Driver of the Weekend: 2015 FORMULA 1 SHELL BELGIAN GRAND PRIX

Who was your driver of the 2015 Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix weekend? This takes into account not just the race but the whole weekend’s performance.

15 responses to “Driver of the Weekend: 2015 FORMULA 1 SHELL BELGIAN GRAND PRIX

  1. RoGro, for me. Very strong race performance.

    Honourable mentions

    MaxVo (doesn’t work, does it?) for overtaking flat on the outside of Blanchimont. +1, kiddo.

    LewHo (still doesn’t work.) for sandbagging throughout all FP’s and Q1/Q2, then delivering two thunder-like Q3 laps. Classic old school quali tactics. Also a well executed start and race.

  2. Got to give this one to RoGro.
    Great job from Checo as well, with some nice action from the senior bull Kvyat (he is getting on a bit) and junior Verstappen.
    Lewis needs some competition from Nico to pick up my vote, seemed to just tip around well within his limits and romp home, I’m sure he’ll settle for the race win though 😀

  3. Found this video ( somewhere else and it contains another gem of Max in Blanchimont. They were stupid enough to not televise Max’s first lap of the race nor his onboard of his pass on Nasr.

    • That’s the Kimi fan favourite tag making its mark. His name was mentioned maybe 5-10 times the entire race.

      Grosjean gets my vote. He put in a brilliant qualifying, got a penalty but was relentlessly the entire race.

  4. Three drivers stood out for me this race: Romain Grosjean, Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen.

    Grosjean got the podium as a reward so he doesn’t need a ‘Driver of the weekend’ title. As for Perez, his race was amazing (especially his start), but the fact that this weekend was such and ‘over-performance’ compared to the rest of his season I am reluctant to hand it to him.

    I will give it to Max though. The reason is: at this stage in his career he is receiving a lot of compliments but also a lot of criticism. But given his extremely exiting racing I would rather be one of the ones who encourages him rather that bring him down. I really REALLY hope that he doesn’t listen to all those bitter people who claim “he drives so dangerously that other drivers get out of the way to avoid and accident”. Are those people serious? First of all, if that were true why isn’t Maldonado wining all the races with his bulldozer tactics? And second, if that tactic really worked, those other drivers getting out of the way should take their million $ salaries and make way for drivers who are really wanting to fight for a spot! If you wanna see a consistency race, go watch those classic car races on the open road.

    • According to Martin Brundle he is very Senna-esqu in the way he puts his car where he wants it, then lets the others decide if they want an accident today or not.
      It won’t always work, but my God, its fun watching him try.

    • “I really REALLY hope that he doesn’t listen to all those bitter people who claim…”

      Do not fret, my friend. There’s almost zero chance of that happening.

      Firstly, If you’ve had any exposure to 17/18 year olds, they’re not partial to receiving advice readily; especially criticisms. And that’s normal 17/18 year olds.

      Secondly, F1 drivers are sociopaths with narcissistic personality disorder. They have to be wired this way to survive and arrive in F1. That disorder tends not to accept much criticism.

      Thirdly, he’s a Verstappen. If you’re aware of at least 50% of the genes he has, then you will understand that, and that alone, is enough to assuage your fears. Combine all three elements into Max, and your fear will melt like butter in a hot pan.

      Message to the Borg…

      Before you feel this is an unfair critique, I am a growing fan of the “Blanchimont Boy”. I have no issue with him not listening, because that’s how it is – and should be – but at least he’s got talent, unlike a Maldonado for example. It’s not like Senna, Prost or Schumacher every readily listened to advice or criticisms, if ever.

  5. As this is driver of the weekend, and not just day, how it could belong to anyone but Perez escapes my understanding. Dominates our beloved and lamented teammate The Hulk, and puts an undeserving car (carrier pigeon) up amongst the falcons…

  6. Kimi – tough track to be on with the pre-upgrade spec engine yet he made it work, fended off faster cars, and climbed well into the points considering his qualifying luck.

  7. Verstappen, simply for the 2 moves he made at blonchimon. One up the inside and one on the outside (with a moment in the curbs)
    imagine if we had a whole grid of Max’s? I’d want a race every other day, not week…..

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