#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: Canary in the Coal Mine


The digital lawyer duplicates himself for a 2nd podcast in a row, that’s right Peter “the Truth” Wright rejoins the judge’s trusty panel of F1 rejects taking a sideways look at events inside the Circus. Along with Peter, Faaatttt Hiiiiippoooo!!!!! thrashed about despite the odd technical issue, last minute stand in and Chief Enforcer John Myburgh demonstrated personally the value of good prep and perennial panel member and all round threat, the ever acerbic and not least bit grumpy, Mattpt55 actually made the start this week, not that anyone really noticed. They were joined by the ever present and usually bathed Host-in-Chief SpannersReady, who daringly wore a blue shirt for this week’s podcast just to be provocative.

This week’s panel takes a quick look at the upcoming Barcelona race, addresses the topic of why McHonda must succeed and the rubber meets the road as the panel argues the latest proposal from the F1 school of bright ideas. Anil makes a guest appearance to pitch the Formula E race this weekend (hint: overtaking at Monaco) and Spanner’s worst nightmare is realized as Peter and Mattpt55 join forces to write their own regulations for F1.

The Scarlet L of shame gets awarded as well, but not to Spanners as not one but two of the panel fall foul of his evil tricks as the panel are put in the dock. Accusations of cheating again arise, and are both libelous and slanderous simultaneously due to the nature of recording. AS well as unproved….

Things were learned as well this week, not least of which were that Bernie already has a plan to improve on sparks and there is nowhere he won’t go to make money off a government desperately seeking redemption for, oh I don’t know, threatening to blow up the whole world perhaps? And find out who the panel backed in this past weekends non-fight of the century as well as exploring the history of a little known but terrifying disease known to afflict the more than casual F1 fan.

Thanks again to the Jury as they provided their usual high level of fact checking which was typically ignored as our panel were far too busy primping on their screens to actually pay attention. We promise to do better next week. Really..

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8 responses to “#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: Canary in the Coal Mine

    • Well done gentlemen! This was good.

      Matt raised a great point, that I had forgotten about (or didn’t realize), which is that the whole PU mid-season development saga is completely hidden from us spectators!

      That is un-effing-believable!

      Currently the FIA publishes the PU components used by each car, which is helpful, and soon will be very relevant to each race.

      But if we look at the development points for each manufacturer’s homologated PU, there is much noise about it in the press, and much speculation by everyone. But F1 spectators know very little beyond what each team started the season with. Everything else has been unsubstantiated rumors (I don’t think any manufacturer has confirmed their exact points usage, and I hope I’m wrong).

      The FIA should publish updated PU development points. It would be useful for spectators. and it would shine a positive light on some good engineering that is happening on a daily basis at all four manufacturers.

      I’d love to see the reliability / costs upgrade info as well.

      • @Vortex Motio…
        Would love to see all those details that you asked for. But F1 people are just so secretive and PR obsessive. Fort Meade inhabitants would be very proud. Contrast that with the attitude in NASCAR or WEC or Rallycross or……….

  1. Wasn’t the race everyone was trying to remember the 2012 Italian Grand Prix? Perez started 13th, lead at half way and finished four seconds behind the winner.

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