#F1Tech Treasures- The #F1 Race Weekend in Official FIA Documents #SpanishGP

Brought to you by TheJudge13 contributor Mattpt55

-the best in Scrutineering, Stewards’ Decisions, and other assorted FIA documents looked at slightly irreverently

 There’s the race we see on telly, and then there’s the race behind the scenes. One rarely talked about by reporters but told in part by the official FIA documents. Here is a selection of this weekend’s documents for you to peruse at your leisure. Enjoy.

Wonder where all this great stuff came from? Right Here


From the More Things Change Dept:



Too bad for the gravel concessionaire. Seemed like a sure thing 10 years ago.


From the One Race You Don’t Want to be Winning Dept



No real surprises here. Penalty Pool anyone?

From the Captain Obvious Department



Somehow it sounds different in English

From the Department of Mine is Bigger than Yours Dept.




Hmmm… Fernando makes a funny

From the paging Dr Freud Dept.




Whole lotta Lewis hate going on.

From the I Guess It’s a Silver Lining Dept




Small consolation no doubt


From the Math Works on this Dept



Whole bunch of Mercedes on that list.


From the Call the Dentist Dept.







Got to take care of your teeth.

From the Sat on the Extremely Naughty Step





Damn. Toro Rosso screwed the pooch on that one.


From the I Think They Talked Ahead of Time Dept.




Somehow Franz doesn’t seem to fit in


From the Tell Us How You Really Feel Dept



Hold a grudge much?

From the How Often Can We Use The Word Unanimous Dept.




Wait for it


And we have a winner!!



Ooops spoke to soon…

From the One of These Things is Not Like The Other Dept




Double Points LOL!

From the Shiny New Bits Dept.




The numbers are getting bigger…

From the Now You Know What Purple Means Dept.




Thanks Lotus.

From the I guess We Know What Happened Now Dept




Returning to the Mean Hurts

From the More Shiny New Bits Dept.




Time for an Upgrade.

From The Working Hard or Hardly Working Dept




Working Hard I’d Say

From the Silly Questions Dept.




Ha Ha! And ouch for Nico

From the Tell Us How you Feel Dept




Disappointed. And carnage in T1.

From the Don’t forget about Ricciardo Dept.




LOL who knew DR needed encouraging.

From the Wings and a Diff Dept




Geez, watch out if you ever get it all together.

From the Things We Have To Look Forward To Dept.




Massive Oversteer Moments, best band ever. Also, pass the popcorn. Exciting Monaco time.

From the Key to The Race Dept.




Not much pundit talk about that this weekend.


From the Bad to Worse Dept
Oh Dear, that’s not going to end well for Seb.
From the Other Shoe Dept
Well there goes my most places gained in the race prediction. Ouch.

10 responses to “#F1Tech Treasures- The #F1 Race Weekend in Official FIA Documents #SpanishGP

  1. Thanks Matt:) Very entertaining and informative! Our recording stopped as Lewis was asked why he has never won in Spain and I thought it was such a stupid question that I didn’t even care what his answer was lol:)

  2. How can the FIA allow all these gear ratios and dog rings to be replaced and not call it a gear box failure? That’s like fitting new pistons in the engine but saying the engine didn’t fail. No wander the gearboxes last longer than the PU’s, they have a large percentage of new parts for most races. I think this needs to be addressed by the FIA

  3. Hi Matt – many thanks for all your time in bothering to post all this – and to comment as well. Appreciated.

    • My pleasure, I hope it makes the race a little more interesting for folks. I remember being gobsmacked when I found all these documents online where anyone could read them. I couldn’t believe no one talked about them so I decided why not? Looks like we might have a few interesting battles today. 🙂

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