The #TJ13 #F1 Daily News and Comment: Friday, 19th June 2015


How to make Kimi Räikkönen construct multi-syllable sentences

Marko thinks split from Renault is best

Romain Grosjean: Nico opened the door for all of us

How to make Kimi Räikkönen construct multi-syllable sentences

RaikonnenAn Italian journalist working for Italy’s Gazetto dello Sport has achieved what precious few other people have managed – getting a reply from the notoriously mono-syllabic Finn that sounds vaguely emotional. The man from Espoo, who can out-Vulcan Surak on a good day, is still waiting for his contract to be renewed, but poor performances like his race in Montreal do not help much to further his cause.

Ferrari has an option on Räikkönen’s services, valid until July, but have so far made no move to activate it. Aforementioned Italian journalist claimed knowledge that Ferrari would only consider doing so if the Finn were to settle for less than 12 million Euro plus success bonuses.

“That’s this bullshit you’re writing again,” Räikkönen told the assembled Journalists in the Ferrari motorhome and the Italian Gazzeta-man, in a rush of bravado or terminal stupidity, depending on how one looks at it, identified himself as the author of the article, and the Finn unloaded his frustration.

“Did you see my contract? No, which means you wrote bullshit. You don’t know my contract, but you write stuff like that. Does that mean you write things that aren’t true? Perhaps you should start writing stuff that makes more sense.”


Marko thinks split from Renault is best

Being in the Red Bull motorhome must currently be less fun than drowning. Owner Dietrich Mateschitz is losing motivation, Daniel Ricciardo is said to have lost his temper substantially at Montreal and now the team’s motosport consultant Dr. Helmut Marko is telling Renault that the team’s patience is running out.

Despite the fact that the Renault engines are detuned, leaving them with a deficit of 120 horses to Mercedes and 80 to Ferrari, as a measure to improve reliability, both cars will be fitted with a fifth unit and start bog last, at their teams home race of all places.

“The fact is: We wont waste another two years running around at the back end of F1 with those hopeless engines,” Marko explains to Motorsport-Total. During an internal meeting Mateschitz and Marko are said to have come to the agreement that a further cooperation does no longer make sense.

Last night there was a crisis meeting between Red Bull and Renault, where the French were supposed to present their latest dyno-run results, with Marko saying that based on that meeting a final decision will be made.

TJ13 will cover any news about the meeting as soon as they become available.


Romain Grosjean: Nico opened the door for all of us

Nico Hulkenberg Porsche LMP1 RX 680 2Nico Hülkenberg, the first active F1 driver to win Le Mans since Bertrand Gachot in 1991, was showered with praise from his fellow drivers.

“Super! I think we’re all a bit jealous that it looked so easy for him to do,” fellow German Sebastian Vettel explains. “But I think in reality it was hard work. But it’s super. Doing such a perfect work in a side job is absolutely incredible.”

Lotus’ Romain Grosjean joined Vettel in admitting a certain amount of jealousy, but insists that he wasn’t really surprised, reminding the journalists that Hülkenberg has won each and every series he ever started in – Formula BMW, F3 Germany, F3 Euroseries, GP2 as well as winning the A1 GP for Germany single-handedly in 2006/2007 with an unprecedented nine race wins in a single season.

Grosjean, who drove a Ford GT1 in Le Mans 2010 said that he will definitely return to the iconic race at some point, but rules out the immediate future, saying that having become a father recently would not allow him to be away from his family for three weeks. He did however note that Hülkenberg has opened the door for his fellow colleagues, proving that an active F1 driver can run competitively at Le Mans.

One man who must really be getting close to the end of his rope by now, is Fernando Alonso, as he was supposed to be sitting in the #19 Porsche as a team mate to Hülkenberg. The contract had been all but signed, when McLaren vetoed it on the grounds that they and Porsche are direct competitors in the sports car market. Your employer nixes your chance at winning Le Mans and gives you a crap car on top of it. Many lesser men would have long since gone ballistic.


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  1. 120 horses down and Sainz telling us that he has to save fuel from the 2nd lap in the race. Seriously, wtf Renault?

