#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: “Fire at a petrol (gas) station!!”


Welcome, welcome one and all to the latest edition of the TJ13 podcast. As ever the host for the unlikeliest bunch of misfits to ever grace the airwaves is SpannersReady. Rumour has it that he was invited into the hallowed halls of the Judge’s Towers for ‘talks’ – yet it would be wrong to suggest that he squealed like a girl before finally breaking – after just three minutes of continuous landlines on repeat.

The mere mention of landlines is enough to conjure images of a Grumpy historian who has lost his trademark Italian introduction for a track by this week’s musical artists, Bassistry. A blend of smooth sounds inspired by a love of music. Given the TJ13 one-use time machine, they would go back to the 60’s when true artists plied their craft. We’re certain that the Jackal approved as he carried on polishing that Bakerlite.

Next to show his hand is Spanners’ sidekick – Matt Trumpets. Flying in at the last moment his breathless tones were, he told us, from putting out a fire at a petrol station. New York is currently under a blanket of snow and as proven before, the ‘Muricans just do it better than the rest. But really? Setting fire to a petrol ( ‘gas’ for the fellow Muricans ) station is a little absurd. We use old oil drums to keep the streets warm!

Spanners had spent some time hunting wildlife this week and managed to locate the ranting Fat Hippo. Into the deepest recesses of the Bavarian forest the trail was tentatively followed to a clearing formed from empty bottles of beer with the Hippo thankfully in blissful sleep murmuring binary code in Italian! Upon waking, the bellow scared the wildlife in the vicinity and he began chanting to the young God Vettel and his trusty chariot in red.

Finally, bringing up the rear like any good marksman in the Hollywood movies was John Myburgh – or simply known as ‘the management’. On air – the epitome of cool. Athletic to the point his finger nails have their own muscle group and – obscenely – glazed in a healthy tan. In England? Off air he made his feeling known that he should have been invited on the Hippo hunt – it had been too long…

Our artists this week are Bassistry with their song ‘the art of negotiation’. Visit them at their site, Bassistry.com

Spanners has a great interview with Marcel Pusey of Bassistry where he defines what great music is. As he explains he would love to go back to the 60’s with the evolving music scene and witness genius like Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles.

They mix funk grooves with Latin Rhythms and pulsating electronic, and beautiful contemporary soundscapes to deliver a superb record” Blues and Soul Magazine – 2015 5* Album of the Month

Here is a link to a song from the previous album:

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8 responses to “#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: “Fire at a petrol (gas) station!!”

  1. Hi gang!

    I use TuneIn to listen to all my podcasts.

    Not sure how attractive that may be to you, but I’ll ask… Any chance of also publishing on TuneIn?

  2. Since you guys went to live streaming, I’ve not been able to watch live as my misses is incredibly ill and I’m driving home from the hospital when you are broadcasting. Unfortunately the route I have to take is incredibly bad for signal so I can’t even just listen in.
    BUT, I download them and then listen to them on my journey, (permanent signal not required that way)
    I’d just like to say that the quality of the podcast is exceptional, not just the content, but the production value is at the top of the scale (good job @spannersready). I always look forward to the latest edition being published.

    With regards to the fuel flow thing, if you remember back to Australia 2014 when the FIA disqualified RedBull for fuel flow infractions. The FIA would not take the fuel rail calculations provided by RedBull, that showed the actual fuel injected into the engine was always at or below 100kg/hr. This sets a precedent in my opinion, as to me that says, that the FIA will only take their own calibrated and homologated flow meter as fact, they are not interested in figures produced by the teams. Therefore, if the flow meter is saying that no rules are being broken, then there is no issues.
    The FIA will have to get the teams to install yet another sensor to their cars, this time measuring fuel flow at the very last possible opportunity before the fuel is injected for combustion and change the rules to stipulate something like, the 2 meters data must correlate and in doing so will prove that there are no ‘irregularities’ between fuel flow being drawn and fuel flow at the rail.

    I did read something about the FIA thinking, the extra fuel may be being used to help provide extra cooling of the ICE. Have any of you got any further information about this claim.

    Many thanks
    (Clear View)

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