#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: Craig – “The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Heard”


Welcome into the heart of The Judges chambers for another scintillating, irreverent look at the world of Formula One. Once again we have been invited into the frosty chambers and once again the shadows fell away to reveal a gown draped across the ‘screams of the innocent’s’ desk.

After a holiday of several weeks, ie, taking a break from domestic chores, we have Craig returning to caress the airwaves – although as it was so succinctly put – it is possibly “The worst sound ever!”

The ever vibrant Matt Matt returns with his trusty trumpet carefully boxed otherwise he may have earnt the title that Craig claimed, and amongst all this drama is the ever respectable Adam enjoying life back in Blighty surrounded by nubile flesh which actually speaks the local dialect.

A newcomer to the cast is Anil, our resident expert on Formula E – although he trained in Chemistry, the subject proved boring as it wasn’t rocket science so has changed paths in life and found himself distressed by the sounds in his head… well earphones.

Smattering all the dross…gloss with surely the most tranquil, velvet suffused frequencies known to woman hood, since Barry White, is the irrepressible Spanners.

As ever grab a latte, a smoothie or even a beer and settle down as the show must go on…

This week’s song is Stay Right Here – Ont’ Sofa, Vol. 1. by Anna Pancaldi

You can follow Anna Pancaldi on Facebook or Twitter or just listen to his music here.

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30 responses to “#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: Craig – “The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Heard”

        • Spend a lot of my time there work wise. Lived a mile and half a way and saw it all happen. Was down there less than a month later when it was a massive pile of rubble. Seriously. Got a pre-opening invite for neighborhood folk to the new museum. It was amazing and I’ll never go back. Still feel it all these years later.

        • …. I thought Adam’s passionate call for the “smell” of old F1… AGAIN (8th time in his 8 appearances) ….. was compelling….

          TJ13 takes a swipe at all things F1 which is toooooooo serious or self indulgent…… the PC is hardly outside the the philosophy of the site….

          Hey – and the idea of an F1 “Masters series” with fat boy ‘Nige’ getting back into a car alongside “Super Mario” and global skin care ambassador “Eggerson Fit” – awesome idea – cheer up Hippo…. summer is coming to Africa

          • ‘Summer is coming Africa’…….

            Not sure that will make him any happier….isn’t that the end of the rainy season?…. Won’t be much water left in the watering hole to wallow in…..and hippos tend to get angry when they’ve got no water….. 🙂

        • ……Massive ROFL….. You are truly sublime Hip’s and I mean that honestly…

          “if the feedback is not universally positive”….. TJ13 wouldn’t have made it past 12 months

          Many conflicting opinions, a wealth of disparate and good ideas…. all great, but by definition can’t be accommodated…. one vision and direction….

          • I was more specifically referring to the way the criticism was answered. There must be a more productive response than: “Watch something else then…”

  1. I’ll try to keep any words in future comments disyllabic, or less. Still find it amusing what gets votes around here… I should get drunk more often. lol 😉

    Interesting direction this podcast is taking…

  2. Good podcast guys, a bit hurt by the fact that the Russian GP was not overly memorable. Loved the music, and a new classy comment of the week bit. Nice.

    I remember the indycar races at that airport track in Cleveland (I think) were terrific. Big wide tracks lead to multiple potential lines. But also cost a lot to make and require a lot more real estate. Modern tracks just don’t have that.

    • Cleveland was always a highlight. I remember that one race (1997 or 98) which made Alex Zanardi a legend in Americaland. He was leading, got slapped with a drivethrough, lost a lap. He unlapped himself, caught up to the end of the field, overtook the lot and won. That was sheer magic that day…

  3. In general I think the podcasts are great. Fun conversations, different opinions and a bit of banter. Off course every show has some opinions I don’t like or there were things that were not talked about that I would have like but that is what you get with a show that’s made by fans and where things are looked at from different angles. The upside of that is that sometimes I get to hear opinions and information I haven’t heard about and that’s why I listen to the podcast ;-). You can’t get the one without the other ;-P

    The show could do with a bit more Carlo Caluchio if you ask me, his little pieces of race history often puts the subjects into perspective. Can’t you give him his own 5 min of airtime for a F1 history lesson or a podcast version of OTD?

      • Getting jealous SpannersReady? ;-P

        If it make you feel better I can say some positives things about you too 😉 for instance I think you perform the role of semi ignorant ringmaster pretty good, it’s not easy to keep F1 fans with such differing opinions in check let alone the wild animal who occasionally mistakes the podcast show for his waterhole 😉

    • Ok… so we’re going to be asking for opinions from readers about show content in future at the weekend and into Monday – I think Usher may lead this

  4. You can please some of the people most of the time and most of the people some of the time, just keep doing what you doing guys (except you @spanners, you seem to be willing a divorce battle with your remarks about Mrs Spanners, it only brings more pain!).

    The only way to find out what is good and what is not, is to try it out and see what happens.

    This week was not the best yet, but it is starting to take on a personality all of its own with things becoming regular features, which is always a good thing.

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