#F1 Forensics: Points vs Salary.

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Is Alonso really worth what they are paying him? Is it his fault Mclaren hasn’t given him a car capable of scoring points?

And what about Max Verstappen? Red Bull appears to have signed a great deal with him, they are paying peanuts compare to the other drivers, and he is scoring quite a few points for a rookie.

At his current pace, in spite of all of Renaults failures, Max should earn about 45 points, and Red Bull are only paying him 250,000 Euro this year.

That’s one hell of a return on their investment.

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  1. One thing I did take from the list…Merc could have the construction cup for around 9.5 million less. I can take nothing away from Lewis as he is running away with the title this yr but as a business point of view they could have won with Pastor driving the car. It reminded me of the old Williams model,get a world champ in the bag then don’t renew the contract for the following year ,let the car do the work rather than Ego.

    • For now…but I would expect a payday for him once he leaves the “Rookie – Ranks”. He won’t He would still be a bargain if he gets same as Grosjean or Hulk.

      • Not a bad gig huh……”so we want to throw money at you at a young age so you can go wander through straights and twiddly bits….don’t screw it up……or at least don’t crash as much as Pastor.”

  2. It’d be fun to also see another column with these figures adjusted for the money that pay-drivers bring to their teams.

    I suppose one obvious caveat on this table is that the driver who is scoring more points with the team’s car is not necessarily the one who is providing the greatest contribution to developing it or setting it up.

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