Coulthard, too dour and too nauseous


David Coulthard was at best an average to good Formula One driver. Yes he won races, but they were in a superior car and in situations where to do otherwise would have necessitated the driver be a blind man driving on verbal instruction.

He raced against the Lewis Hamilton of his time – and was found severely wanting, week in and week out. He never took a championship battle with his team-mate to the final race or even 2, 3 or 4 races of the season and as such has no experience of this situation.

Coulthard’s best performance in the drivers’ championship was to finish second, the equivalent of over 100 points back in today’s point allocation system.

It’s worth noting that predominantly ex-F1 racers who constitute the majority of ‘specialist’ punters for Formula One TV broadcasts were rarely the grade A drivers from their competition era. And in days of yore, the quality of the ‘B’ class drivers was significantly lower than the second tier we see in the sport today.

Yet some of these relative failures behind the wheel, consistently heap negative criticism on certain current drivers yet are unable to perceive the true underlying story. Apparently theses ‘experts’ know better than we the psychology and mindset of a top F1 driver and attempt to speak with an authority that only a true world champion can understand. Their crime is they present themselves as having equal understanding and experience.

If these ‘specialists’ corrective comment was from the position of – “I was weak at this, and couldn’t deliver…., however this approach/attitude is what I saw in my better team-mate/rival…”, then maybe it would be a more palatable offering.

Of the European broadcasters who employ ex-F1 racing drivers, only Hill, Villeneuve and Lauda can claim to know what it takes to compete and win consistently at the highest level, having attained the prize of being a champion.

Of course anyone is entitled to express their opinion, but Coulthard’s observations are worth little more than any regular Formula One fan, though the Scot regularly cites his special F1 background as the foundation for expert knowledge.

The reason for this is he believes his opinion alone is good enough. At times his lack of preparation is palpable and obvious to most F1 fans.

Whether under specific instruction from his producers to spice matters up – or not, David Coulthard is morphing into what seems to be a highly arrogant and polemic buffoon. His commentary during the Malaysian GP appeared to be a single-minded attack race long attack on all things Rosberg. Of course this could be nothing to do with his strong friendship with Lewis Hamilton.

Yet Coulthard coins a phrase and repeats it, to the point that those with a less than critical ear begin to believe it to be a truism.

If Coulthard had possessed half the aggression and verve he criticises Rosberg for lacking, he would have put Schumacher on his arse when he the German stormed down the pit lane to confront Coulthard in his own garage. The spirit of Robert the Bruce was clearly AWOL that day.

To be fair to Martin Brundle, in his latest piece he admits he has no idea what current drivers are experiencing, due to the radical change the cars and tyres have undergone since he was a driver. Brundle is also a UK resident and pays tax in his home country to support those in society who are suffering true hardship and poverty.

Yet nausea abounds when we examine recent comments made by Coulthard to Indian publication, ‘The Economic Times.’

The ex –McLaren number two rounds on Fernando Alonso. “I find it to difficult to feel sorry about multi million pound racing drivers. I find it much easier to feel sorry for people struggling with hardship in life. You make your choices, you get on with it.”

Absolutely David; ‘play it again Sam. Make sure the audience heard my empathetic drivel which attempted to connect with Indian’s who are living in abject poverty, as I take a first class BBC paid flight home and on to my house in Monaco’.

It’s pompous and hypocritical for Coulthard to comment as he does above, seeing as many years ago he chose to extricate himself from the tax system of the country where he grew up; thus denying ‘people struggling with hardship’ who reside therein with any of the benefits his absent tax contribution would bring.

Coulthard was ‘owned’ by his team-mate but the focus of his relentless criticism – Nico Rosberg – will never know a level of subjugation that could liken him in any way to the ex-Scottish driver.

All this may be understandable if Coulthard was smart enough to perceive what has really been going on this year. Rosberg is in fact performing better in 2015 against Hamilton than he did at this stage of the season in 2014. Particularly when considering the German driver’s near miss in wresting pole from Lewis in Shanghai, which given a moment’s consideration would be akin to beating Manchester United 5-0 at Old Trafford.

Any mention of this from Coulthard. Nope. Just more Nico is ‘broken’ talk.

Coulthard was probably even unaware that Hamilton so favours this track in qualifying, that his pole in Shanghai this year means Lewis now joins an elite club of 4 drivers in F1 history to score 5 or more poles at one circuit.

