#TechF1 Treasures- The #F1 Race Weekend in Official FIA Documents #AustrianGP

Brought to you by TheJudge13 contributor Mattpt55 – the best in Scrutineering, Stewards’ Decisions, and other assorted FIA documents looked at slightly irreverently  

There’s the race we see on telly, and then there’s the race behind the scenes. One rarely talked about by reporters but told in part by the official FIA documents. Here is a selection of this weekend’s documents for you to peruse at your leisure. Enjoy. Wonder where all this great stuff came from? Right Here

From the Dept of They Did My Job for Me


FIAComm1 Now if I only knew what it meant

From the Dept of No More FUN


They didn’t mention 720’s though

From the Dept of Silly Words


Maybe you should have asked how long his hangover lasted instead


From the Dept of Really?


I do not think that word means what you think it means


From the Dept of Picking Cherries


Until the last few laps, when everyone started to pass you

From the Dept of More than Just a Pretty Face


Actual thoughts. That are cogent and well spoken. Go Max!


From the Dept of Never Again



From the Dept of Special Things: Sergio’s Story



Hmm… What could possibly happen next


Looks like it will be entertaining


OK, very entertaining


Ouch. Or you could just admit you were at fault under the current rules and get on with your life

From the Dept of If at First You Don’t Succeed


Well, that’s a rare occurrence


Or not.

From the Dept of Maybe I’m not the Problem


Well that seems clear enough




Possibly that white line needs a rethink

FIAWhite Line

Well, that should solve the problem


Or Not

From the Dept of Let’s Count All The Things


Does the number 5 ring a bell?



Maybe a fluoride toothpaste would help


Hang on whilst I get the calculator







Can you get the checque? I’ve left my wallet in my other trousers.

From the Dept of Ennui


How very Gallic of you

From the Dept of Who Needs Bob


And that’s why the EU will eventually stick it’s nose in

From the Dept of Damn that’s a Question


Yes, God Forbid you should make it more interesting and cost less

From the Dept of You Were Warned


Seems pretty straightforward

From the Dept of Choices have Consequences


Ouch. That turn has a real bite.


From the Dept of Deja Vu


Wonder what prompted this? Or Who?

From the Dept of One of These Things is Exactly Like the Other


They finally match. No more Garanimals for you.

7 responses to “#TechF1 Treasures- The #F1 Race Weekend in Official FIA Documents #AustrianGP

  1. Wasn’t it previously reported that Lewis had already used 3 of his approved 5 CE, so shouldn’t this be his 4th?

  2. “Ouch. That turn has a real bite.”

    Hmm, I’m wondering why Turn 8 is so error-prone for drivers.. It looks rather benign if you asked me. Is there some elevation change or something else that makes them all lose it there?

    • Downhill… the natural racing line would also take you wider on exit as well if there is driveable space there. Not sure about the camber, but the old Jochen Rindt curve was banked to the inside as well.

    • They crest a hill and the forbidden zone is on the downhill portion. It also coincides with pit entry that everyone had so much trouble with.

      • Graham Lowdon somewhat clarified the race restart after crashes. He said that it’s an option that’s available to Charlie and it’s down to his discretion to use, when he deems it necessary.

      • Please keep doing these, mattpt55

        I know they don’t always get many comments but I find these communique-reviews to be hilarious!!!


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