Hamilton refused Wimbledon entry for not being ‘smart enough’

One of the perks of being an international superstar and world champion is getting invited to high profile social and sporting occasions. Recently Lewis Hamilton told his fans via twitter that he had tickets to the fight in Pacquiao and Mayweather fight in Las Vegas.

Last week, the organisers of one of Britain’s most historic and traditional sporting occasions invited Lewis Hamilton to share the Royal Box for the men’s singles final at Wimbledon. Even those who have the ‘world at their feet’ accept such privileged opportunities and Lewis excitement was also evident having posted the following on instagram.


Among the stars invited to the event were Benedict Cumberbatch, Bradley Cooper and Hugh Grant along with numerous former Wimbledon champions.

However, Lewis apparently made it no further than the anti room where he was diverted upon presenting himself at the all England club.


The daily Telegraph comment that Lewis was ‘not smart enough’ to be allowed entry to the exclusive Royal box appeared to be based upon reality and the opportunity to poke fun at the F1 champion.

A spokesperson for Hamilton confirmed he had been refused entrance due to an “unfortunate misunderstanding regarding the dress code at Wimbledon.”

Ironically Hamilton had posted a picture of items from his Wimbledon invitation package, which included “A guide for Royal box guests”, where all protocols including dress code are detailed.

Another ‘spokesperson’, this time for Wimbledon revealed, “If [Hamilton] was not adequately dressed you could infer that he would not have been let in, but we do not comment on our guests. If he came without a jacket, tie or shoes he would have had two choices – not staying or going to get some extra stuff.”

Interestingly, despite the obvious embarrassment Hamilton must have felt, he stuck around in the anti room until the score was 4-3 in the fourth set, confirmed the same afore mentioned spokesperson.

Since splitting with his management team, Lewis Hamilton primarily manages his business and diary himself. Though the lack of capable administrative support appears to have created a rather humbling occasion for Mercedes’ star driver at Wimbledon.

Just last week, Lewis Hamilton’s decision to take control of his own destiny during the British GP – when he made the call for intermediate tyres – was undoubtedly the moment that won him the 2015 Silverstone race. And speaking to the assembled media following the podium presentations, Hamilton said: “In the build-up to Silverstone, there was so much debate about my decisions and things I choose in doing. 

“I think it is with everything, I trust my judgement and I trust myself and all the decision that I am making inside and outside of the racing world.”

Hamilton is strong favourite to win his third F1 drivers’ title this year, though the ongoing back stories of Lewis’ off track activities, continue to be entwined with the narrative of his sporting achievements.

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  1. Wimbledon have a big Ralph Lauren store in the grounds. I’m sure he could have found something suitable in there if he’d been that bothered about going in…

  2. Only a couple of weeks ago Lewis admitted to getting an ear bashing from the Queen. Upsetting some jobsworth at Wimbledon isn’t going to worry him one iota.
    On a personal note, I’ve not worn a tie since leaving school, except for funerals. I suffered for 7 years wearing a bloody tie, that was long enough. Ties belong to a bygone age, it’s the only view I share with Beardy Branson. There is no place for ties in modern society.

    • Hardly a Jobsworth. They have set standards and want to keep to them. Nothing stopping him sitting in the stands or on the hill without a jacket and tie but in the royal box it is different.

      Wimbledon do an excellent job of presentation – just look at how smart the players look compared to other tournaments.

      To me, he either didn’t bother to read the information given or thought he could do things his own way and found out he was wrong. Good on Wimbledon I say to keep to their standards and not pander to celebrity.

  3. He’s not the brightest of chaps, Lewis. That’s dreadfully sad though, really. To see a man unable to dress for occasion. At least Centre Court was spared having to share conversation with L.H. Paint. Drying.

    • @Owen

      Oh, sure, Hamilton’s lack of intelligence and insufficient intellect are fabled. That must be the reason he’s beating the life out of all those bright and cerebral chaps…

      • I’m not surprised Lewis is getting these sorts of comments, they are too easy to make.

        Personally, I feel it is pure stubbornness. He didn’t want to conform, thinking his style was enough. He was wrong and wouldn’t accept the olive branch offered.

          • …it it because he’s pigmentally challenged?

            I’m not so sure that’s the reason… I was under the impression that black people, whilst under white people, are actually slightly above Asian people in the grand order of abuse. Therefore, and based on that logic, I’m pretty sure the natural order of abuse was intact. I don’t think Lewis’ skin was the issue there. It was just the token one week a year we talk about the role of the penially-challenged (women) in sport.

            Or maybe that’s just the modus operandi for where I’m from.

