The TJ13 #F1 Podcast: Pearls Of Wisdom


Editors Note: Welcome to the the first ever episode of TheJudge13 F1 Podcast. This was originally planned as a pilot to test our recording/ broadcasting capabilities but with the wonders of technology and the fine editing skills of SpannersReady – we have a podcast we wished to publish for all TJ13 visitors and commenters.

From the initial steps into a new broadcasting medium we step into hazardous opinions about Formula One’s current obsession with tarmac run-off areas, strong views on the likes of Lewis Hamilton – who is compared to a pearl (!), Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Felipe Massa and various other targets from the world of Formula One – we invite you all to share in the journey.

This will become a regular feature over the coming months so please leave your thoughts and comments below and if you have any specific topics you would like to raise please let us know.

Now grab a coffee, a tea – or a beer if you are in the appropriate time zone – and enjoy!

35 responses to “The TJ13 #F1 Podcast: Pearls Of Wisdom

  1. I really I enjoyed that keep it up….I just wish John and others who keep saying that Lewis should choose between being a celebrity or racing driver please point to us exactly what Lewis is doing to court the lime light .give some example instead of innuendo…..It just seems you are offended by lewis just existing…..Lewis is a young rich f1 champion,dating a pop star…..offcourse he is going to have a media that so objectionable you..?

    • Fair challenge Samaritan

      If we look at his friends circle while at McLaren:
      Lewis introducing his rapper friend Ice-T to the McLaren garage. Ice-T’s film made it to YouTube. “Here we are, in the McLaren pit, some place you’ll never be in your fucking life,” he said. “All you F1 fans, I know all you motherfuckers right now are jackin’ off to this. This is Lewis’s car. See that steering wheel? Cost more than your fucking house.”

      You’ve heard the the saying people judge you by the friends you keep?

      I’m not offended by him being successful quite the contrary. I think he is an immensely talented driver, with a pop-star girlfriend and toying with rapping/acting (Cars 2). He just does not appear to be focussed.

      I would not normally use Hill but:

      Do you not think that if he can focus on driving and keeping himself calm, with the right people around him, he will be more successful? Blaming the team every time something goes wrong or he does not get the result he likes does not make him a likeable person…

      Compare his attitude to either Alonso or Schumi or even Senna (his hero)… is he in that league?

    • Absolutely. Please allow people to download it, if possible in either MP3 or Vorbis formats. Also, at times I had a feeling that maybe the encoding quality was lacking; perhaps allowing some download quality options would be useful (128kbps, 256kbps, etc.).

  2. Nice job guys, glad to hear opinion rather than people sitting on the fence. If you ever want someone to throw in some technical stuff give me a shout and I’ll see if I can help out.

  3. Love the music – and brilliant ‘chairmanship’ from ‘CrossedSpanners’ 🙂

  4. Nice one! Good job.

    A couple of points:
    – marbles, really, instead of gravel or tarmac? Can’t see that working safety wise. I think Adam was suggesting that more tarmac/less gravel was overall safer, but I don’t see how. Does anyone has a historical insight (wink, wink, Jackal) in why gravel traps were originally introduced on racing track layouts? I have a hunch that the immediate interest was safety, to slow down cars that got it wrong. So if a car loses its brakes, what would you prefer to have between the car and the barrier: gravel, grass, tarmac or marbles? I’m not sure about others, but I’ll go with gravel every day of the week!
    – Future points of discussion: I’d love to hear a debate around the infamous Vettel vs Webber at Istanbul 2010. Who was to blame for that? I’m sure there’ll be a spectrum of opinions..

    • Ha ha! Maybe we should get FH vs TJ13 on Vettel vs Webber 🙂

      I think it was more putting marbles on the tarmac runoff to penalise the drivers.

      From what I know gravel traps were introduced to slow guys down before hitting the wall… No one thought about tarmac is my guess… but gravel obviously does not stop someone from hitting a wall, it just absorbs some energy to give a reduced impact.

      You have two choices really:
      Keep gravel traps and write cars off, risking drivers’ safety and costing the team money
      Put tarmac on the runoff areas and penalise (time) drivers running wide or running over the line.

      With a gravel trap the penalty is pretty instant, you either make it through and have to pit for tyres and a cleanup of radiators or you hit the wall and your race is over. With car safety so good nowadays driver risk is minimal I’d say however it;s sill a risk and you, as a driver, make the call if you want to take it or not.

      With tarmac, well the penalty needs to be enforced so if you gain/save a place you have to give it back but there is ambiguity (Alonso in Hungary throwing his hands in the air and slowing down after using the tarmac to get some breathing space from Hamilton is an example). Alonso was obviously complaining about Vettel (and vice versa) exceeding track limits at Silverstone.

      Apart from the courage of having to take a high speed corner knowing if you get it wrong you’re into the kitty litter… I agree, if brakes fail tarmac will not help you one little bit…

      • It’s so easy to solve if they wanted to… but they don’t want to. The top 6 teams who have a vote want their drivers to be able to miss the corners either braking too late or to avoid contact with another car and to keep driving without damage or much loss of speed. They don’t want any races where their drivers get beached.

        If they wanted the best of both worlds put a runoff road so that people who lockup both fronts can continue straight on, for people who lock a front and understeer off the track put tarmac on the middle of the runoff so they can understeer onto the extra braking surface to slow down, for people who get near the apex and oversteer or spin out put gravel at the end of the runoff area to catch them if they can’t regain control using the exit of the corner.

        No matter what happens the driver should have to either slow down a lot to avoid the gravel or drive across the gravel at the end of the trap to get back onto the track.

  5. I’m afraid I’m not into the medium podcast. Because I read fast, I’m way too impatient to listen to people talk.

    But obviously, given the positive response, you should keep it up.
    * off to Hamilton part 2 *

  6. Good idea re podcast, and what an excellent listen it was. Not a fan of the jingles personally, seem a bit old fashioned to me, doesn’t work for an f1 podcast.

    RE run off areas – further to what j was saying above, would it be possible to strategically have part tarmac/ part gravel run offs? Dunno if it would work, but hey, it’s an idea

    @ John – “Ha ha! Maybe we should get FH vs TJ13 on Vettel vs Webber”

    I would pay some monies to see this lol.

  7. Forgot to mention @SpannersReady, your voice sounds like someone, but I dunno who. The only person I can think of is Scott Mills.

  8. RE: Run offs.

    From exp, if a driver can take advantage by running off slightly at exit etc, they will. Gravel traps = respect. The ones who don’t only don’t because their natural driving style means they tend not to maximise these specific areas.

    RE: Podcast Music.


    Overall, it was entertaining. Well done.

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