Former #F1 Doc attacks Todt and Sallient as ‘slimy’ and ‘underhand’

FIA cover up

TJ13 reported back in December that Gary Hartstein’s boss had received an unsolicited visit from the FIA, which he claims was an attempt to mute the Former F1 Doc by having him sacked from his current post.

FIA plot against former F1 medical delegate

Gary Hartstein now reveals that he complained to the FIA and requested their ethics committee examine the issues surrounding that visit.

hartstein letter

Not long after the Dean of Hartstein’s facility had been visited, Philippe Streiff was publicly threatened by the FIA for his criticism of Jean Todt and Sallient despite the fact as TJ13 commented, he could in no way be sued for libel nor slander.

FIA to sue paralysed ex-F1 driver

Hartstein believes both his criticism of the FIA’s handling of the Bianchi investigation and Streiff’s comments drew “gangster-like wrath of these two critters [Todt and Saillant] BECAUSE THEY ARE PANICKED.

Todt and Sallient are panicked because they are aware of their own and the FIA’s culpability in the incidents surrounding Bianchi’s crash at the 2014 Japanese GP, alleges Hartstein.

It is my firm belief (and their actions certainly don’t belie this!) that they are SO legally vulnerable for the management of the Bianchi accident that they probably fear not just for their cushy posts at the FIA, but for their freedom and fortunes. If Mr. and Mrs. Bianchi decided to hire lawyers and to demand clarity.”

TJ13 in the past 24 hours reported that Philippe Bianchi has indeed retained the services of a lawyer and suggests that if anyone is found responsible for the crash of his son, “they must pay”.

The whitewash that was the FIA investigation into the Jules Bianchi affair and their Pontius Pilate hand washing of all responsibility – is one of the most reprehensible examples of corporate behaviour in recent memory.

Further, notice – the English speaking media are still failing to report Bianchi’s fathers implied threat from yesterday and consistently fail to call the FIA to proper account over their officers’ responsibility in the terrible tragedy in Suzuka.

A Former F1 Doc Writes: Denouement Part 1

Listen to Gary talk on these subjects when he was on the TJ13 Courtroom Podcast last year.


Gary & the crew cover the FIA’s Bianchi report



7 responses to “Former #F1 Doc attacks Todt and Sallient as ‘slimy’ and ‘underhand’

  1. Watch out Judge, Todt und Sallient will be after you next!

    But seriously, what these guys tried to do to Gary was beyond reprehensible, it was disgusting and criminal. Todt flies around the world in his own private jet to the tune of $4.5 million per year paid for by the FIA and yet, because of lack of funds, sells the rule making rights of the FIA to Bernie. Why does the FIA even exist? As far as I can tell they have no useful function except providing a very nice lifestyle for Mr. Todt et al. IIRC Todt fixed the last FIA president election by buying a bunch of the national clubs with bribes and then fixed the rules so no one could run against him. Way past time for this useless slime to go.

    Gary Hartstein’s blog is very interesting and well worth a visit:

    • That had the advantages of being reported in mainstream press.

      No specialist was greatly surprised at the technical scope and as for technology hardly any was disclosed, none I’d recognise as technology disclosures.

      The thing with F1 is that none of the stories get covered in any complete way or even at all by the MSM.

      And I’m inclined to think that there’s now no chance of any outlet crossing over from the close but non aligned circle of F1 media. I hope I’m wrong. I’d maybe make a penny if there was that happening. But the fact is that there’s no normal ecosystem by which stories can develop. Or the petri dish is just spoiled.

  2. It’s a sad fact that there are so few trustworthy publications left to cover the sport. All of them toeing the line, god forbid they lose their paddock passes….

    • That’s the whole problem, you loose the access and you are left out in the cold. Drivers, teams ,management, in short everyone you rely on to get the inside info treat you like a plague carrier. The mob could learn a few things from the fia and MrE

      • I was reading down the page and should have added my thoughts here and not above.

        As far as I understand things I’m being paid to explain what’s the reasons for the lack of media credibility in F1 when I finish a little report on the mess.

        I think there’s some quantifiable and distinct gap in will intent resolve and resources for any of the non mainstream outlets to break out.

        What my job is is to try to explain to advertising customers why a normally desirable demo of sports fans are not reachaable or receptive to advertising through existing channels. That’s the hypothesis to work through anyhow.

        My interest is in the structure of media and often the finances involved. But there’s definitely in my view been a break in fan consciousness that among other effects has caused the bottom feeding of aggregators someone i know loves to hate. It’s all a phenomenon of factors I’m slowly breaking down into a semblance of a narrative that I don’t think will surprise any serious fan. Just I’m diving into the mechanics of things.

        It’s not a earth shattering deal for me for work and so unless agreed otherwise then after a embargo I’ll be able to pass on the findings.

        There do seem to me to be opportunities to change the media business around this sport.

        One thing I can’t causally or empirically prove is my take that once a sport reliant on income from big name sponsors has no media reporting consistently who are involved in the media game then there’s a disconnect in needs and demographics. Just look around here for a example and I don’t mean that disparagingly at all. It’s just not the same world as sponsors like to inhabit. Slick for say remakes of the company website don’t bridge the gap quite.

        As a result and not offering wisdom I don’t possess myself, I’m not sure anyone gets the social media game yet for F1. Fortunately I’m not on commission to solve all that question.

        I do believe that F1 can develop new and commercially viable media. Just so far I think fragmentation and personal politics are among the most common obstructions in the way of real change. I can’t list all my observations but another factor is close to that just said, which is parochialism and what I’d call small business syndrome. Publishing does tend to require big brass balls. Financially as well.

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