        • @**Paul**
          Intelligence comes in many shapes and forms. What is intelligent for an athlete (supreme body control) is very different from the intelligence of a musician (making written—and dare I say ugly—scribblings come alive) and more different still from the intelligence of a mathematician (incredible abstractive prowess) or that of an academician (self explanatory). This said, any of the top-tier F1 drivers is lacking very little intelligence… Operating successfully at their level, for decades on end, doesn’t come without truckloads of intelligence.

          The interminable discussion on Hamilton’s intelligence, though, is indicative of a rather different phenomenon. As Buxton put it memorably:

          “In The Usual Suspects, Kevin Spacey’s character Verbal Kint comes out with the immortal line: “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” I think of this line every time I hear somebody tell me that Hamilton isn’t as intelligent as Rosberg, or doesn’t have the capability to understand the cars.

          Because, for me, the greatest trick that Lewis Hamilton ever pulled, was convincing the world that he wasn’t smart.”

          • Intelligence comes in many shapes and forms, yep I agree. I guess normal convention see’s the word intelligence relate to traditional mental ability. That’s an attribute for example I’d not associate with Paul Gascoigne, Paul Merson or Wayne Rooney, none of whom I’d call intelligent (given some of their actions), whilst using the strict definition of intelligence they are certainly that, in fact they’re very intelligent.

            Funny old world isn’t it 🙂

    • So does that mean Roger Federer and the countless others who have fallen foul of the rules aren’t very bright?

      • It means IF you win the Monaco GP – you dress appropriately when asked to dinner by prince Albert.

        David Bowie, J B Priestley, Roald Dahl, Trevor Howard, LS Lowry and some 300 others have all turned down honours lists awards from the Queen. Albert Finney not only rejected a knighthood in 2000 but allegedly turned down a CBE 20 years earlier.

        I’m all for revolutionaries and republicans having their say, but then they tend to shun the attentions of the institutions they loathe and despise.

        • I think you’re missing the point. Ok he made a mistake, but to bring up someone’s intelligence and intellect makes no sense.

          Federer is fully aware of the dress code, but last year turned up with a pair of trainers which was against the rules. He was forced to not wear them for the following match, he then complained of the rules being too restrictive and I mightadd, he’s not the only one to do so.

          Eugene Bouchard at this years event also made a fashion error and was reprimanded, her response, “no one told me about it”

          I’m not defending Lewis, he made a mistake which in hindsight he shouldn’t have, he has not complained about it, so I guess he has accepted that.

          • Quite summery… I kinda liked it…

            I guess that’s why the ‘tie’ would’ve not helped at all.

            Did you notice that Andy Roddick wasn’t wearing a tie whilst on the BBC, but yesterday he was wearing a club tie? Seems like they had a word with him as well.

  4. I wear a tie Monday – Friday at work, and you know, I like them. Two reasons;

    1.) They look smart when dressed appropriately, which I rather like.
    2.) As a gent there is actually very little you can wear in a formal environment that is of your own style, a tie however is something you can pick from a wide variety of colours and patterns, The same applies with wrist watches, which is one of the reason I like those too.

    What a shame a very good seat went to waste yesterday. I’d heard that Lewis was actually offered a tie and spurned the offer.

    • It is usually the protocol that guests are offered appropriate attire by Wimbledon… However, for Hamilton he also required an appropriate shirt to wear the tie with – someone to stitch any fashionable tears in his leg coverings and a pair of “stiffie” shoes which would have seen him disowned in the Monaco ‘hood’. 😉

      • It’s lucky he wasn’t in the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot. Heck, you’ve got to dress more smartly to get in to the grandstand there than to get in to the Royal Box at Wimbledon…

        • Interestingly, the tie requirement does not appear to be when watching the tennis in the Royal box – but only when in the corporate hospitality area before and afterwards

          • I must admit I’m getting annoyed that so much focus is being put on the tie when the jacket is probably more important.

            It’s even taken up a whole section of the Jeremy Vine Diatribe today….

          • Jacket’s are handy too. You can hide your fags and lighter in there, along with an MP3 player and headphones for when the going becomes too dull. Also it is a useful receptacle for car keys and wallets and any cumbersome items of jewellery which may need to be removed after a while… along with the obligatory condom for the single male/female (no sexism here)

            You surely couldn’t get all those in your jeans pockets?

          • …. PMSL – yes indeed. Excellent point. I’m restricted in my minds eye to classical cut denim – but you are right, there is another kind 🙄

      • “Smart enough…” yes, a too obvious and droll double entendre. But, from Owen’s comment it seems to have emboldened at least one person who just can’t wait to trot out some coded speak.

        Hmmm, look at Hamilton’s pants. Even in the shadowed photo you can see they have no tears – unless you have no understanding of how clothes are “reliced” to make them appear used.

