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  1. I missed the start of the race, came in around the middle. I thought the race was relatively pedestrian with Hamilton controlling the race very well from Rosberg, Vettel and Raikkönen, at that point I would given the race a 2 for entertainment but a 9 for the result I want to see. The interesting bit was when Raikkönen actually put the soft tyre on and started eating into Rosberg’s lead. That’s where I would say the race came alive and I gave it a 6, starting from 2. Then comes lap 56 when Rosberg lost his brakes (rather than bottling it royally, although the outcome would not be different) and Raikkönen took 2nd place. Hamilton also had the same issue, almost synchronized, but had enough of a lead to just squeeze his 3rd win of the season.

    If Mercedes want further evidence that Hamilton is the driver they need to get the much-needed wins ahead of Ferrari at this point, I don’t know what else is required. He is getting the 4-5 seconds extra that Rosberg cannot get and that, like today, prove to be the difference between winning and losing. I think Hamilton has just got the upper hand in his contract negotiations, otherwise he can always fly out to Ferrari or something 🙂

  2. Gave it an 8. Except for a battle for the lead this race had so much more to offer than last week’s.

  3. That was some interesting comments by Bernie to the BBC….

    He would retire if his present as F1 boss prevents the arrival of Audi into the sport….

    I think we’d more likely to see pigs fly for certain before that happens.

  4. Gave it an 8. I don’t think anyone can say they knew who was going to win the race especially after the first pit-stops where vettel and rosberg nearly undercut hamilton who had a sizeable lead before that. Heart was pumping out of my chest on the last lap when hamilton came on the radio to say he had a brake problem though!

        • Gave it a 10, seeing Seb making mistake after mistake and trying with all his might to get pass Bottas on tires that were 7 laps fresher, was priceless … 😜😜😜😜

        • “For some there is only Hamilton” – that’s funny seeing as how you have been rating the races as a 1 and 2 because nobody had challenged lewis for the win. Isn’t that basing the race solely on hamilton and nothing else?

          As usual, you are p!ssed off yet again due to Lewis winning hence the gold chain remark and frothing at the mouth for an argument on here to vent your frustration.

          Stay classy Hipps

      • I rated it as a whole, but the main thing people look at is how the race unfolds out at front, hence my comment. If there had been no action up front, everyone’s score would be lower. The battles between Kimi, Seb and Nico but also seb and nico being right up lewis’ gearbox after the first round of pitstops meant that the score was an 8. Further, no-one could say that Lewis was always safe up front which made for a boring race as everyone usually does if this was the case. I never rate the race solely based on Lewis’ race, but you lot like to think i did just because I mentioned him in my comment. Hippo’s joined in on having a go because he’s clearly miffed that Lewis won again, and Seb was making mistakes left, right and center.

  5. I thought it a pretty decent race … 7/8 – though the director was again culpable of cutting away from the action to show irrelevant replays etc.

    Reflecting on Rosberg’s brake problem, it’s notable how quick his detractors were to say that he’d bottled it (again), when actually he’d had a pretty strong race up to that point.
    One might also posit that had it been Hamilton he’d lost the position to, quite a few here would have been muttering conspiracy, again…

    • I don’t know, dc and that other one got lyrical over 2 drs passes of Rosberg. Drs passes in a car that is better… and suddenly he was a true racer who showed the world.

      • Those 2 moves looked real amateurish, kind like those pulled off by young Max. Dive bomb the driver in front from a mile back hoping that you can stop in time and they don’t turn into you.

        But In any case, didn’t think he had it in him to pull such a risky move

        • Max had to do it with a Renault engine so divebombing was all he could do at that long straight in China. Rosberg was right up there top speed wise this weekend….

    • Why would they be insane to pair Lewis and Seb together? That would be the strongest pairing in the sport which would provide some intense battles both on and off the track.

  6. Seb is not a very good racer is he? Fast and a hard worker but hardly the flair required for real greatness. He really needs to find c car that is better than the rest, not one thats almost the best. Even Nico showed an almost Lewis like aggression instead of cautiously and lamely trying to pass others
    Seb finshed 3 teams ahead of Alonso (6 cars) – it doesnt bear thinking about what the finishing position differential between those 2 would be if they had swapped seats.
    Assuming Seb didnt crash amongst the pack.
    Such a shame Alonso could have probably beaten Lewis with that Ferrari

    • Well, he said in the post race that he wasn’t at his best today. That’s one bad race after three good ones and unlike many others he’s man enough to admit it was his fault.

      Must have been hard having to wait until April to find a reason to slag him off. Enjoy it while it lasts.

      • Didnt have to wait till April, I took a break between the end of last season and April, because of the huge amount of slagging off last year, almost every race infact as he got his arse hand to him by barbecue boy.
        Nope I am just being factual and logical here, Alonso was eaten by Kimi I think ONCE the whole of last year, Kimi in his first race without bad luck has made Seb look like he was back in 2014.
        Therefore I am happy to conclude Alonso probably would have done much better than Kimi and Seb – we would at least have seen a real race ftw

        • If Kimi has so much bad luck, can you explain how comes that it took until Friday that managed once to beat his team mate in a free practice session? Even Rosberg had managed it three times by then. Kimi had no problem in qualifying yet was beaten. He was better in the race today, that’s right, but you’re jumping to conclusions and mostly out of hatred. You’ve been sticking out lately for the vitriol in your comments.

          • haha, careful you dont let your username prove the old adage of people acting like their names – or maybe its a coincidence that you expect me to take the words of a hypocrite seriously

            Fat Hippo April 19, 2015 at 23:49 · · Reply →
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            For some There is only Hamilton. everyone else is just a link in his two-ton gold chain

            Now this is vitriol dressed as a joke – its not based on anything, is not funny, is completely trolling

            What I said was factual and logical dressed as a rant (rant and vitriol are just 2 notches on the same scale of criticism so if you want lets ALL start been objective and unbiased when we criticise others? Or should we just be hypocritical about it?

            By the way your attack on Joe Saward was a perfect example of vitreol, and has been ‘sticking out’

        • So Kimi beats Alonso once or so and he has a year of bad luck. Seb beats Danny 4 times or so and he has a bad year… double standards…

          • Thats not what I said as – it wouldnt be logical
            What I said was that Kimi has outdriven Seb the first real chance he got, in the same way Ricc did last year
            My logic suggests Alonso would have done better than both in that car, although as you say I might be a bit premature – lets see after the season
            And double standards would be proudly claiming to be a hypocrite while denying others the same opportunity

  7. I gave this one a 6. With the exception of the brake issue on the Rosberg car I think it was pretty much a nailed on from the moment Rosberg passed Vettel that we were on for a Merc Merc Ferrari Ferrari finish. That was too be expected given Mercedes clearly had a pace advantage and were simply driving along to the speed of the tyre rather than their outright pace for much of the race. Merc were happy for Nico to go on the offensive until he’d got to P2 at which point the calls to save fuel/tyres/everything appeared.

    Bottas’ Williams was certainly quick with great traction, even with the Ferrari having a tow on the final straight of the lap the Williams could pull time on it! That meant DRS was never really going to be enough to get the Ferrari past the Williams, given that gained ~0.3s but the Ferrari lost ~0.2s on the straight before the final corner. It was a very clear indication that the Mercedes PU is still the cream of the crop.

    6 is quite generous really, it the least entertaining sport of the day for me. BTCC, Moto Gp and of course watching the mighty Villa beat Liverpool to spoil Gerrards birthday all rank far higher.

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