TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: Choice ‘tween engineer’s Island and debauched musicians Island… hmmm


Princesses and Princes, Emperors and slaves, New World Order and Bernie E, roll up, Roll Up, ROLL UP – I tell ya. What we have here is a failure to banish the old ways and embrace the new.

Stilletto heels echoed across the stone floor of The Judge’s chambers and the mysterious, scantily-clad bosom cast its long shadows across this weeks startled contributors.

The chambers had sent out a direct instruction. The scrawled writing moulded by the screams of the innocent. Spanners – he of the velvet voice which is capable of snapping knicker elastic at 50 paces, was greeted with two simple instructions, ‘Don’t. Colostomy”.

Returning from the land of the Godfather and the vicious underworld envisioned by the first and second parts ( Part 3 was rubbish) is Matt Matt. Although if we forget Hollywood – in LA not Lewis – we learn why rounders… apologies…. baseball is loved in America.

AJ stumbled in whilst between meetings with the knurled clawed Judge and grabbed another bottle of the devil’s poison; whilst young Adam was surrounded by pretty tight little university students who sat on his lap to learn about Efff Wun.

Last, and by all means least, was the Grumpy Historian – Carlo – who continues to live in the past as he cradled his landline phone close. Wearing a solid Tweed suit, sat with a blanket around his legs, and moaning at the influx of youth – he tried his best to keep it up for the old folk…sorry

So join us as we talk tit’s, vinegar, Ferrari (again..zzzzz) baseball and all other illogical fanfare

This week’s song ‘Area 51‘ is by To The Bones

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4 responses to “TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: Choice ‘tween engineer’s Island and debauched musicians Island… hmmm

  1. Fun podcast guys. Sad to hear about Simona, I thought she was actually pretty good in Indycars, stuck as she was in a small team and an uncompetitive car.

  2. Without meaning to nitpick @Spanners (actually that’s a lie, I am 🙂 ), your introduction states that the website is NOT

    You should be ashamed of getting the website of this magnificent website (and your employer) wrong. Words needed Judge. 🙂

    PS on a serious note, keep up the good work.

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