        Yes, Wimbledon has a Lauren/Polo store where an appropriate jacket can be purchased. Ties, contrary to uninformed belief, are NOT required attire in “The Box.” You can go back in time and view men turtlenecks (but I suppose someone, also uninformed, will attempt to use the “fashion of the day” excuse). Ans men with shirts – without ties. And yes, Box attendees are offered clothing, especially jackets, should they arrive in a rush.

        That Hamilton refused to sit in The Box was, in the end, obviously a personal choice. What’s the lyric from The Police song, “King of Pain.?

        “There’s a little black spot on the sun today,
        It’s the same old thing as yesterday…”

        • I applaud your restraint.

          Just a small point…

          “Ties, contrary to uninformed belief, are NOT required attire…” – DWil

          Would then the spokesperson for Wimbledon – addressing this very matter – also be “uninformed”?

          “If [Hamilton] was not adequately dressed you could infer that he would not have been let in, but we do not comment on our guests. If he came without a jacket, tie or shoes he would have had two choices – not staying or going to get some extra stuff.” – Spokesperson

          Aside from that relatively meaningless point, I’ve personally suffered this sort of thing a few times. I wear suits near every day, but have occasionally left a jacket in a car, or not replaced a tie, on the way to a social event – especially in a rush leaving the office. The difference is, instead of going back to the car, I happily accept the usually offered jacket to whatever club I am going to. In fact, my biggest issue is I always leave with the borrowed jacket!

          • WTF- “Uninformed” I don’t know. But incorrect and perhaps being over-officious,, for sure.

            There have been many exceptions to the tie rule seen in the Wimby’s Box. BUT. who they are, relative to being in favor to the Queen (or The Crown), may well be a determining factor as to how the rule is applied.

            (and thank you for the “restraint” comment)

      • Yeah I know that … But.
        I once went to the casino after we failed to get to the North Sea Jazz festival and we only got in wearing jackets which the personel offered us. Apart from money we lost grace because throughout the evening the personel called: Hey you guys in our jackets…

        Of course the sad addicts wore trainers while throwing their welfare in the slotmachines.

    • Wearers of suit and tie fall into 2 groups. Those with plenty of money who own hand tailored suits and like others to know it. Then we have the minions who wear one, ill-fitting, off the peg, stinking, scruffy suits that haven’t been cleaned for months and know they’ll never get to see the inside of Paul Smiths.
      Suits and ties, snobbery of the worse type.

    • I understand why he wasn’t let in, and do think it was correct, he should not be a special exception. However to be forced to wear a suit and tie in the middle of summer does seem ludicrous to me. My last employer moved away from suits to smart casual, then to just casual and it is the same with my current employer. My last employer was a large international company and my current employer is large national company. So it does appear more and more that the suit for general purposes is being consigned to the history books. From my point of view it’s a lot cheaper to be go casual, a reasonable suit isn’t cheap and you’ll need several if wearing them every day. I hate cheap suits, they look more scruffy than casual dress, nothing worse than looking across an office at group of people in cheap faded nylon suits reflecting light, like a mirror ball.

        • Obliged would of been a better choice of word, and I just meant in general for Wimbledon, always thought it was daft, hot summers day and men sitting there in suit and tie, just pomp for the sake of pomp.

          Unlike you Judge to jump on a comment like that, guess Lewis is as polarising figure as ever, especially as I said they were right to not let him in, I just don’t agree with the pomp.

        • OK, the blog has stripped the ‘doesn’t equal’ from between ‘A jacket’ and ‘a suit’ which rather makes my comment meaningless…

  5. Merc’s are sponsored by Hugo Boss so l’m sure they could have found him a suit and tie if he was a bit stapped for cash lol

  6. Quite funny all of these comments on a no-racing issue.

    When poking fun at someone it is usually good form to get the grammar and diction correct, even if it is the error ridden Daily Telegraph.
    “The daily Telegraph comment that Lewis wasn’t ‘not smart enough’”

  7. Only with Hamilton would this make it as a story. Personally I couldn’t care less what he’s up to outside of F1, but I suppose it’s a sign of just how huge he is in the world.

    • Rubbish. Any famous person trying to get in the Royal box in a flower power shirt would suffer the same consequence… Just as the majority of the French Davies cup tennis team were called out on their nationalism for living in tax exiles…

      In the 24/7 world of news not much gets missed… Plus it’s pretty funny if you try and imagine the conversation…

      • I’m not questioning the reasoning for him not being allowed in, a dress code is a dress code. The only amusing part for me is how huge this story has been. It’s plastered all over the internet despite being a nothing story. The only thing it has going for it is the name ‘Hamilton’. Easy click bait really, classic tabloid journalism.

