#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: FIA on Life support!!!


Once again dear friends we find ourselves in the freezing cold podcast shed, although none of the residents are too pleased by Spanners hogging the paraffin heater this week. Joining the smooth caramelised tones of the host are the other stalwarts from the TJ towers – although once again rumour has it that the Judge has absconded to sunnier climes at the expense of the government.

In his absence we have the equally salubrious A.J, the man from where everybody knows your name – Matt and the bronzed figure of John Myburgh who has recently returned to these fierce shores.

From the land where they teach litigation from primary school age – Matt presents us with new regulation news, we keep abreast of the latest car launches and we ponder as to what is wrong with Ferrari.

Although at time of writing it’s unlikely that the host cares too much about the Red team – that is unless #44 decides to join in the future at which point poor Grumpy will suffer more than usual. Having both Spanners and the Hippo joining him in vocal support…

So gentle listeners, all that is left to add is enjoy this week’s edition of the rapidly growing podcast and please leave comments as per usual.

Listen to this weeks band, Fallen to Flux and a great song ‘One Chance’.




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8 responses to “#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: FIA on Life support!!!

  1. Great podcast guys! Regrettably I can’t think of a more eloquent and impressive way of saying rock on so I’ll wrap up in the hope you get the gist of my expressed and considered opinion.

  2. Could whomever is uploading change the metadata tags? A number of podcasts are defaulting to “Muse, Liquid State” with an amazon dl tag on it. Confuses the podcast player!

  3. I’ve started listening to the podcast in the car when I’m driving on my own (no kids to interrupt, or wife who thinks her needs take priority) and I find I get very ‘into’ the swung of it, often finding myself commenting out loud to points raised. Have you guys considered a live forum immediately after races using a media that everyone can get involved on (google hangouts?) With a master of ceremonies to keep order and mute those who launch personal insults (although with no Still I Surprise anymore it shouldn’t be an impossible task LoL) and to help move subjects forward (a la Jeremy Vine on radio 2 when guests get heated). I’d love it as I have no-one in the ‘real world’ to talk F1 with, it’s all virtual debate, which in not as fun as it gets harder to type the more beer you drink……

    • Hi.

      Yes we have considered it. We are looking into ways we can involve the listeners much more now that we have found our feet with a lot of the technical challenges.

      Your idea would greatly help the sense of community we already have here. We have been looking at a way to have a love audience for some podcast recordings so any ideas like this are welcome. A post race Google hangout? Hmm a good start. Only space for 10 people but maybe. Perhaps GO TO MEETING allows more?

      I’m in the same boat as you. Very few of my non TJ13 friends are into F1. I am organising something right now that will greatly involve the listeners and readers I’m just waiting on John Myburgh to let me pull the trigger. .. come on John!!

        • @spannersready Sounds really good, interaction is the key to keeping people interested, its something that F1 has been left on. I believe in IndyCar you can get incredibly close to your heroes and their equipment. The BBC F1 forum after races used to be excellent, it’s a shame sky just have that crappy #AskCrofty instead of a more interactive tv session.

          I’d love to get involved with some direct audience participation, I look forward to seeing how your project progresses.

  4. Comment of the Week. Awesome! I’d like to thank the academy, the TJ13 podcast crew and my mum. LOL

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