Given that fact, Nico’s failure to beat Hamilton to pole by just 0.042 is a memorable and titanic effort.

In the end, Coulthard’s driving skills were a given, though there are those who believe the Scot lacked the application to cut it at the top. However DC can be judged separately for his punditry skills, analysis and predictions, though again at times a lack of effort and preparation are evident – it may just be a character thing common to his driving and his punditry.

But the DC persistent bias is worthy of note.

However, maybe it’s time the dour and uninspiring Scot, considered his position with the BBC. He is after all a highly privileged individual, remunerated by license fees paid by the hard-working resident tax paying citizens of the United Kingdom. It is they who are daily contributing financially to fellow citizens and “people struggling with hardship in life.”

The standard of the BBC Formula One broadcast has sunk to level’s which are now barely watch-able. Suzie Perry appears to be constantly confused by the instructions she is receiving in her ear and for those who remember the days of Jake Humphrey – it’s now a poor, poor show.

Bernie is in effect pocketing $30m a year of BBC license payers cash, and that’s before the cost of flights, hotels and jet ski lifestyle which being an F1 presenter for the Beeb now brings.

The only saving grace for ‘Auntie’ is that a couple of million or so UK F1 observers refuse to pay to watch Formula One, so they tune in for the on track action – and are prepared to suffer the rest of the broadcast which the BBC is delivering.

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  1. If a former F1 race winner can’t write about the sport – where does it leave the majority of other commentators, paid or unpaid ?

    • This! He knows what he’s talking about, and thats more than most commentators and F1-journalists can say. I have no idea where this Coulthard-bashing is good for. He is just as entitled to have an opinion as anyone in the scene.

      Also, I really enjoy the BBC coverage, which is so much better than, for example, RTL (Germany) or Sport1 (The Netherlands). I think there is something personal shining through this article…

    • Agreed, my first thought. As an ex-racer in lower formulae I have knowledge about racing that a non-racer simply cannot have, they not having experienced the actual physical reality and the mental state of racing. Coulthard has experienced this at the highest level and certainly has the right to his opinion. Really, Judge, who are you to judge?

    • @Gregor
      Absolutely. Nothing wrong with the presenters. They are doing their job and following the guide that has been given to them by the head of BBC F1, Ben Gallop. He is the person who decided that fans didn’t want anything technical in the show, and decided to dumb down the program, just like the rest of the broadcasters output. Thankfully some departments are fighting back, in particular science and natural history. Can you imagine in the current age of technology, a broadcaster would say that the public are not interested in science and technology. That coming from the broadcaster that pioneered the BBC Micro and the Open University. Of course it comes from the need to be ‘inclusive’ and ‘PC’. A producer and commissioning editor once stated that visible ethnic minorities and immigrants would not comprehend such complex material. Possibly true, but that doesn’t mean that you dumb down for the rest of us. Enjoy the BBC F1 coverage, because the Conservatives will almost certainly try to kill or neuter the licence fee, and the rumors are, that SKY will buy out the remaining time. Did you hear the remarks made by Mark Thompson and the chair of the culture media and sport committee. “We’ve cut coverage of practice – that means you don’t have to watch cars going round on their own, for no purpose”, you might hazard a guess at whats coming.

      ps if you don’t like the BBC coverage, why not write to Ben Gallop at the BBC.

  2. But he was one of “The top-20 drivers that did NOT win a championship”.

    And that article says good things about his wins quoting Webber’s classic:

    ” Not bad to a nº 2…”™

    I’m confuse…

      • The standard of the reporting on thejudge13 has sunk to level’s which is now barely read-able!!!!

  3. Brundle had less success than Coulthard in F1, but is a better commentator. I don’t mind either of them, as well as McNish. Just don’t take what they say as gospel. They’ll say some dumb things; they’ll say some insightful things.

    • Brundle is the same prick as Coulthard. Over dramatizing unimportant things, praises hamilton as if he’s the second coming, lacks any meaningful technical knowledge, intentionally misinforming general audience who don’t know better, being repetitive all the time.. The level of commentating on both UK broadcasters (sky and bbc) has sunk to the all time low.
      In malaysian gp coulthard still after 4 years since DRS was implemented didn’t realize you can open your drs only after YOU have started your 3rd lap. Not after the leader has crossed the line and lap counter at the top of the screen says 3/56 or whatever.
      That’s just one of many silly mistakes that gets me so irritated. This simply shouldn’t happen with the amount of information they have available in commentator’s booths these days.
      He also said both force india collisions in malaysia were racing incidents, which is just so typical of the someone like coulthard who could never realize he’s been overtaken and need to give racing room for the other car, thus crashing almost every other race.

