Castrol #F1 GP Predictor Summary – Budapest 2014

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There will be little overtaking opportunity they said, pole position will be the most important thing they said, this will be a Lewis track and pole position they said – ‘They’ were wrong.  Of course, much of this is due to extreme cases of luck and intervention from Mother Nature but can anyone really deny they enjoyed this?

I would take a different stance to TJ in that the integrity of racing is lost when a poorly timed safety car messes up a race.  Luck has always been a part of most sports until recent times, where technology has started to rule instead.  However, in a sport that any of you who follow TheJudge13 on Twitter will know enjoys, cricket, weather is still a crucial factor in the result of a match or series.  We rarely hear of people criticising this, save for those bemoaning a certain win being taken away by weather, as it is accepted as part of the game.

To my mind, the safety car is part of Formula One and should remain in place.  If only for symbolic purpose seeing the snake of cars behind the Bernd Mayländer is something that should remain.  Misfortune is something that keeps racing slightly unpredictable, which is far better than any double points idea.  Luck is one of the few elements in life we will never be able to control.

On the Up

Rads Racing has improved 19 places to head into the summer break on 484 points, in 75th place.  The intervention of the Ericsson crash meant Bottas dropped down the order, giving the full 10 point score as well as Kimi being predicted for 6th place.

Had more faith in Daniel Ricciardo than most

Had more faith in Daniel Ricciardo than most

Also on the up

Seeing Sergio Perez slamming into the barriers ended the chance of gaining any bonus points for the round for Waleran.  However, scoring on 8 of the top 10 drivers made for the 19 place increase to sit in 44th place.

Scoring throughout the top 10

Scoring throughout the top 10

The only way is up

Jaguar Racing dropped out of the top 20 with a poor weekend, scoring just 11 points.  Like many, the team predicted Lewis for pole and the race win meaning it was always going to be a difficult weekend.  The only other scoring apart from the podium positions was Bottas in 7th.  Better luck next time!

Luck just was not there

Luck just was not there

Nobody saw it coming

A weekend that was so unpredictable, not even someone with the wildest imagination would have conceived it to be possible.  It should be noted that until that safety car the pack had largely maintained grid order with little overtaking apart from a handful of positions.  Who would have thought Marcus Ericsson could decide the fate of so many?

Food for thought

How will teams develop their challengers over the summer ‘break’ as teams are forced to close down?  Red Bull have a strong history of developing in the latter stages of the season, but surely the next two races will prove difficult for any car without a Mercedes powertrain due to the nature of Spa and Monza.

Remember when…

In this section there will be a question each week to test your memory from GPs gone by. The idea is not to look it up but see if you can remember it first!

Q: Valtteri Bottas managed to pass Sebastian Vettel at turn 1 after pulling out of the spray of the Red Bull and going around the outside.  How far is it from the grid into turn one at the Hungaroring?

(Answer will be posted in the next Predictor summary)

Last question’s answer

The question was: When was the last time two different German drivers won the German Grand Prix, in consecutive years?  What were their names and who were they driving for?

Answer: The answer is the Schumacher brothers, firstly Ralf, then Michael, in 2001 and 2002 driving for Williams-BMW and Ferrari respectively.  Well done to the Fat Hippo who recalled that one.

4 responses to “Castrol #F1 GP Predictor Summary – Budapest 2014

  1. I think I got my worst ever predictor score.. I’ll have to see what the weekend’s overall winner got! Occasionally there will be some near a perfect score.. Surely not this time..

    PS. Out of the depths of my mind comes the figure 420m?!

  2. Oh, and though I’m competing against other race car drivers (thank goodness they’re paid to race & have little time to peruse the comings and goings of F1), I scored a paltry 32 points this past week…

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