Daily News and F1 Comment: Friday 16th October, 2015

Another GP2 champion sidelined for Formula One

It used to be the case that if a driver won the GP2 title, he got a full F1 race seat the following year in Formula One. That trend ceased with the 2012 GP2 champion – Davide Valsecchi – and is set to continue with the latest series winner, Stoffel Vandoorne.

McLaren are still hoping he may get a drive for Manor or whatever form Lotus may appear for 2016. However, the Woking team have contingency plans for their protege, to ensure he does not spend a season sidelined from track action. With Kevin Magnussen leaving McLaren at the end of this year, Vandoorne will assume the majority of the simulator duties at the MTC.

Further, the young Belgium is being lined up for a competitive seat in the Japanese ‘Super Formula’ series, which of course would be appreciated by Honda. Clearly Button and Alonso will not be asked to give up FP1 practice sessions, so Vandoorne will ply his trade in the next best series where downforce and the speed of the cars will prepare him for an F1 debut in 2017.

The question to be asked for drivers entering GP2 has to be whether the expense is really worth it anymore. The teams in this series are predominantly funded by drivers and their sponsors and with a price tag in excess of £1million – it appears rather an expensive entry on the road to nowhere.

Red Bull will reunite with Renault

Following the Singapore GP, TJ13 exclusively revealed to much derision that Red Bull had opened a conversation with Renault about receiving the French engine manufacturers power units in 2016. Having won four consecutive Formula One WCC and WDC titles, Red Bull finished second in the constructors race in 2014 and are likely to finish fourth this year. Niki Lauda says, “They should stay, the most important thing is they must stay.”

Surprisingly – or not, Franz Tost now talks positively about the potential for Renault to catch up with Ferrari and Mercedes in during 2016. And Daniel Kvyat is positive about the Renault power unit too. F1.com

Kaltenborn says Ecclestone does understand the EU complaint

When asked in Sochi by Martin Brundle why Sauber and Force India have complained to the EU, Bernie Ecclestone claimed he had ‘no idea’ of the details of the complaint. The team principal of Sauber, Monisha Kalternborn says Ecclestone knows exactly what their complaint is about.

Deduction = Bernie is lying. Crash

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“I had to drive with only one eye open as the camera was blocking my other eye, quite tricky” di Grassi

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  1. I had a thought. It might not be a brilliant thought, but it is a thought nonetheless. What if each driver was allocated an extra and complete powertrain for the season? This powertrain could be used either for races or for testing, but not for both. If it was used for testing then neither of the main drivers could drive it. It would have to be the reserve driver, test driver, or any up and coming driver who wanted to showcase their talents. The poorer teams may not be able to afford to test, so they would benefit from the extra engine during the race season. The richer teams could afford the test and any improvements made would trickle down to the teams they supplied, so everyone would benefit. Not only that, but Pirelli could test their tyres, the race tracks could earn some extra money and the tv stations could get some cheap tv. Okay, shoot me down now. 🙂

    • You idiot. Your suggestion is far too brilliant and altogether sensible for F1 to take it seriously 😉

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