#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: “Fiddling with Emma”


This week’s show features a return to the shed by tintop lover and social media guru Craig Alderson, back from a thing he calls “a life”. Reportedly it involves “going outside”and other such scary things

Anil “Nutella” Parmar makes it a septet of performances sporting a new and freshly coiffed beard, which is reportedly in line for a seat at Ferrari.

Orator in Chief AJ rejoins the panel to wax most loquacious, in a desperate attempt to have both the shortest and longest answer to the judges question.

Host in Chief Spanners Ready is once again joined by Mattpt55, who was rendered speechless (no easy task) by Spanners’ lack of a blue dress shirt. Fear not, Spanners was wearing clothes and once Trumpets recovered his powers of speech he went on to make his usual, invaluable contribution to the show by goofing about during the quiz.

This week’s panel looks back over the race weekend and considers whether penalties in their current guise are doing the job they were meant to, and explore the possibility that races today are not nearly as boring as they were in bygone eras, but that hordes of whinging youngs on Twitter make it seem so. The many facets of the fate of Kimi Raikkonen get a mention as well, along with the a moment of silence (well, OK, silent glee) at the passing of the career of Mr. Geri Halliwell.

Things get serious in the Quiz as Trumpets is forced to start with a 5 second penalty after last weeks tactics were ruled illegal. Anil is still in the hunt for redemption and Craig seeks to make an impact as Spanners goes all Team Principal on the panel. Oh, yes, and a suprise appearance by the Ice Cream truck.

The TJ13 School of Bright Ideas comes out of hibernation to take on the tangled matter of engine regulations and once again the FIA’s lack of professionalism is grist for the mill as the improbability of having no footage of the Raikkonen-Alonso incident gets some deserved air time.

This week’s Things discovers what was really behind Ferrari’s engine offer and delves deep into the past to solve the mystery.

Thanks again to the Jury for providing an excellent stream of comments and rampant speculation on Spanners’ personal life. Unfortunately we were too distracted by Anil’s new ‘do to get to them but we’ll do better next time, Jury, we promise. Honest. Join @SpannersReady, @Mattpt55, @FormulaEDiary, @ajhuntf1 and @Craig_Alderson on Twitter where we sometimes talk about stuff. With Words.

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5 responses to “#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: “Fiddling with Emma”

  1. The bashing of the Schumacher era is just senseless. I’d rather watch racing from the mid 90’s to 2008 than the crap they are calling racing now. There was strategy (fueling), they drove at 100% (not including 2005 due to no tire changes), the cars evolved throughout each season, the cars were difficult to drive and all the car manufacturers produced different cars from one another. I have every race on my computer since 1978, but I haven’t saved the past couple years because the racing is boring as shit. If you think the 90’s and 00’s were boring, you weren’t watching it live.

  2. I was watching, and 2002 and 2004 were the most boring seasons in memory. Having said that, 2003 and 2005 were very entertaining but it’s lost it’s way big time in recent times.

  3. Good podcast as per usual.

    Very sorry that you had to meet up with migraines spannersready. I suffered for many years. I believe stress is a major contributor, though foods too can cause issues. Several months ago I was under a lot of stree and began experiencing auras, but without migraine. I’ll take not seeing right for an hour any day.

    Good luck and stay strong.

    • Thanks Man. I had the Aura but I didn’t know what it was so I ignored it. The about 3 hours of migraine.
      Savage. Very humbling. I’m almost glad I understand now. Almost.

  4. Great episode guys. Love that the student, Anil (or Neil) is up to 7 episodes in a row.

    Question, do you get a royalty everytime the “Big Dirty News” jingle is played? 😉

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