Ecclestone savages King


Many animals are territorial beasts. They “stake a claim” to a particular space, area, or object by marking it, using a variety of methods at different levels of intensity.

For example, a dog may bark to drive away what he perceives to be intruders in his territory. Some dogs may go to the extreme of urinating or defecating on something to say “its mine!”

Toward the end of 2013, Bernie Ecclestone was facing various legal actions, one in the London courts and the chairman of F1’s owners, CVC, was called to appear as a witness. He revealed that a new arrangement had been sought with Ecclestone which gave CVC the power to “remove [Ecclestone] from office at any time”, adding that they would do so “if it’s proven that he has done anything that’s criminal or wrong”.

At that time there was much talk that the Sainsburys CEO, Justin King, taking over from Ecclestone were he to be ‘retired’.

King is now behind the revived Manor F1 team, who failed to make it out on track during the 2015 season opener in Australia. Despite the FIA refusing to sanction Manor F1, because they made “all reasonable effort” to run their cars, Bernie Ecclestone was furious the team failed to make it from the garage.

The F1 supremo revealed this week he will now withhold $3m of Manor’s prize money from 2014 as a fine for their ‘non-participation’ – along with the cost of the team’s airfreight to and from Melbourne.

Ecclestone is here in Malaysia this weekend, attempting to negotiate a new contract with the Sepang circuit promoter. Never one to hide from the limelight, he has spoken to the assembled media on a number of matters.

F1’s self styled supremo took this opportunity to again take a swipe at Manor F1 and their high-profile backer.

“This shows you what that Justin King is. King is the genius businessman; the guy that was going to do all these things. It’s bloody disgusting, to be honest with you. It’s disgusting that somebody can do that for a start.

They [Manor} went to Melbourne with no intention to run. They couldn’t run. They never had anything which could let them run.

They had two engines and two gearboxes which were supplied under their contract with Ferrari, which both couldn’t run because they had no life in them. They were just put in the cars to arrive there.”

We should have chopped them off when we found out that they were insolvent. The trouble is that they went into administration, and when they get themselves out of administration, they are back as if nothing has ever happened. I have never heard anything so mad, but that’s how it is.”

For avid followers of Ecclestone, this diatribe is remarkably cogent, for a monologue of such length.

There was almost universal condemnation of the lack of cars running during the Australian Grand Prix, and the downward trend of team’s competing in Formula One is not in the interests of Ecclestone.

The precious global ‘show’ – which Bernie is trying to promote and leverage – becomes more of a travelling gypsy caravan, as team after team leaves the sport.

Further, CVC and Ecclestone have contracts with race promoters, which will become void should the number of cars fall below a certain number.

Given this, the survival of Manor F1 should logically be supported by Ecclestone.

Yet Ecclestone prefers to savage Manor F1 backer Justin King, the man many believed would succeed him as CEO of Formula One.

The Humane Society of the United States has recommendations for owners of overly aggressive and territorial pets: “Spay (or neuter) first: Spay or neuter your animal as soon as possible. The longer a dog – for example – goes before neutering, the more difficult it will be to train him not to mark in the house. Spaying or neutering your dog should reduce urine-marking and may stop it altogether.

But if he has been marking for a long time, a pattern may already be established. Because it has become a learned behavior, spaying or neutering alone won’t solve the problem. Use techniques for housetraining an adult dog to modify your dog’s marking behaviour”.

Then again, they do say – you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

5 responses to “Ecclestone savages King

  1. While Manor might not want to rock the boat, I can see Mr King reaching for his libel / defamation lawyer after that comment. Doesn’t look that easy for BE to defend and if CVC are true to their word such a conviction would surely invoke the ‘criminal or wrong’ clause?

    This whole thing is sickening and shows how little Bernie respects contracts…

  2. More proof that Bernie is an arse. King attempted to pull a stroke that Bernie would have tried when he ran a team. Manor may have lost £3m and a bit, but they’ve still got the majority of the money they won last year. Had they not attended the Australian race, they would have probably lost the lot.

  3. Bernie is slowly draining the life out of his and CVC’s cash cow. It’s painful to watch because of the history attached to the cash cow besides all of the people who will be adversely affected if the cash cow passes away. Right now, it’s close to being on life support. Hopefully, if it gets to that point somebody will step in and save it. I adore Formula 1 so much and watching it slowly pass away under Bernie’s leadership is so painful.

  4. I think maybe Bernie feels the ground giving out beneath his feet, and is clawing and scratching and grasping for anything to hold on to.

  5. Bernie, maaaaaate, King was clearly aided and abetted in this scam by your very own favoured team. That’s the one you pay a premium to, the red team. Have you taken the matter up with them, warned them they may lose that premium? No, thought not.

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