#F1 Forensics: Japan 2015, Top 5 drivers Lap times

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Back to the status quo.

Mercedes, and Lewis specifically once again showed the true performance of their car. Lewis overtook Nico in the first sequence of turns, pulled away and never looked back.  Lewis put 3.3 seconds on Nico on the FIRST LAP, and 1.6 seconds on Vettel who was in second.

There really is not much to discern here. It was basically a parade for 53 laps. To make things even slightly interesting I have included Alonso’s lap times. He is consistently about 2 seconds a lap off Lewis’s pace, more in the first stint.


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5 responses to “#F1 Forensics: Japan 2015, Top 5 drivers Lap times

    • You realize this is coming from a database right?

      in addition once autocorrect see’s a capital in the word, it assumes it is a name, and does not flag the word, which makes it much more difficult for me to detect. Since I am writing and proofing on the order of 1000 words a day, stuff gets missed.

      I have spent the last 40 minutes fixing the spreadsheet, since it bothers you so much. You are welcome.


  1. thanx for all you do! IMHO it was appropriate on many counts for you to include Fred’s times.
    would be kewl to see the times of Max and/or Danny added as they are likely future WDC in the making.
    I am NOT criticizing in any way. this sort of analysis can quickly become cumbersome and watered down!
    I HOPE you maintain the motivation to continue carrying this site on your back!
    consider me a big fan…

  2. I’ve had a look at the lap times as well. The average difference per lap between Alonso and the top 5 over the laps Alonso completed (exclude lap 54) was {2.37, 2.02, 1.97, 1.74, 1.67}.

    The average difference over the last 20 laps was {2.08, 1.64, 1.59, 1.68, 1.63}. Not particularly interesting, apart from highlighting how static the last stint was from 2nd to 5th; Rosberg was surely driving well within the cars ability, or simply turned the engine down, at this point to be as slow as Bottas.

    I get the impression Alonso was flat out at the end, which is depressing considering the absolute best lap differential he recorded under normal circumstances was 1 second slower than Hamilton.

  3. I think it would be better for all of us if you use a lap time format like this one 1:32.854 rather than the one you are using.

    Its not a big deal if you know how to use Google Docs or Microsoft Excel.

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