#F1 Daily News and Comment: Saturday, 23rd May 2015


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Schumacher making progress

Rosberg has to flee in own home

Reichsbedenkenträger worried about alcohol advertising

Schumacher making progress

michael-schumacher-1818520608Very little has been heard about the state of seven times world champion Michael Schumacher since a lengthy interview that his and his son Mick’s manager Sabine Kehm granted German broadcaster RTL in November 2014. Now Kehm has delivered a short message on Schumacher’s rehabilitation, saying:

“We are delighted to report that he is making continued progress. I say that with due regard being given to how devastating his injuries have been. Of course it is still a very long fight for all people involved, but I can tell you that all are accepting that fight.”

Kehm insists however that there is still no way to give a viable long-term prognosis.


Rosberg has to flee in own home

It’s the stuff that makes the slobber run down the chin of every yellow press Paparazzi. While Nico Rosberg stays home with with his pregnant wife, his team colleague is spotted with a female companion, who proudly presents her …um …assets to the cameras. That the glamorous event Hamilton was spotted at was a charity event shall be conveniently omitted according the “Bild guide to Hopeless Journalism” as it would preclude (for the improbable case of Lewis being beaten) the option of harping on how Lewis wastes his talent by going clubbing, while his team mate is a good husband and stays home.

Poor Nico however has other problems as he had to flee within his own home. During the days of the Monaco GP he has to sleep in the nursery, already prepared for the upcoming arrival of his daughter. Directly below the Rosberg residence a daily beach-party is being held. “You simply can’t sleep with those drum-beats hammering on,” Rosberg says. “But in the nursery you hear nothing.”


Reichsbedenkenträger worried about alcohol advertising

hippo-300Reichsbedenkenträger is a German word that translates to “Chief worrier of the German Reich”. It is used to mock people, who create problems where there are none – the kind of people, who write self-righteous complaints that someone said “F*&!” during a porn movie shooting. In this case, the Reichsbedenkenträger is Eurocare, who wrote an open letter to FIA’s Jean Todt, saying that the continued alcohol advertising and his road safety campaigns don’t mix and that F1 therefore must ban alcohol advertising.

I’d say these guys have way too much time on their hands. Kids don’t drink because there’s a Johnny Walker logo on the McLaren. Kids drink because they want to get wasted out of their skull. Kids smoke, even without tobacco advertising. I started smoking in 1993. I did so because I’m stupid, not because a Camel in sunglasses told me to smoke or because the logo was painted on the Benetton’s airbox. I’ve never seen an ad in F1 that says “Get plastered and drive”. Advertising bans cannot make up for lack of responsibility and common sense.


22 responses to “#F1 Daily News and Comment: Saturday, 23rd May 2015

  1. My dear Hippo, you have a serious problem: you still believe that there is some intelligence in humanity. I agree and I feel like you regarding advertising, but there are like 7,189,238,397 people who actually do whatever other idiots tell them to do. I too, was surprised when discovered that advertisement works…

    • Well it’s good to hear any official news at all about Schumacher, but I thought it sounded pretty grim, tbh. That no even broad detail was given at all but they took the opportunity to reiterate the extent of the original injuries tells me there really isn’t any good news to tell 🙁

  2. I’m with hippo on this one, I’ve watched the embassy snooker world championship, since I was about 10, I supported Damon in his Rothmans Williams, none this has lead me to take up smoking. The closest it came to working was at F1 event where an extremely pretty girl, wearing…. Well she might as well been naked, was handing out packets of Marlboro, nearly did then, that said I’d of probably given up my left testical if thought she’d of slept with me. But seeing an F1 car plastered in logos, nah.

  3. Great to hear positive news on Michael. I do hope that he recovers fully no matter how long it takes. I hope that Nico has purchased a dirndl and a Bayern Munchen onesie/kit for his daughter.

    As far as the alcohol advertising, if that is banned in Formula 1 the sport will be dealt a serious blow and I’m not sure it could fully recover from. The consequences of Formula 1 folding would be thousands of jobs lost and damage to the cottage industries that service Formula 1. I get a sense that people are trying to get Formula 1 to the point where it’s wobbling of its last leg so that Bernie, Todt, and company can be ousted from their positions of power and the problems cleaned up. Given Bernie’s last problems with the tax man, I think that it’s getting close to the point where Bernie’s not going to be able to get himself out of these problems anymore. People want to see him finally pay the piper for his greed and deeds. I also get the sense that there are lots of people waiting for him to pass away and there may be lots of bubbly bottles being opened when he does which is sad.

    • Re – Bernie’s tax thing: The fund is question is reputed to be valued at more that GBP 3bn. Even if it is found that GBP 1bn tax should be paid, there’s still going to be enough loose change left that his ex-missus and shy, retiring daughters can nip down to the local supermarket for a bottle of Blue Nun and a frozen pizza every now and again.

      • Eventually the tax man is going to find a way to get most of it. This will probably happen after Bernie passes because there are many people that want to see it happen. The feeling is that the majority of Bernie’s money was gotten using unsavory means. It’s also my understanding that his daughters aren’t very kind.

  4. Question Hippo, if ads did not work, would these corporations plough tens of millions on it?

    • Ads are effective at suggesting WHAT to drink, not influencing them in STARTING to drink. Someone getting influenced by an alcohol ad has already made the decision to drink. I never bought tampons, although they are incessantly advertised on TV, as is cappucchino, but I don’t buy it, because I’m a coffee and beer drinker. They can advertise all the booze or wine they want, I’ll never buy something like that.

      • Exactly. If I ever chose to smoke, I would choose to smoke Marlboro. If I ever decided to have an energy drink, I would choose a Red Bull.
        Generally when I drink, I choose johnny walker.
        There is no way I see that mchonda going around the track and think geeze I need a drink right now though, advertising just influences what brand I will choose.

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