  4. Team mate to world champion on 3 occasions (not to mention early team association with a certain Mr Senna), numerous constructors champs, multiple race winner, one of the most enduring f1 drivers of all time, still involved with demos in current cars… I’d say you’ll struggle to find someone who knows better what makes a winning team tick (whilst regularly playing down his own achievements). Uneccessarily harsh criticism in my opinion.

  5. It’s probably not an easy job to run the commentary in the most of an event. So I don’t take the comments to seriously. McNish, being a more successful driver, does have some good commentary and he stands out from the rest of the talking heads.

  6. Love it!
    Glory of the Beeb gone from my screen this season is I don’t have to suffer him explaining how to suck eggs every race…….

  7. At least he’s not lost David Hobbs. His Chinese GP comment about Williams being way off the pace. Failed to account for the fact Williams had gone to the prime tire and not the options like Merc and Ferrari.

  8. We have David Hobbes and Steve Matchett in USA. Matchett is awesome on technical analysis of the cars…or so he convinces me. Hobbes brings a drivers’ perspective without being too snooty. The NBC sports team are all in the tank for Lewis but not so annoying as Mr Coulthard.

    • I guess from racing results Nico is better this year.
      Australia : Not comparable since Lewis retired in 2014
      Malaysia : Gap in 2014 – 17+ secs 2015 : 4+ secs
      China : Gap in 2014 : 18+ secs ; Gap in 2015 – 4 secs (prior to safety car intervention).
      Nico is much closer this year to Lewis. But we may not see these two racing coz. Mercs are deciding the races.

      • I guess that’s one way of looking at it. Rosberg should be well up the road in Bahrain then.

        Last comment is just dumb IMO.

      • In that sense, of course he’s closer to Lewis – Lewis, in his first proper race in 2014 (malaysia) was worth nearly 20 seconds in development to the team and Nico whether anyone here likes it or not.
        Once Nico managed to figure out what Lewis was doing he’s been trying to mimic this, but it seemingly still isn’t enough to beat him.

    • Definitely! There were times in China and Malaysia last year where Lewis looked like he was on another planet to Nico. 2015 Nico is definitely closer to Lewis than the 2014 Nico ever was, but whether that’s enough…

      • Tyres Anil. Last season they weren’t limited so much by the tyres in either of the last 2 races.

  9. Unsure what’s provoked this article. But feels like it’s just been said to get some digs in at DC.

    He regularly states that he wasn’t a world champion and that he only won a handful of races so not sure how you can say he’s being pompous. However he has won races (whether he was handed them or not) in the pinnacle (!) of Motorsport. How many can say that? He’s in a better place to comment than anyone else on the Beeb etc.

    Like I say… Seems a bit of a nasty article and for what I’m not sure…

      • Agree.

        Another point is that surely they have been champions of lesser formulas and they can therefore use their knowledge of this to apply to what they’re commenting on.

        If we’re saying people shouldn’t commentate ot crtique on things they’ve not personally done themselves to the same level… Well…

  10. I haven’t been able to watch F1 on the BBC for quite a few years, as where I live now (Spain) I can’t get it via satellite, and the internet streaming is blocked.
    That said, I had the “priviledge” to watch F1 in Italy (on RAI and on Sky F1), in the US (Speed channel) and now on Antenna 3, in Spain.
    With the sole exception of Sky F1, BBC’s service is (was?) vastly superior to anything else. By a large, very, very large margin.
    That’s not saying it was perfect, or, maybe, not even “good” in absolute terms, but I invite you, just once, to follow a race on Antenna 3 in Spain and suffer the abysmal level of the commentators. Aside from the continuous mistakes and the complete lack of any useful information to complement what can be seen on screen (which isn’t much, as you know), the rest is mostly speculation, guessing (typically completely off-target) and miscellaneous curiosity about Alonso.
    I wholeheartedly agree on this article as it matches my own opinion of Coulthard, but I’d get him over what I got any day. Even pay for it, really.