    • I would hazard a guess that the Renault powered teams underfuel even more than the others to save weight and make up for the power deficit. And the numbers are only for Red Bull. There’s a good chance that the Renaults in the STR cars are not as badly detuned as in the RB because they have less cooling problems from tight packaging.

      • Lol. Renault and honda are more thirsty because they have so much less power they’re on full throttle for much longer over the race distance, forcing them to coast right from the start.
        Because of 100kg/h @ 10500rpm rule every engine burns the same amount of fuel no matter the horsepower produced. And if you’re making more with the same fuel it’s only natural you’ll burn less.

        • The ice is likely similar in horsepower, the deficit is more likely found in the energy recovery systems, so the fuel burn will be similar to the other manufacturers.

          • You do realize less ers output will directly result in less power hence being on the throttle for longer thus ariving at the same conclusion.

        • The ers stores produce hp as well and the lack of hp was the reasoning behind Hippo’s comment. It may be that Honda’s ice is producing more hp then anyone else’s, which could be why they are burning more fuel, but without decent hp from the ers stores they can’t keep up.
          juzh, I wouldn’t say Red Bull’s over heating was a “2 year old problem”, two years ago Red Bull were champions. Yes they did cut the cowling last season, but they have certainly been reports of over heating issues this season. From what I have read it is one of the differences between the RB pu count and TR’s. The car is just an evolution of last year and cooling is still an issue.

          • There have been some brake overheating problems for RB in malaysia, but that’s about it. At no point this season have we seen RBs being on fire or in any other way suffering from overheating problems. Also “2 years ago” was meant for the 2014 pre-season testing.
            Regarding honda’s bhp: You CAN NOT burn fuel at a rate higher than 100 kg/h. Therefore all engines consume equal amount of fuel, but merc and ferrari are doing it much more efficiently. Even if by some miracle honda’s ICE would be the most powerful and it’s only the ERS systems that’s making them snail slow, in the end it makes zero difference. The end result is the same. Less power output (be it ICE or ERS) equals spending longer time on the straight because you’re travelling slower than lets say a mercedes, so you’re demanding that 100kg/h for more time.

            I can’t explain any other way. In this day and age, with the rules we have, the more powerful your PU is, the less fuel consumption you’ll have.

      • Also, what cooling issues are you talking about? Got any kind of evidence, pictures or numbers to support this? None probably. On a track like canada you dont gamble on power output.

          • I guess that the word guess has a wide range of meanings, Hippo. I guess we can’t blame them for not guessing correctly what guess actually means, I guess. A guesstimate of the modern variations would be appropriate (here), I guess, so given we are guessing, let’s at least guess with some guess-worthy variables that might make guessing a successful guess-attempt. I guess I should start with an of-the-top-of-my-head type guess; so here it goes. My guesstimating mind is currently formulating a guesstimation, and is guessing that guess has 3.1415 ranges of meaning…

            Oh wait, that’s Pi… damn it! What were we talking about again? I’m hungry; I guess I’ll go eat some leftover pie.

            Etymology lesson:*
            Those looking for extra credit can study this, I will be examining next Tuesday.

            guess: c.1300, gessen “to infer from observation, perceive, find out; form an opinion, judge, decide, discern; evaluate, estimate the number, importance, etc, of,” perhaps from Scandinavian (compare Middle Danish gitse, getze “to guess,” Old Norse geta “guess, get”), or from or influenced by Middle Dutch gessen, Middle Low German gissen “to guess,” all from Proto-Germanic *getan “to get”.

            The prehistoric sense evolution then would be from “get,” to “take aim at,” to “to estimate.” Meaning “to hit upon the right answer” is from 1540s. Spelling with gu- is late 16c., sometimes attributed to Caxton and his early experience as a printer in Bruges.

            Related: Guessed; guessing. Guessing game attested from 1650s. To keep (someone) guessing “keep him in a state of suspense” is from 1896, American English.

            The legitimate, English sense of this word is to conjecture; but it is constantly used in common conversation instead of to believe, to suppose, to think, to imagine, to fancy. Basically American’s have fucked the concept up and used it as precursor for opinion, I guess. Hahaha, I just did it – as per the top too. Oh wait, a circular reference… We’re going to get stuck, quick… someone, HALP!


