#F1 In-season Testing, Red Bull Ring Day 1 Report


The first day of in-season testing seemed to become a complete wash-out until the rain finally stopped in the early afternoon. By 15:00 all but Rafaele Marciello had done their installation laps and around 15:30 the track had dried up and finally the first cars could go out on slicks.

With all the rubber from the weekend washed away by the rain, times were always going to significantly slower.

Most of the teams seemed to concentrate on aero-runs with lap times of no consequence. Williams’ Sosie Wolff, who only got to do 37 laps, tested a new winglet to improve air flow over the wheels. Romain Grosjean did trial runs with the aero rake and McLaren spunked their car with flo-viz to test out a new nose, as did Force India, who were running parts of the upcoming B-Spec upgrade.

There was a short scare and a red flag after Ferrari debutant Fuoco parked his car in the wall. The young Italian was uninjured, but his test was over.

The session was scheduled to end at 18:00, but was extended by two hours, which mattered little however as the rain started again and very little running was done in the additional time. Quite unsurprisingly, Wehrlein was fastest, and also not the first time this year, Max Verstappen was the busiest – ninety-seven laps for the youngster

1. Wehrlein (Mercedes) 1:11.005
2. Ocon (Force India) 1:11.192
3. Verstappen (Toro Rosso) 1:11.328
4. Fuoco (Ferrari) 1:11.331
5. Grosjean (Lotus) 1:11.691
6. Gasly (Red Bull) 1:11.757
7. Marciello (Sauber) 1:11.826
8. Vandoorne (McLaren) 1:12.530
9. Wolff (Williams) 1:13.248

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  1. How many consecutive laps for McLaren? I know they racked up 76 in total. Would love to see Alonso challenging for podiums by the end of the year. And then Hammy vs Alonso part deux next year!!!

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