The #TJ13 #F1 Daily News and Comment: Saturday, 20th June 2015


Vettel lobs it back at Ecclestone

Horner warns: Don’t ignore what Mateschitz says

McLaren declares Austrian GP an extended test session

Vettel lobs it back at Ecclestone

Formula One is suffering, especially in the German market. Due to the time difference, the Montreal race was shown at prime time, yet it was seen by one million less viewers than the late night football game of the German Women’s national team two hours later. (That’s soccer for those on the wrong side of the pond)

Bernard Ecclestone has criticised Rosberg and Vettel for not doing enough for Formula One, like going gangsta or divorcing and reuniting with a celebrity girlfriend every other week. He went even as far as telling Rosberg to his face that he was bad for his business during a joint interview at Monaco.

Both Vettel and Rosberg have so far declined to get involved too much, the only time being when Vettel wondered aloud if Bernie might perhaps no longer be in command of all his faculties, because he was talking his own product down.

In an Interview with AFP, Bernard has done that yet again, telling them: “I was recently with some engineers together, and I told them. I’ve been all my life a good seller, but now you gave me a shit product and I have to try and sell it.”

This time however he got a response from within the paddock, when Sebastian Vettel remarked dryly, “Bernie could honestly sell a lot more tickets. He could make them more affordable.”


Horner warns: Don’t ignore what Mateschitz says

We’ve heard over the last two days that everyone from Danny Ricciardo to Dietrich Mateschitz has turned up the pressure on Renault. Only one was missing, but fear not, young laddie, here he is – Horny Spice himself.

“Dietrich doesn’t talk publicly often, but when he does, you have to listen,” Horner tells “He’s expressing his opinions and views. He’s most definitely frustrated at the moment.”

That would of course lead to the predictable questions about Red Bull’s repeated hints at leaving the sport.

“I’m not in a position to say that. Dietrich is the chairman, he’s the owner, you have to listen to what he says.

“Hopefully it won’t come to that. We need to find a solution. It’s in F1’s interest for Red Bull to be in the sport.”

Speaking about the latest upgrade from Renault, Horner admits that the team is not entirely free of blame.

“I think with all these things it’s never one simple thing. If you look at our deficit to say Mercedes, you could say it’s 80 per cent engine, probably 20 per cent chassis.

“The solution is obviously our quickest way to increase performance is more power. Viry are working hard on that on Renault’s side, but the frustrating thing with the engine is it takes time.

“We’re obviously impatient to get performance on the car.

“We’re working with them behind the scenes, and time will tell. I think over the next two weeks they’ll have some interesting results for next year and later this year, which are crucial.”

Those ‘interesting results’ could well be the latest dyno results that Renault was supposed to present during the crisis meeting with Red Bull on Thursday. Several media report that a large update including a new cylinder head, designed by Mario Illien, is currently being bench-tested in the Renault factory.


McLaren declares Austrian GP an extended test session

Fernando Alonso will be slapped with a 20 place grid penalty, while Jenson Button incurred a massive 25 place drop after the power units have been changed in both cars. Since such large drops are not possible in a field of just 20 cars, both will likely have to serve time or drive-through penalties as well, effectively and literally rendering the Sunday pointless.

Eric the Believable explains that since Button would be getting a 20 place penalty in any case, they decided to change the MGU-K as well. With literally nothing to gain, the team has written off the weekend and considers it additional testing time ahead of the scheduled two-day test next week.


45 responses to “The #TJ13 #F1 Daily News and Comment: Saturday, 20th June 2015

  1. “Bernard Ecclestone has criticised Rosberg and Vettel for not doing enough for Formula One, like going gangsta or divorcing and reuniting with a celebrity girlfriend every other week”. Sir, you are a glory of English prose.

    • But worry ye not, Fortis and the Fanboys will be along shortly with compensatory adulations of the Beloved World Champion…. Such is the level of intellectual cut and thrust in these exciting times 😉

  2. Doesn’t this appear Renault is starving Red bull meanwhile hoarding engine tokens for a bit as they try and buy a works team. Logically Renault buys a team and develops their engine optimizing on all the progress in technology and has the best upgrades money can buy ala 2017+ as opposed to fully developing the engine in the present.

    I don’t see a ton of break throughs in the ICE but in the packaging of the ERS and cooling could be the magic bullet….. Or bullets

  3. Mr. Horner,

    I listened this week to Mr. Mateschitz say, “You can’t force one to stay, when they want to leave.”

    Renault won’t have the budget of Mercedes or Ferrari. Aerodynamics will continue to play a lessor role in F1 performance.

    I’ll quote another famous Austrian… “Hasta la vista, baby!”