        • The tight body packaging of the Red Bull, almost a Newey signature, has caused over heating problems. At one point they were cutting holes in the bodywork to aid cooling. The problem was pretty widely reported.

        • Adrian Newey designed cars are always packaged very tightly in order to get the most aerodynamic benefit. Even though this year’s car doesn’t have as much Newey influence, I think it is following the same principles. The Renault power unit has always had cooling problems and Adrian’s compact design doesn’t help that issue. Renault need to increase the horsepower, make it less thirsty, and more compact so it’s a better fit with the Red Bull chassis.

      • Even if Renault-teams aren’t under-fueling, the Renault engine has an inherently less efficient combustion concept than the Mercedes. If you haven’t mastered stratified charge at this point in the game, your goose is cooked. Sure Renault is trying that, but they don’t have the same advantage of research into flame front propagation and stuff like that; Mercedes does because they spend the time and money to do so.

  2. I have to admit to a soft spot for kimi but…oooooo,someone really did rev him up. I think that little spat just shows how much pressure he is under and given the constant speculation of his form it would break anyone,I think it must be ponfar or something (7yr itch lol)

    • Kimi shouldn’t let the pressure get to him. So what if his contract isn’t renewed he can go race something else. Oh wait, he already did that without much success. Maybe that’s why he feels so much pressure.

  3. Poor Daniel. He’s done everything right. Made friends, been nice. Won a seat with the defending 4 in a row championship winning team. Beaten the champ in his first year… then this. This is everything he’s ever dreamed off and… ah it’s heartbrreaking.

  4. RE: Kimi

    I know someone that watched the conference carefully, and I have it on good authority that there were a few odd moments that showed a very animated Kimi, with body language contra to Kimi’s normal behaviour.

    Perhaps it speaks to a flustered mindset. Here’s a snapshot that my source sent me of the so called “Iceman” throwing his hands up in what I’d call frustration.

    • Johnny Herbert started only sporadically in 1991, while Gachot ran every race until he removed himself from the scene by pepper-spraying a taxi-driver before Spa and making way for Schumacher. That’s why most journalists name Gachot as the last active F1 driver winning at Le Mans. I hereby wish to to apologize in the sincerest form that I may have mentioned someone other than a Brit.

      • Stop with the nationalistic comments every time I asked a question that involves a Brit. If you’d like to know, I’m not British.

        I only asked because I remember hearing that Herbert won Le Mans whilst still in F1, something which he just said to TK just now.

      • Wait a minute!
        I thought Herbert started at least half the races in ’91 while Gachot started only one!

        • Nope scrap that, Gachot actually did start 3 races more than Herbert.
          In any case, even if Gachot or Herbert had only started 1 F1 race, they would still be active in F1, not ‘fully active’, or ‘full time active’, but ‘still ‘active’.

  5. @hippo saidLast night there was a crisis meeting between Red Bull and Renault, where the French were supposed to present their latest dyno-run results, with Marko saying that based on that meeting a final decision will be made.

    Or how about Renault having already decided to pull out, and development now seems to be going in reverse. Less power, less reliability – bang!

  6. It seems like Renault doesn’t work well under pressure. If you work in Formula 1 and are partnered with Red Bull, working well under pressure is a must. Are they physical plant issues in Viry-are there facilities not as update to date as Mercedes or Ferrari? Are there resource issues? Does Renault not have the right sources to be competitive in Formula 1 anyone? Is a knowledge base issue? Does Renault not have people with the knowledge that required for the V6 turbo hybrids? Is the main issue that Renault did not invest as much as they should in comparison to the other power unit manufacturers and are now on the back foot and than some? I think that the last one is the biggest reason Renault are where they are in relation to the other manufacturers.

  7. I was watching practice 2, when I heard Max Verstappen tell his team he had a headache. The Sky commentators were concerned that he wasn’t getting enough sleep, as we know teenagers need a lot of bed. Is the lad okay now?

  8. Martin Brundle’s view on the Red Bullies v Renault spat.

    “…“Where do they go if they can’t attract a new manufacturer into F1 and they frighten away the one they do have? There is only one ending to that: they leave.”…”

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