#F1 Testing: Jerez Review – Sherry and Icecream

Join Editor in Chief, Andrew Huntley-Jacobs and Adam Macdonald as they review the first winter test at Jerez.

11 responses to “#F1 Testing: Jerez Review – Sherry and Icecream

  1. Guys you can bring as much as you like to your YouTube channel, love it. Thank you……It’s nice to put faces to names….I still fall asleep trying to listen to your podcast offerings and don’t bother now, though I do keep a check on feedback in case there’s anything particularly salient on offer and the only time I’ve seen that was when the FIA Bianchi whitewash was released.

  2. Great coverage during the test days and wrap up video. TJ13 is on its way of establishing itself as THE way of getting F1 news. James Allen’s site is infinitely boring and I’m fed up with Joe Sewer and his bullying replies to the readers. Adam Cooper’s site is ok, but most of the time his posts lack of substance. Other F1 mags? Pffrr…

    The only suggestion that I have is to encourage you to improve the audio of the videos.

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