    When our fizzy drinks friends depart F1, it may help to collapse this disastrous 7th Concorde Agreement. In any case, all good news!

  4. Bernie understand by now that gimmicks such as awarding double points at some races won’t fix anything since Mercedes is faster than the competition from get-go. The only way to keep people’s interest in the F1 season is to have a good battle within the Mercedes team.

        • Translation:

          “I’ve got two big hairy ones in my pant for you English boys… I don’t give a fuck. Enjoy. Nom nom nom nom.”


          • Awww, my Spanners “translation” didn’t get through.

            Well I know the limit now and will drive accordingly.

            10 tenths… 😀

    • May be it’s something to do with the tattoos, the bull dog, the rap-chanting, the bling, the wearing of over-size hats….. Strangely enough, I was berated on another site for referring to him as “the Gangsta” but clearly I’m not alone in my conclusions.

      That said, the one thing that doesn’t really sit with the gangsta profile is that, since the signing of the new mega-millions Mercedes contract, he seems to have chosen to have his hair styled and cut by Stevie Wonder.

      • But yet when you look up the wonder ‘gangster’ and images of said ‘gangsters’ not one of them looks or dresses as the aforementioned Hamilton. But what do you get are people like Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel et al, all well dressed wearing hand tailored suits, top hats smoking the finest cigars who are glorified and idolised.

        Interesting indeed….

        • You know exactly that this is a deliberately false argument. Gangsta is a Rapper subculture and that’s exactly the image Lewis has been trying to project, especially with outrageous jewelry, accessories and clothing. It has nothing to do with being criminal.

          • There’s a comment of mine made to Juan Ramos this morning but still awaiting moderation that said “Fortis and the Fanboys will be along shortly with compensatory adulation of the Beloved World Champion”.

            They are clearly blinded by the light that surrounds His Eminence (although, of course, it could be the sunlight reflecting off that subtle golden rope of his), hence they will leap to the defence of Our Hero at each and every opportunity, no matter how fatuous their argument. Sigh…….

          • And these subcultures were derived from these characters along with such iconic films like Scareface, The Godfather trilogy, King of New York, Casino et al.

            But honestly, I think you need to do your homework on rap before you make such a claim.

          • On Lewis’ part; the rappers tend to personify the gangster act, shooting and getting shot.

      • Glad you cleared up what happened to his head, I thought maybe he passed out at a party and a bunch of drunks shaved it.

  5. Ahh classic hippo. Bernie says hamilton is good for business, hippo gets irked and even more so since it’s to do with lewis, and goes on to attack lewis even though it’s bernie who made the comment…. You lose any basis for the argument when you do that. Your hatred towards lewis could not be more apparent

    • See, that’s where we differ. I don’t like Lewis much as a person, because I think he’s coming across like a pompous arse, but that is not the same as hatred. Hatred is an emotion that kills people. And as a driver I respect Lewis quite a lot. But that is purely limited to his driving.

      • Maybe he should be more like Vettel and Rosberg, fine upstanding German gentlemen, who turns up for a race weekend and then when it’s over, retreat back to their stately manors until the next time they’re need.

        How exciting…..

        • Well, it may surprise you, Fortis, but that’s exactly how most Germans want to live their life. I never said we are the most exciting people in the world. In fact we don’t want to be, because the last time we got excited, Poland got a nasty surprise. It’s called a cultural difference. Overly extroverted people are not well received by most Germans. It’s the way we are.

          • Well it’s a good thing he’s not German then or Bernie would be pulling out what little hair he has left.

          • So your thesis is that if Vettel and Rosberg weren’t boring engineer types, they’d be megalomaniacal mass murderers ?
            Coming from the culture that gave us Bach, Beethoven and Goethe, I think you’re slightly underselling yourselves…

          • “…the last time we got excited, Poland got a nasty surprise.” – Hippo


            I love your one-liners… You should do a quotes book.

          • I never realized I had so much in common with FH re. HAM’s driving skills vs is “out of the car persona”, his cultural understanding of different cultures (and no, I’m not German…).

            But yes, FH can be a bit of an annoying smart @ss at times.

          • Decades, centuries perhaps, of being afraid of sticking your head above the parapit has that effect on people.

        • Didn’t I read a comment from you chastising Hippo for bringing up nationality?

          Personally I’m with Hippo on Hamilton, respect him as a driver, pompous arse as a human. The picture he had taken of himself with his fancy jet captioned “boy from Stevenage makes good” (or whatever) was pure Donald Trump quality vanity. What really gets me though is the kilo of gold he has hanging from his neck, do you think he takes it off before he does the photo ops with the hungry kids?

          • Seems like it really does tick you off to see a boy from Stevenage made something of his life and is enjoying the fruits of his labor.

