#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: “A sad and pathetic attempt to impose order”


“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more” so sayeth The Judge who in typical dictatorial fashion imposes upon the trusty band of heathen to entertain the listeners. Of course with the threat of snow removed, the shed has become a haven for nakedness. Well naked opinion.

Spanners aka Marshmallow Boy provides the sweetest tones this side of Alan Partridge and is joined in the garden residence by his trusty sidekick Matt Trumpets – so named for his weapon of choice.

Speaking of weapons, following his safe return from the Spanish wilderness we have John Myburgh who waxes lyrical when he hears how Australian marshals deal with wild Kangaroos at Bathurst.

Editor in chief AJ Hunt has also returned from the Spanish mainland sporting a tan that can only be attributed to the local sherry production.

Last but by all means least – we have Grumpy Jackal, the historian that tinges every reminisce with some unfathomable connection back to Ferrari.

Join us as we discuss the recent testing at Jerez which was attended by AJ and JM with a sound quiz and a further comparison of a team’s driver – this week Red Bull’s twin Dannies.

Of course none of this would be possible without copious amounts of alcohol so fill up your glasses, settle back and enjoy. Speaking of copious amounts of ethanol: There’s also an unruly Hippo in the cheap seats…

iTunes 5 star reviews: We would also like to take this opportunity to ask you all for your support. As the TJ13 community grows the Podcast is becoming a huge part of the journey. From recent chats within the F1 paddock in Jerez we have found it is establishing a following within the world of F1 and we would like to continue to grow and make TJ13 the number one site for F1 information across the globe.

One way to establish this would be if you could all vote on iTunes with a five star rating as this then pushes the podcast up the rankings and in turn brings more people into the site. This will allow further development of the site, contributors and always with the vision of giving everybody a voice.

This week’s band is called Two Quiet Suns… otherwise known as Bob Strike and Rob Ule. The description on their Facebook page says;

The empty spaces between the stars funnel strange signals from other places… Lovingly created using many synths owned and borrowed. Recorded to multitrack tape and mastered to two track tape. Inspired by a film that never was…..”

You can find their album “Kepler Mission” on Bandcamp under “Two Quiet Suns”, they’re also on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook so go check them out if you enjoy this track entitled “Drifting”

Finally why not join us at Rye House for some karting action? Call Rye House on 01922 460 895 and quote “TJ13 2PM march 28th” to book. The cost for racing with the TJ13 crew and other F1 fans is just £68. The price includes a 20% discount on the standard costs of a race session and allows you to drive the same tarmac where Lewis Hamilton learnt his craft.

You need to arrive at 1pm and the qualifying and race starts at 2pm. After the race (at around 3.30pm) we will grab a pint and the winner will get his special TJ13 trophy. If the session is fully booked when you call, please leave your name and contact details on the waiting list and we will let you know if spaces become available.

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13 responses to “#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: “A sad and pathetic attempt to impose order”

  1. Brilliant podcast, guys! That rocked.

    @Matt, I kinda agree with your theory on utter and complete randomness. Earth, life on Earth, F1, iAddictions, our living our lives out here, with our very own two eyes (not 3, not 4, not 1, but precisely 2: thanks evolution and the Cambrian period for sorting us out and for making us feel normal today!)… All this is just one big, messy pile of… stinking randomness.

    @AJ, before you put string theory into the theory of everything category, you should note that string theory overall has the same scientific validity as the musings of our prehistoric particle physicists, like Democritus or Aristotle. It’s not even wrong!!

    “It is not only not right, it is not even wrong,” or for polyglot hippos out there, “Das ist nicht nur nicht richtig, es ist nicht einmal falsch!”

    String theory is just one big stinking pile of… surprisingly well funded pseudo-science. You can’t prove it right, as you can’t prove it wrong, because it predicts little if anything. If anything, it’s a nice bed story for sending academics to sleep…

    • Oooo Landroni is a Skeptic. Awesome. Look don’t question AJ about string theory. He’s mastered it from the Internet.

      I don’t think string theory is pseudo science. It’s not fair to put it in the same catagory as homeopathy or Horoscopes. Yes it has very little in the way of testable predictions but they do admit that unlike for example a water douser who will tell you they have all the answers.

      • “It’s not fair to put it in the same catagory as homeopathy or Horoscopes.”

        Yeah, I guess you’re right. In some respects string theory is worse. While there are ways to disprove astrology and the like (you can set up an experimental setting where you end up with “no effect”, and people have done this in the past), with string theory you would be hard-pressed to determine where to start from to attempt addressing the theory’s falsifiability…

        And then the underlying idea in astrology, that your time of birth can somehow condition your personality and your future, is not as far-fetched as it may seem, even if the mechanism may be substantially different:

        While with string theory, you must subscribe to the existence of incredibly more dimensions than we’re used to sensing (some argue that even 3 dimensions is one too many, with depth being a mere convenient illusion), and to that of a multiverse. The leap of faith required is considerably bigger than for astrology… And, as a friend put to me in a recent discussion on these things, I could imagine all sorts of mechanisms for all sorts of things, including astrology, psychokinesis and so forth that wouldn’t necessarily contradict anything we know about physics or biology. And alchemy has morphed into chemistry. Newton was many things, but he certainly wasn’t a fool, and he was seriously interested in alchemy (among others). And I’m a damned sight closer to believing all three of the above than the reality of parallel universes, or “even” extra dimensions, which a good number of physicists talk about with straight faces these days. As Wikipedia kindly informs us, “To date, no experimental or observational evidence is available to confirm the existence of these extra dimensions. If extra dimensions exist, they must be hidden from us by some physical mechanism. ” That’s certainly one big, cockamamie assumption to be making…

        Go to ~3min mark (of Big Bang Theory best bits – Episode 1):

        I guess ultimately it all depends on your crackpotting bends. (Or is it faith?) Either you put trust in official crackpots sitting tight and pretty under Switzerland (think the FIA; or CERN), or you plump more for the shoddy, underground crackpots operating from dimly lit sheds (think TJ13; or, to present you the über-crackpot in the world of particle physics: http://thehiggsfake.com/ ). Whom should you trust more, and who have more reason to be honest in what they pronounce to the outside world? Hmm…

        I suspect all those who end up wasting their days on TJ13 have a serious case of the skeptics disorder, or are missing a trusting gene or two…

  2. Astrology is obsurd (and falsifiable) Make predictions based on Astrology and watch in wonder as they achieve results equal to random chance.

    I don’t have a problem with String Theory as it’s not asking me to do anything. Astrology wants me to base life decisions on predictions.

    Homeopathy wants me to put my health in the hands of a sugar pill.

    String Theory is just an idea people are talking about.

    (also was that an insult at the end about wasting time on TJ13. I don’t want to be not offended when I’m suppossed to be or Visa versa)


    • No, no insult! I was merely suggesting that many of us tend to spend an inordinate amount of time on TJ13-related activities, something that is sometimes hard to justify to close ones using rational arguments… 🙂 Sound familiar?

      • There’s no one closer than my TJ13 brethren. Wouldn’t be a very good cult if there was…. I’ve said too much.

  3. Nice description of Jerez, Sounds nice, and even a grassy knoll. Hmm!! Grassy knoll….. can history repeat itself.

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