Castrol #F1 GP Predictor Summary – Silverstone 2014

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Formula One fans are a generally more intelligent assembly of sports fans thanks to the complex nature of understanding the intricate details of the sport.  Explaining the complexities of the Pirelli tyres in 2012/13 was a far cry from explaining the offside rule in football which many seem to struggle with (even if FIFA, the governing body, continue to add further levels of complexity to the rule).

With this premise considered, most fans would tell you they would be able to predict a qualifying result barring a few anomalies which are almost always present.  However, nobody could have foreseen the amazing events that unfolded in the changing weather of Silverstone.  Many a prediction looked to be in grave danger of being scuppered on Saturday evening thanks to the Williams and Ferraris late mistimed calls, as well as the fact many teams in the league (myself included) had opted for Hamilton to be on pole.

I was always taught growing up that there was no (and indeed never will be) a greater force than Mother Nature.  I feel this has been shown to be true this weekend gone, as it was demonstrated that no matter what regulations are imposed or technology a team has, the elements will always be the greatest variable.

On the Up

In the Kitchen gained 13 positions to move up to reside at 84th spot in the league, following a round of 52 points at 37% accuracy.  The bold prediction of putting Daniel Ricciardo on the third podium spot looked under threat of not happening many times throughout the weekend, but fortunately for the team he held of the late charge of Jenson Button.

A brave or lucky Red Bull prediction

A brave or lucky Red Bull prediction

One to Forget

A big slide of 34 places to outside the top 100 was team H.  Just 10 points from 9% accuracy left the team in 107th place.  Not one position correctly predicted makes this one the definition of ‘One to Forget.’

Don't worry, lightening can't strike twice in the same place....can it?

Don’t worry, lightening can’t strike twice in the same place….can it?

Expert eh?

It was interesting prediction from Timo Glock, who is on the panel of experts for the GP Predictor game.  Not only did Glock predict Sebastian Vettel for the fastest lap at a power intensive circuit (although admittedly less than Austria, Spa, Monza, etc.), he also selected Nico Rosberg for most positions gained.  A distinct lack of confidence in his fellow countryman’s qualifying ability was shown here.



Nobody saw it coming

Already covered above – qualifying in the wet can be a lottery!

Food for thought

Force India seem to have largely disappeared from the early season front running.  With two drivers who are vying for a top seat in the near future this is an important time for them to show how they can drive development and lead a team.  Hulkenberg’s home race will be an important one for the man who showed so much promise earlier in the year.

Remember when…

In this section there will be a question each week to test your memory from GPs gone by. The idea is not to look it up but see if you can remember it first!

Who won the 2011 edition of the Silverstone edition of the race when the Off-Throttle blown diffusers were controversially banned?  Also, where had he been on the grid that day?

(Answer will be posted in the next Predictor summary)

Last question’s answer

The question was: Who stood on the podium during the last race before it left the calendar in 2003 (Austria)?

Answer: 1st was Michael Schumacher (qualified pole), 2nd was Kimi Raikkonen where he had started and 3rd was Rubens Barichello in the sister Ferrari after starting in 5th place.  At least this year we saw a slightly more varied finish from the grid!

8 responses to “Castrol #F1 GP Predictor Summary – Silverstone 2014

  1. Despite a bad outcome, I actually gained positions this time.. Pretty much everyone must have been foxed by this one. Force India look like they are running low on cash, they’ve fallen back while Williams are now optimising their package, with one car at least.

    Alonso won the non-EBD race.. Maybe he’ll do better without FRIC? I think he qualified better than many races that year.. Possibly even pole position? Unless his last one was Germany 2010….. :O

      • This is what I was alluding to.. so a possible 3rd in the WCC falls to a comfortable 6th. Williams could topple both Ferrari and McLaren now for 3rd, amazingly enough. Force India might as well start on next year’s car early…

    • Same here, I only scored 52 and was expecting to drop down the order but
      “Still I Gained”
      Sorry I couldn’t help it……..

      Think it was the fact the places from second down became a bit of a lottery with Massa and Rosberg retired from the race at a fairly early stage.

  2. I can’t understand why Adam has given prominence to “In the kitchen”‘s result.

    I would have thought “Scherzingers Rejects” rank 29 and up 35 places(with the best result of 75 points in the TJ13 league) was worthy of a mention.

    In the global league, “En Em 1962” raked 1617, scored 165 and called the top 3 correctly. He/she had predicted Rosberg as finishing 10th.

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