    • Same lamer’s act on French and Russian broadcasts… An utter partisan and/or amateur sham…

    • Curious there Walter, when you say blocked do you mean that some of the, uhh how shall I put it, grey websites that stream the races are blocked, or do you mean you can’t stream directly from BBC or Sky, etc.?

      • Lol, no I meant streaming from BBC online. Unless there’s a way I don’t know of, when I try I get messages that the services are not available in my area. Meaning that I cannot even watch (most of the) videos post-race.

        • You have several choices that might revolutionize your life, one being a VPN either paid which is a service you use or as an add on in Chrome or Firefox , which are usually free. Beyond that one can find sites that stream coverage, which would be illegal to upload but not watch. VipBox, EPLsite drakulastream are a couple, but if you go that route install some good adblock software and a decent popublocker cuz they will foist all sorts of junk on you if you’re not careful.

  11. Seems like the judge ditched his gown, gavel and stepped from behind his bench and became a civilian for a day. There seems to be a lot of anger and venom towards DC. Seems like something that’s been bubbling for a longtime and has finally boiled over.

    DC has not done or said anything that other pass drivers turn commentators have not said. John Watson is pretty much the same with some of his comments and analysis at times and his record as a driver is no better than DC’s.

    Breathe and count to 10 judge…….

    • Hey, easy now………. I had press passes to the Detroit GP, picked Watson to win, and enjoyed his fantastic drive through the field to beat a certain Mr. Lauda.

    • Both of them are really improving their “the older I get, the faster I was” line……

  12. perfect column – reflects my thoughts exactly.
    And lets not forget Coulthard later admitted many many years down the line after seeing Lewis get baulked by someone lifting to let him pass but still on the racing line in the wet, that Coulthard did exactly the same thing to Schumacher except it caused the accident – yet he could not bring himself to ever admit that to Schumacher.
    I also find his impartiality lacking for commenting on drivers other than he is friends with – we see that with Button, Webber and Lewis.
    If Sky was free or a smaller payment I’d leave BBC in a shot. I especially hate their Musical/Drama shorts they insert before and after races.

      • Sadly in the UK other networks are NOT available. And a £6.99 pass will not get you qualy + race.

          • I did try this before having to take the sky shilling. I got a cheap sat dish and hooked to a German feed, then listened to the radio commentary. Sad to say,I folded after one race and have since needed the sky system. I still watch the BBC when I can as I just hate all of the over hype,football pundit style broadcast that sky feeds us. I don’t really want to know what colour undies Max has on this race but do want to know cam angles and brake thickness. When in the uk we have a dedicated f1 channel that you pay for I wish it had more content between races, old races are fine but why not go deep into the technology and such,but still,that’s why I read this blog..nice one Judge,you save my bacon

          • I’d prefer it if Sky allowed you to pay for just Sky Sports F1 as a single channel as opposed to the whole SS package as couldn’t give a hoot about the other 5/6 (?) channels you get.

    • If there’s any driver that DC gushes over, it’s Vettel. Understandable because of their mutual Red Bull association. On the flipside, he’s fairly quick to stick the boot in on Kimi. Maybe because of their time together at McLaren?

  13. I had little time for Coulthard when he was driving and concur that he was, at best, a second-rate driver. But to me he’s been rather better as a commentator, given the situation commentators are in – where a degree of political correctness severely limits what can be said.
    Compare him with the abominable Keith Huewen in BTSport’s MotoGP coverage. A never-wazzer as a rider who takes his commentary style from radio horse-racing commentators of the 1950s; non-stop verbal dysentery. A substantial part of this tw@t’s output consists of comments on his colleague’s comments, and often even on his own. STFU for a few seconds!
    As for Ms. Perry, this idiot’s flouncing and posturing only draws attention to her conspicuously faded charms and dingbat know-nothing gibberings.
    And if Coulthard’s dour, have a think for a moment about some of the other drivers from north of the border and try to imagine their commentaries.

  14. What a drivel of an article! Unacceptable for a site as this! Haven’t even finished reading the article, haven’t even started reading the comments, just really disappointed that this site would spend paragraphs and paragraphs to demean an ex-F1 driver just because they don’t regard him a good enough ‘expert’, ‘commentator’ or whatever else.

    I expect better than this Judge!

    Rant over, good day

    • Totally agree. Unprofessional and unjustified, venomous drivel which s very out of character for this site. Please stop referencing Scotland nearly every time you mention him, it suggests it’s not just Couthard that you have an issue with.

