (Sky, BBC, other podcasts, etc.). Sure as a just crowned World Champion he deserves more attention than the usual race winner but with both the BBC and Sky it was all that was talked about. It was far too much and for once I feel sorry for the anti Hamfosi. The #2 finisher was mentioned because of the collision at the start and Nico’s behavior just after the race and Vettel was interviewed very shortly probably only because he was on the podium but neither of these stations barely mentioned the 4-10 position, let alone interview drivers who finished in those positions. It was shameful to see 2 great TV stations go so overboard with their Hamilton droolfest, especially from an independent and objective TV station like BBC. (And yes I understand and expect that since Hamilton is British and they are British TV station that they were always going to show more of him when he wins his 3rd title but what about Button and Stevens? At least mention what happened with Stevens and why he failed to finish and don’t just skip over it because the Hamilton droolfest was more important. Button had an amazing result but neither Sky or BBC did more than have a casual mention of it)

    • Stevens retired because of a broken rear wing. To be specific the left hand rear end plate was missing the back half. That came from lap 1 turn 1. They showed the broken wing in the broadcast, but I don’t think alot of people picked out the broken endplate.

      • Thanks for the info, the details were unknown to me (I had only heard that he retired because of a collision with his teammate. But what really irritated me is that apparently a Brit winning a third title is more important than what happens with the rest of the grid, at least have the respect for the drivers to at least discuss how the races of the other British drivers went but preferably the whole grid (it only has to be 2 minutes but not even that).

  3. I feel like some key things were really missed here. The race date in Texas is probably one of the best times of year for the best chance at good weather. Spring is high chance of severe thunderstorms and tornados, summer is ridiculous with heat like unbearable not to mention in the middle of the Euro swing. A hurricane this late in the season for that area is quite rare, not to mention a pacific hurricane is extremely rare. Somewhere they said that this was the first rain since July, so there is that. I think for the conditions given that everyone from FIA to COTA did an outstanding job under the circumstances.
    Redbull has been saying that this new engine was supposed to reduce the lap time by like .015 seconds. That is why they did not use it, really not worth it at all. They have been saying that for months, I think they were supposed to bring this “upgrade” back at like Spa or something.
    Redbull leaving and doing something else… well with the reports that if redbull leaves that they will have to pay Bernie like $500 million or £ or whatever it is. And we know that they would have to pay something, Bernie has confirmed that there is a penalty in place if they leave before 2020, he said he would take them to court. I highly doubt Redbull will leave, that is a huge chunk of change. I have no sympathy for Redbull, they created this situation and have handled it extremely poorly.

    Saying that Merc has let Nico down because of reliability and that has made it easy for LH, what about last season? Lewis got bit by the reliability bug an insane amount last year where Nico seemed to really just have hardly no issues (until Abu Dhabi) and look how that turned out. Luck is luck, it is what you do with it that counts.
    Lapped cars unlapping themselves… you can’t penalize a driver just because they are lapped, they are still in the race fair and square. Imagine if LH had an awful pit stop and landed a lap down, he theoretically could be that fastest guy and unlapping himself (undergreen) and make up some positions. But if you drop him to the back of the line 1 lap down under safety car you would be penalizing him where he may have been right behind the leader. Interesting situation though, Nasr was a lap down because of the lap 1 turn 1 stuff, and under the final safety car was unlapped and he raced up and finished 9th, he was dead last for the whole race. And unlapping cars is only done on the final safety car lap, so at most we lose 1 lap of green running.
    I always feel it is a mistake to compare champions of different eras, how would have LH faired in Jackie Stewart’s time? I would answer that with a question… How would Jackie Stewart do on today’s era? Different eras, different cars different driving styles. Put LH in touring cars and he might not do very well.
    What I a most looking forward to next year is the fight between Merc and Ferrari… to secure Verstappen for 2017! That is a going to be some fantastic silly season right there!
    I am also curious with the whole Redbull Honda thing. Honda made an agreement with FIA that they could supply only 1 team this year, but the had to supply minimum 2 teams next year and 3 the following. But apprentice they also gave McLaren veto power on adding teams, how the hell does that work?

    Does Kyvat retain his seat next year? Thoughts?

    Great podcast, just felt a few details were missing.

    • I’m sure the crew will appreciate your thoughts – Just one point, last year the ‘failures’ for both Mercedes drivers were the same, after the Abu Dhabi ERS issue Rosberg suffered. This year Lewis has had slightly better luck in that department

  4. So glad this is back, I actually used to organise seeing customers on a Friday so I could listen to this while driving around in the car, great work guys!

  5. yea!!! The Podcast is back! Downloading it now but couldn’t have picked a better time (after the USGP). so excited about this .

  6. Haven’t finished the podcast yet, but I wanted to comment on the turn 1 discussion. An important point I feel was missed is that later in the race Nico attacked and passed Lewis going into a tight right-hander. As he exited the corner ahead it was obvious to see he had left a cars-width on his outside for Lewis. Even though Lewis had run himself wide anyway and ended up over the curb, Nico had actually left him room on the track – a courtesy Lewis has never given Nico. It seems clear that Nico simply is not allowed to race Lewis hard, and that the Mercedes management are all about protecting their investment, at Nico’s expense. So, did Lewis run Nico off the track at turn 1? Yes he did. Can Lewis do that because he knows (as does Nico) that he’s the Mercedes number 1 driver? Yes he can. And to anyone who thinks why doesn’t Nico stand up for himself: that’s what Spa 2014 was about.

    • Nico did seem “changed” post Spa ’14. Racing felt “different” after that and never quite returned to what it was like up to Spa ’14. Maybe Lewis became more comfortable with the car? Maybe… well. You know.

      Monza ’14. Singapore ’08. Just some races I’m mentioning, randomly, for no reason, just because, by happenstance, on a whim…

  7. Very happy to have the podcast back and am enjoying the streamlined format. The download show only lasted 55 minutes no seemed to end early, in the middle of a sentence. Problem on my end?

    • The original file uploaded didn’t complete. If you delete your download and download the podcast again, you’ll get the complete version. We put the new file up about six hours after the original published one.

  8. Great to have the podcast back! The downloaded show only lasted 55 minutes and ended in the middle of a sentence. Wondering if the error is on my side with the download?

  9. Good Show. Bit of a shame the pass Nico put on Lewis wasn’t mentioned at all though… Considering how big a deal that has been to many, surprised it’s not commented on at all, basically! And a sweet pass as it was. Lewis has driven better this year, but, should anyone care to engage their brains in the matter, the data shows Nico isn’t really far behind at all. Starts and some ‘Luck’ have determined races. Nico could easily have won, GB (incredibly fortunate break for Lewis), Hungary was ridiculous, Monza he had an engine well off that of Lewis’s which stuffed up and gave him no chance in the race, Russia was certainly his, US again bar the silly moment (possibly external). And in many of the Races Hamilton won Rosberg was right behind within a couple seconds. Could easily be a few more wins for Nico and incidentally some less for Lewis. It’s entirely about the start. Which is no way to determine a driver’s pedigree over another. Now, don’t want to appear too bias, Lewis has driven better the majority of the year (Q up until Japan was like 12-1?) and he’s been more composed. Especially good in Spa Bahrain and Monaco. but the speed difference, just isnt there. Nico certainly can beat Lewis to a title, but, a bit like Ham has had this year, needs more things to fall his way. Which essentially just means the starts…

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