Driver of the Weekend: 2015 FORMULA 1 JAPANESE GRAND PRIX


Who was your driver of the 2015 Japanese Grand Prix weekend? This takes into account the whole weekend and not just the race. Please use the comments to tell us why you voted the way you did.

10 responses to “Driver of the Weekend: 2015 FORMULA 1 JAPANESE GRAND PRIX

  1. TJ13 is better off renaming the driver of the weekend polls to driver of the race poll because looking at the results so far that’s how votes are used 😉

    Order was restored this weekend, Mercedes back at their dominant position at the front, Lewis being just that little bit better than Rosberg and the battle for top spot was, excluding the first two corners, non existent. Driver of the weekend had to be Lewis but I was glad that there was enough fighting in the midfield to make the race interesting.

    • I voted for him too, just to p*ss you off. Seriously though, he did get the ‘most positions gained’ award and his botched qualifying was not his fault.

      Together with Alonso, he over-performed compared to what the mechanics gave him.

  2. My vote goes down to Alonso..yes I know he showed absolutely no class over the radio and no matter how miffed you are you don’t bite the hand that feeds you but given the dog of a car he has and lack of power he did manage to drag its ass home in a better possible position than it deserves. On a couple of other points, Big Ron showed how to behave..he answered questions and refused to be pressed into revealing the drivers contracts and really slating Honda for what was a bloody awful afternoon. Then Mr Sebastian.. I never liked him when he was at Redbull but this year I have seen him in a different light,the guy has a sense of humour!..who would have thought it?..not Nico,that’s for sure,to say the air was cool during the post race period was an understatement and even I as a proven HamyHater felt for the chap,yes the move was close,yes if the boot was on the other foot he would have been shouting foul but at the end of the day it was no more vicious than what Senna or Schumacher could do…that’s racing Nico,grow a pair and fight back,don’t sulk and cold shoulder the other guy

  3. Frankly, the move between the two Mercedes drivers in turns 1/2 wasn’t really extraordinary. Something like that has happened in the mid-field often enough and nobody remembers it five minutes later. That Rosberg is so bothered by it, and that he absolutely lacks any kind of humor as could be seen in the interaction with Vettel, is a clear indication that his nerves are shot. The guy has already given up on ever becoming a Formula 1 world champion and it shows. After coming second in the last season, he was able to come back and find new motivation. The 2015 progressed and he found no way to beat his team-mate however and now Rosberg needs to learn with the new reality staring him in the face.

    I must also slam Alonso for his juvenile behavior today. The guy goes out, drives a McLaren car that is just as bad as at most other races and then he keeps complaining about his drive and the GP2 level engine in the back. Sure, you can say that to make a point, but when you do it during the race knowing full well that the public will learn about it, it becomes totally unacceptable behavior. What’s worse was Alonso’s post race interview, where he said that he still enjoyed working with McLaren and that he looked forward to more of it. I’ll never believe a word from Alonso’s mouth again, not after hearing him shout in anger and frustration during the race today!

    Now about the best driver(s) of this race: I voted for Verstappen, because he did one of the more difficult things, namely overtaking your team-mate fair and square. At least that’s what it looked like to me, despite what the Sky commentators said. Couple that with his advancement from his starting position and he’s been one of the top drivers next to Hülkenberg. Hamilton made a single nice move and drove in no-mans-land afterward and it was so boring, he was never even shown on TV.

  4. I voted for Verstappen. His race-craft is sensational. His overtaking also is clean. He does his overtaking before or in the corner, not by claiming the racing line on the exit. Lewis therefore gets a ‘points deduction’. He pushed of his only competitor – again – and his superior car made it possible for him to disappear into the distance.

    Could have voted for Hülkenberg as well. 6th is a superb job, although somehow we have not seen how he ended up on that position. Perhaps it was slightly uneventful?

    Or, should I have voted for the TV director, who put the emphasis on the racing, the mid field battles and not on the top 5 procession?

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