        • … Welcome to the 21st century. I’m afraid with 24/7 news, its not tabloid journalism anymore. If you are a newsworthy individual you get media attention all the time. The Kimi not having a proper visa for India story was reported by all at the last Indian GP. 10 years ago, we would have never heard about it.

      • The Judge is correct, anyone of note who made this floral faux pas would have seen themselves in the papers the next day. If anything it’s a damn sight smaller story for the fact it was Lewis rather than one of his extended Kardashian posse, then it’d be big news all around the world.

        • We have different levels of moderator available at different times of the day. I think you’ll find your comment passed in the end. Though moaning at moderators is hardly the ‘smartest’ (word of the day) thing to do – 😉

          • I just like open discussion, it’s not a good way to earn a rep by picking and choosing which comments are allowed through. I’m not insulting people or crossing lines, the mods should be fair and let things though even if they disagree.

            The fact that my reply to your comment was left in mod for hours whilst ‘**Paul**’s was let through before mine (despite being made after) strikes me as nothing but suspicious.

          • Sorry, but Junior mod’s have to have simple rules for pass or fail – a word or reference may cause them to defer to a more senior moderator – who is only available several hours later.

            TJ13 began life as a place where freedom of expression was valued and allowed inhibited. However, systematic and daily abuse of this led to where we are now.

            There is nothing ultimately fails moderation unless it is at least possibly unreasonable or has the appearance of making pejorative comment – most of it is abusive to others and/or sweeping statements of criticism without proper supporting arguments (eg ‘your are shit’), or simple trash talk with no foundation of effort fro the commentator.

            Interestingly, since the moderation policy was enforced, many new commentators have appeared and their contributions are seriously worth reading. Obviously a more orderly environment encourages better discussions.

          • Thank you for taking the time for the explanation.

            I’ve been a fan of this website for a long time, I always liked the way it got interesting scoops and didn’t play the paddock pass appeasing game. That said I have been somewhat disappointed on several occasions of late with the tone of several stories. I know I’m just one man and so my opinion alone is not an issue, but I do fear this site is drifting away from what it was with silly stories like this. If I had only just discovered this site now then I’m not sure I’d be the keen reader I am from discovering it years ago.

            Take that how you wish. I know I’m drifting way off topic so I won’t say any more on it.

          • TJ13 has delivered more ‘scoops’ this year than in any other before. It’s just now we report 4-5 stories a day instead of 1 daily news post.

            Also – almost ALL our stories have comment and opinion included which I understand provokes debate – and at times criticism. But I think its a space worthy of being in, despite at times unfounded inward abuse.

            Yes we report the many of the same stories as everyone else does but also ones not produced in the English speaking press. Yesterday we were the only English speaking site who reported the Lauda 150kmh pit lane story. This is a frequent occurance.

            Also, check out the market leading Autosport’s versions of the stories… ‘He said, she said…. end’. TJ13 offers historical context, different qualified opinions of the current F1 players on the subject and writers’ opinion and conclusion.

            I’m not being obtuse, but please go read just Autosport or any single site for just one week – then come back and tell me any observations you have.

          • Like I said, I’m a big fan of the site and the number of lesser (or not at all) reported stories it has. This site trumps Autosport in many ways, but I stand by my comment that stories like this let the site down a little.

            It’s the same reason the BBC site is so awful, they’re all partaking in the Andrew Benson ‘shoehorn Hamilton into any story’ method.Yes I know a story about Hamilton, any story at all, will provide clicks. But surely it should be quality over quantity. Especially when usually the quality here is (in my mind) the market leader.

  8. I don’t understand his dress sense, he just looks like a clown. He sure can drive though! Rules are rules and they’re the same for everyone, all he had to do was buy some smart jacket, no tie necessary, just the jacket, and shoes he already had.
    Can you imagine what the Wimbledon final would look like if they had no dress code? With the celebes these days it would have looked like one of those awful movie premieres with the females dressed as porn stars. The Wimbledon final is about 2 players, not a fashion catwalk for the celebs. Did you see what he was wearing at the Minions Premiere? I don’t even know where to start. As I said, you can’t fault his driving and we can’t all be good at everything, so he should stick to driving

    • There would be a lot of almost totally exposed breasts on display as the girlie celebs of our time vie for newspaper coverage. So in a way attending such events is asking for media comment – and therefore justifies what comes back – good or bad, favourable or not.

  9. Good For Him.

    He Used The Exact Same Rules Against Those Who Issued Them.

    He Managed The Smartest Excuse Without Bluntly Declining The Invitation.

    Not Smart Enough, My Posterior.

    GO, 44 !

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