            But like Adam Parson said, “how dare he”

          • Fortis, I’m a boy from East Germany who made something of his life and I don’t stick it into everyone’s face. Can’t you simply accept that some people might have a differing opinion? Do you really need to jump at each and every dissenting voice?

        • I have nothing against anyone making it and enjoying the fruits of their labor, but I don’t see any other F1 driver constantly flaunting their wealth.

          • I totally agree with Fat Hippo on this one, Lewis Hamilton reminds me very much of our own Shane Warne. Tremendous amount of talent in their respective fields, matched only by their equally tremendous lack of class. Yet, they both attract their fair share of fanboyz dont they? How he goes around looking like a reject from THE A-Team is just pure chedda. Gangsta Rappa Chedda.

        • Fortis, some people find bling and bimbos boring, and I can simply not understand how anyone thinks Vettel is boring, guy has quick wit and enough huevos to stand up to Bernie.

  6. Hey Mrs. E, if you want someone to come promote your product for you, there is a well-known and fool proof method.


    They are drivers, and well payed ones at that. If you want them to fly around the world and act as cheerleaders, I suspect their fee might be slightly higher.

    I guess the single contract Bernie doesn’t have control over is the one between the driver and the team. Otherwise you can be sure Bernie would have all the drivers sharing a hire-car and going from town to town with a giant speaker strapped to the roof.

  7. Well done Rosberg and Vettel for not wading in on the topic, shame on Lewis for not wading in on the topic, or wading in on the topic, or keeping his distance, or well….. f@@k it, everything. Shame on him for not behaving like a German, and shame on him for how he looks, how dare he, he should dress like a Western Corporate slave aught to in suits with short hair, like McLaren made him. Shame! We aughta make him walk stark b@llock naked to the Red Keep.

  8. I guess this is slightly OT, but a couple of weeks ago we were in the middle of the 2015 TT. There wasn’t a lot of broadcast coverage but in UK ITV did give it an hour a day, plus the usual preview and review programmes. What struck me once again was the way in which everything about this competition – which I would describe as unquestionably the greatest motorsport competition in the world – throws the absurdity of F1 (and to a much lesser extent WSBK and MotoGP)) into sharp relief.
    In the Superbike class at the TT, nearly standard road bikes (costing <£20K) are lapping at speeds in the 130 mph range, barely different to the Seniors, which themselves can be built for substantially less than £100K – about the cost of a couple of the Rococo front wings currently seen in F1.
    And then there's the "stars". Compare these guys, most of them as modest and unassuming as anyone you'd wish to talk to in the pub (Guy Martin being the exception that proves the rule) with an overpaid, under-educated, prima donna like… well, fill in your own choice of F1 driver: there's no shortage of candidates.
    There's been a bit of talk recently about the danger aspect of F1. In comparison to the TT it's about as dangerous as synchronised flower-arranging; one death this year and almost 250 deaths since it started. No one sane thinks deat in motorsport is desirable but watch "Closer to the Edge" on YT to see how the participants and their families (and one widow) view this aspect of the TT.
    "F1 Heroes" . Yeah, sure.

    • I am always amazed by the two wheeled nutters, break a bone and race again the next day…how long did MS take off after Silverstone or the young Max complaining about a headache? The bike guys and gals have my total respect and as you say, riders camping out in vans and racing because they enjoy it and most having a second job just so they can eat. I bow to them all

      • Totally agree with your comment and the underlying message with one small exception.

        “…how long did MS take off after Silverstone…” – Oddball

        At Silverstone in 1999, Michael completely crushed his leg and came back later in the year at Malaysia to play a perfect No2 role for Eddie Irvine’s title bid against Mika Hakkinen. Perhaps he might have come back a round earlier, but no more.

        The point is, Michael broke his leg about the same time in the season, and subsequently spent about the amount of same amount of time off, as Valentino Rossi did after Vale’ came off at Mugello in 2010, where he totally smashed up his leg too. Similarly to 1999, Valentino also was injured early on, gave up a title bid, saw his team mate step up and came back with a few rounds to go at seasons end… In Valentino’s case, Jorge Lorenzo won the title.

        A smashed leg is a smashed leg, and I should know, I have had similar injuries as a youngster and I am still limping now from destroying my leg late last year.

        But I get your point overall, for example Bottas hurt his back earlier this year and Hamilton made some comment implying that he’d simply use pain killer injection to do the race, which I agree with. Head aches? WTF?

  9. So free practice 3 had a good shower. And sainz was fastest in the rain and Rosberg second. But in the dry vettel topped hamilton who was in front of Kimi. And Rosberg only 4th

  10. Not to paraphrase Kimi’s radio transmission post Q1, but is there more info available re. ” what the f*** happened?” I couldn’t find anything.

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