Autosport #F1 GP Predictor Summary – Sepang 2015

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Rejoice Maranello; rejoice in Italy as there is a new idol for the fans of the red team.  Watching with those who had stayed overnight after the Malaysian GP, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Ferrari of Vettel largely dominate the race.  An upset of cataclysmic proportions as almost the entirety of the TJ13 had opted for either Rosberg or Hamilton to take the chequered flag.  Whether this can be continued is another matter, but we shall not bother to much about it in this post – the Tifosi can enjoy their moment.

On the Up

Currently residing in second place in the league is Bernie’s Burners after climbing 11 places.  This was much thanks to the switch between the two Williams drivers in the closing stages, which some would argue was justice for the team’s blunder in the 2014 edition of the race.  McLaren Papaya Orange is now only 10 points away at the top…

Getting close to the top

Getting close to the top

Charging up the field

A 53 place gain left Moto PK in eleventh place after scoring in position 1-8.  The Noah’s Ark style finish meant this prediction was almost entirely correct, but will China shake up this order?

A memorable Malaysian Grand Prix

A memorable Malaysian Grand Prix

One to Forget

With 24% accuracy MarblesF1 dropped 22 places this week.  Misplaced optimism towards the Grove team and similar pessimism towards Ferrari put pay to a good haul of points.  At least the cat is out the bag now with regards to the Ferrari’s pace.

'Forza Ferrari' yet to be recognised

‘Forza Ferrari’ yet to be recognised

Nobody saw it coming

100% of the Sebastian Vettel fan club voted for him to take the race win – though it helps when they meet in a telephone box and it consists of one member – our resident Fat Hippo.  Of course, I kid when it comes to this, but even the most of optimistic fans would not have seen this before the FP2 long runs in Sepang.  Whether this can be sustained or is merely a factor in the heat of Malaysia is up for debate.

The poor showing from Lotus caught many out who had foreseen a better weekend than last time out for the Enstone team.  Third time lucky for them then…

And finally, what could have been for McLaren had Jenson Button not been forced to retire from a points paying position?  A result that would have left many in the league baffled and confused.

Food for thought

Will those at Milton Keynes be spared of their blushes again after being humbled by the junior team in the heat.  It would appear from that display that it was not merely the Renault powertrain that was the issue, with brake dust pouring out of both cars down into turn 1.  Traditionally a bad circuit for them, the signs are ominous for Shanghai!

Conversely, a good circuit for Scuderia Ferrari in years previous as well as the long straight, which should play well into the Ferrari’s hands, means another strong result is within reach.  There again, the Williams was quick through the speed traps in FP2, so could they fare better in Shanghai?

Remember when…

In this section there will be a question each week to test your memory from GPs gone by. The idea is not to look it up but see if you can remember it first!

When was the last time both Toro Rosso cars finished higher than the Red Bulls?

(Answer will be posted in the next Predictor summary)

Last question’s answer

The question was: Bernie Ecclestone has frequently made comments about how it would have been more economical to have built a permanent race facility given the length of time that F1 has been going to Melbourne.  As it is a temporary race facility, how many tonnes of race infrastructure are moved in and out of Albert Park to setup the race track?

Answer: According to an anti-GP website (Save Albert Park), 40,000 tonnes is moved in and out of the park each year for the Grand Prix weekend!

14 responses to “Autosport #F1 GP Predictor Summary – Sepang 2015

  1. gotta be the right 52%, lol. No one saw it coming because Hamilton skipped FP2 long runs. Also, Merc not really slower than Ferrari. They ran slower on the tyres to make it a 2 stopper, but Hamilton ran faster laps than Vettel at the end, with both on the same compound. not enough faster to make up for the stupid at the beginning of the race though

    • Mercedes gambled against the 20%ish chance of a safety car. When it came out their race was scuppered.

      • OR they lacked strategic flexibility. Committing to H tyres not clever. Race at different time and they lacked data as a result
        Did not take this into account

        • True also. The heavy during/before quali probably washed away any rubber that had been laid down, hence no track evolution. Either way, probably a good result for the sport as a whole (but, of course, not Alonso).

    • I didn’t get the top three in the right order, yet I climbed in the global rankings 7,453 places to position 1115.

  2. Unlucky for me that Bottas overtook Massa on the final lap.
    I would have gained another 10 points and climbed to joint 4th place with a total of 167 points!

    One of the experts, Andy Priaulx, had predicted that oberto Merhi in the Manor would finish 9th..

    (I am motoPK in the competition)

  3. Completely forgot to make my predictions, so my predictions for the last race were carried over to the malaysian race, but I’ve gone up in the standings in the tj13 league to 9th haha!

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