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Kimi Raikkonen - SpanishGP 2015

How would you rate the 2015 Spanish Grand Prix? Use the comments section to tell us why you voted the way you did.

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  1. 4. Real overtaking is dead… the judge hates monaco but this one is way worse every year. Boring race as ever…

  2. I “watched” the race in text while working and I don’t think I missed out on anything without video / audio. Ho hum.

    Duelling pitstops ain’t racing.

    BTW, it’s a massive indictment of that track layout and of how sensitive the cars are to less-than-perfect airflow that Seb could keep Lewis behind through the first part of the race but was totally caned once the MB got clear air.

    • Yet the Catalunya layout is aeons better than Malaysia, China and Bahrain combined. It allows for real racing and pushing of an F1 car. It’s sad it makes it hard to overtake, but driving it quite a different thing…

        • Blame the Catalans, in the first place for even building that corner and in the second place for naming it after a sponsor which makes agricultural equipment.

        • Could it be that the problem with this corner is that it’s SO BUMPY?

          I tried once a simulator with the Nuerburgring and Interlagos, and on that proper simulation I was binning it without having accelerated past 100kph. The damn tracks, in real life, must be awfully (!) bumpy. But when playing on the F1 2011, you scarcely feel any bumps in either Nuerburgring and Interlagos: it’s usually sufficiently flat not to unsettle the car.

          However New Holland in Catalunya is so freakin’ bumpy on F1 2011! It’s hard to keep the car straight through that corner. Is it possible that all that the Tilkerer needed to was to resurface the asphalt, instead of butchering the layout and placing his trademark, dead-boring chicanes?

          • New Holland as in T16 of Barcelona circuit… (Initially I too went into head-scratching mode for quite some time.)

          • LOL yes, F1 app added turn names to race corners finally. Some fascinating ones to be sure. New Holland my favorite because non sequitur

  3. Gave it a 5. The reason for my generosity being that Hamilton didn’t win. This season needs a competitive Rosberg before the only people left watching F1 are Lewis sympathisers.

    • The Hamfosi’s aren’t ‘sympathisers’, we’re dedicated followers of the champ….😜😜😜😜…..

      I’d assume you meant ‘Rosberg sympathisers’……

      • Your grasp of English is commendable, however the spelling should be with a ‘u’ not an ‘a’ πŸ˜‰

        • Best you explain that the word to which you are referring is “champ” or, as we established in another thread, “Marmite Man”…..

          • Yep,..I did leave one key description out of that one….it was champ lol..my bad😁😁

          • Well those who don’t like him will insert the “u” whilst those who do will go with “a”.

        • You’d be surprised how well my grasp of the English language is. But could you please elaborate further as to what word is spelt incorrectly?…..

          • Maybe not as well as you think. It should be “….how good….” not “…. how well….” Having said that, I don’t speak any other language at all so you’re way ahead of me.

      • @Fortis96 ,you will have to forgive my wise crack , I was still smarting from the easy pass on kimi, it made the second place too easy for lewis but saying that,his pace once clear of my beloved red charger showed it was only a matter of time.

  4. Six as I was going through racing withdrawal and needed a fix, if even a small one.

  5. 5 for me. Start was good, then petered down all the way till the first round of pit stops. Only interesting part was Hamilton’s second stop, that got my brain churning and I did think Vettel did enough to stay ahead.

      • Nah, it has to be Maldonado. He keeps coming up with the most inventive ways to screw up races, and he showed that even with half a rear wing it was possible to overtake a McHonda…

        • Maldonado… Let’s just say that even though I’m not a superstitious person, I think he should have picked another number. I personally think as a whole, he is a pretty fast driver. Needs some luck and a Yoda like mentor to get his brains to stay cool.

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