  15. Completely rubbish article – this site seems to be building up more and more of these – stick to the scoops/actual insights instead!

    Coulthard wasn’t as quick as Mika, but certainly kept him honest and gave Damon plenty trouble. And he still won a lot more races than Martin Brundle, who by your logic shouldn’t be commentating either. I’d put these ‘B class’ drivers up against any of today’s lot, and I’d rather hear what they have to say than most of the other commentators both on telly and the web!

  16. What absolute tripe.

    And clearly wrong on the facts, too:
    If these ‘specialists’ corrective comment was from the position of – “I was weak at this, and couldn’t deliver…., however this approach/attitude is what I saw in my better team mate/rival…”, then maybe it would be a more palatable offering.

    Coulthard commented from exactly this point of view, when commenting last weekend, critiquing himself in precisely this manner.

  17. Agree – totally uncalled for, there is clearly something personal going on here and considering the Fat Hippo suggested last week that “The Judge” was a paddock pass holder, it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall if DC and TJ were to “bump into each other” – I’m sure DC would not take too kindly to being unjustifiably slated quite so vociferously

    Just another unecessary negative article from this site

  18. i’m sorry, but this is badly structured, biased drivel full of typos and personal attacks. as such it shouldn’t have been published. i take it the main point of the article is, that couldhard was a journeyman and as such can’t judge the position rosberg finds himself in. i think this is nonsense, for one, dc wasn’t taki inoue, he is a race winner and drove eleven seasons for two of the absolute top teams of his time. and if you hear him talk about his career, he is very aware of what he was lacking as a racing driver, what prevented him from winning championships and what made his teammate better than him. that is more than enough expertise to judge the qualities of another no. 2 driver in a top team. what all of this has to do with where dc pays his taxes, i’m not quite sure of.

  19. I think DC must have stole someone’s cornflakes. Looking at who he has to work with, I think he is the star man on the BBC’s team. I can never remember the name of the shouty bloke he commentates with, but he makes me a bit dour. I thought him and Brundle were very good together, I even like Anthony Davidson (the only one who called out his mate Jenson Button when he and Perez clashed in Bahrain as team mates). Not actually a judgment (who am I to judge 😏), just my opinion ✌️peace and love to all

  20. From DC’s BBC column today –
    “… It’s hard for me to understand what the drivers are going through because it is so alien to what F1 was like when I was driving.
    To hear Hamilton say that going through Turn One they just have to be careful of the front tyre sounds odd to me. I have never driven a car in anger on tyres like that, so I can hear their words and try to imagine it, but it is nothing like anything I have ever dealt with…”

    Is this site going to continue with it’s anti-British drivers crusade? Viz – todays shi*e about spraying pop on a grid girl.

  21. Everyone is entitled to express their opinion. The people behind this site perhaps more so than others. But please, keep it factual and avoid double standards.
    Example: F1 drivers have been living in Monaco for decades “because Nice Airport is close by” (Yeah right !). If you have a problem with Coulthard, why bring up the Leaving the British tax system subject? Why is this a problem in David’s case and where were you when Lewis – the bloke who left England for the proximity of Geneva airport and later Nice airport (yeah right !) as early as the year 2006 – kept shouting “Briiiii-taiaiain” after winning Silverstone last year and where were you when Lewis denied Rosberg his German nationality?

    • Right here. complaining of all those matters. Articles enough. Look em up, cuz clearly you weren’t here…

  22. hahaha, pure class, a biased blogger complains about a biased ex F1 drivers right to pass judgement on current F1 drivers in between articles descibing in detail the failings of current drivers

    keep up the good work chaps!

  23. Terrible opinion piece, although you’re entitled to submit it. You don’t have to win everything to know everything. Coming second and realising why can often lead to better enlightenment. Criticise Coulthard on the content of his commentary and analysis, fine, but you’re rationale for your disliking of him is irrational.

  24. “but Coulthard’s observations are worth little more than any regular Formula One fan”

    Really? So how many grands prix have you competed in, let alone won? So you know what it takes to win at the highest level do you?

    And what is the criticism regarding about flying home from India in first class about – because he brought a sense of real world perspective about not feeling sorry for multi millionaire sports stars poor decision making? What a cheap shot.

