#F1 Polls: How would you rate the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2014?


Now that you have had time to reflect on the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix how would you rate the race? Has the tension between Mercedes teammates lived up to  expectations and what about down the grid with Marussia scoring their first points? Please use the comments to explain why you voted the way you did.

9 responses to “#F1 Polls: How would you rate the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2014?

  1. Only bright spark for me, was the tension at Mercedes and Marussia getting their first points. Otherwise it was your typical Monaco Grand Prix, boring procession racing. So I’d give it 3 for the racing and 10 for the tension at Mercedes.

  2. I voted 8, which might be over the top actually, but I was voting on the basis that you never expect to see overtaking at Monaco so the fact there were some moves, the tension between Lewis and Nico, the dirt-in-the-eye drama and the human interest story of Marussia bagging points, made this an 8 out of 10 compared to the usual Monaco snooze. It’s always nice to see the glamour of Monaco but let’s be fair it’s never a real race so let’s now move on to one of the best tracks in Montreal and hope that Lewis gets it out of his system before he explodes Maldonado style.

    • I don’t believe you need loads of overtaking in F1, just the expectation. For me it’s the push for more overtaking at any cost that has ruined f1. Sadly this years Monaco GP had niether expectation nor actual overtaking.

  3. Normally I like Monaco but even in this season of low expectations that was a shockingly bad race. I hope they learn that endurance racing over 90min doesn’t work.

  4. Monaco should be taken off the calendar. If the sort of racing that goes on round there were to happen elsewhere F1 would be down the toilet.
    Just an excuse for all the playboys to show off the insides of their boats.
    It’s just a cinema sequence of everything that’s wrong with the world this weekend I’m afraid.

  5. 6 for me – waited all race for Hamilton to lose the plot and stuff it into the armco, my Castrol predictions needed it! Agree with av2290, a lot of placings were fortuitous, not earned.

  6. I know people are saying a lot of places were luck, not earned, which is true, but all drivers gain this way sometimes – those that retired in monaco have gained/will gain via retirements, so I don’t fully subscribe to that argument. Speed has not always been everything in f1 (although is it a large part), reliability has always been a part – there’s no point being fast if you retire most races.

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