    This site generally offers a unique and critical assessment of F1 that is often lacking by the mainstream media, usually with very valid points – however this particular piece is crap!

  25. I was very thankful when Brindle put Mr E straight on the grid this weekend when Bernie suggested the commentators should basically dumb things down a bit more.

    I was thinking how scary it was that Bernie was so out of touch, but then again if he read just one BBC F1 comments section I guess he’d be totally justified in thinking that.

  26. How sad is this article and why hasn’t the author posted his name? Give it up for crying out loud the bloke has as much right if not more to express his qualified opinion as any F1 reporter to date.

  27. I agree that DC’s prejudice has badly warped his ability to provide quality F1 color commentary.

    What is disappointing about DC is that his weaknesses as a color commentator are easily correctable… he needs to study up a bit more. He is phoning it in, not trying, and it shows.

    On the other hand, I’m quite pleased to see so many folks lambasting the Judge for denigrating DC’s abilities. We don’t know if the Judge is, or was a faster racer than DC, but the odds of that are very slim.

    More importantly whatever the Judge’s racing skills and accomplishments, and whatever the racing skills and accomplishments of DC, neither are directly relevant to the problem of DC’s prejudiced comments and clouded analysis.

    Judge, since it’s not directly relevant, why denigrate DC’s racing accomplishments? And what of the Judge’s racing accomplishments and skills? Is this blog authored by another Terry Fullerton, (the fabulously talented, but somewhat anonymous KWC that Senna rated as the most satisfactory opponent he ever raced against)?

    DC’s mistakes as a commentator are fixable if he chooses to do so.

    Likewise, I hope the Judge’s problems as a commentator are fixable.

    • The point was a lack of excellence is unfortunately a DC trait both as a driver and as a commentator…. Some believe in his driving era this was an ability issue, others think effort and focus were lacking….

      I remember the quivering lip when Schumacher accused him of trying to “F%^&ing kill him”. DC lacked balls to then stand up to Schumacher – and whinged later to the media… (I am couching this in the DC off camera lingo)

      This makes his comments interesting re Rosberg’s poor media presence and ‘brokenness, which DC referred to ad nauseam during the Malaysian GP on many occasions…

      You are not right I’m afraid in your assertion that Coulthard the commentator is fixable… because it is not merely a lack of preparation which is his problem, it is a sense of entitlement in that he is an ex-F1 driver and therefore his opinion – whether considered or not – is good enough to be spoken – merely because he is talking from the heart and his experience…

      This may be a training issue from when he began in TV land – and unfortunately the old adage applies… old dog, new tricks…

  28. I love this comment! Well said!

    I happened to watch BBC’s broadcast of the Sepang race, and I thought your article afterwards about Nico’s driving there being under-appreciated by English color commentators was brilliant. I well appreciate your overall point.

    You’ve now drawn much clearer line in this comment between the character displayed in his F1 driving performances and his current commentating errors.

    I can’t speak for others who were offended by the denigration of DC’s racing skills, but I tend to view those drivers who’ve made it to F1 to be well above average. Many of us have seen plenty of amateur racing in cars and karts, and believe that the general quality of drivers in F1 is top notch. Further, many very talented drivers wilt under the pressure of F1 because they’ve won in the junior formulas and karts, etc., prior to arriving in F1 and they don’t put in the extra effort to win, (Derek Daly writes well about this in his book for example).

    I understand your point now that DC may hold some sense of entitlement which may have colored his F1 performances as well as his current color commentating performances.

    In any case, point taken. And your last line had me chuckling, “Also you have the old adage… old dog, new tricks…”

    I’ll be the optimist here, and hope that DC receives a kick up the arse to step up his game, and does so. But now my optimism has been somewhat tampered, thanks to you. 😉

    • Your point was valid and the intended link was not clear in the article that a lack of ‘effort’ in driving was the parallel to a lack of ‘effort’ in punditry – I have since made a couple of small edits to the piece – it should convey that intended notion now – again thanks

      • Wow, you’ve actually managed to add more flaws now – Villeneuve’s opinions are worthy seeing as he scraped a championship win? He won few F1 races and had far fewer podiums than DC. Also definitely a nasty anti-Scottish bias coming across now.

        The fact that most reasonable commentators on this blog are calling this article out for the drivel it is means you should seriously rethink it entirely – a flipside of letting everyone comment (which is commendable) is that you might want to

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