Castrol #F1 GP Predictor Summary – Bahrain 2014

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Once again, the Silver Arrows were light years ahead of the rest of the field as with every race it becomes ever more clear that – short of some incredible rate of development from another team – it will be either Rosberg or Hamilton who is the 2014 World Drivers Champion.  The problems that afflicted the German in Malaysia both in qualifying and the race seemed long gone.

A first test for the 2014 Pirelli rubber under changed conditions left Button lacking in the desert.  A double retirement for the Woking setup made it a weekend to forget.  With so much expectation of the Williams team on a track that had a lower requirement on a high down force package, they did not disappoint.  The qualifying of Valtteri Bottas had been disappointing before this weekend, but starting in 3rd (following Ricciardo’s grid penalty) he gave himself a great chance of a strong finish he deserved.  A poor start and unfortunate safety car timing hurt Massa and Bottas, but there were many positives to take from the weekend.

As for the predictor league, the front 2 were easy to predict with the rest not so easy.  Who would have thought a resurgent Checo Perez would take the final podium spot?

To give mention to a suggestion from BlackJackFan this weekend I really thought was sensible- why not punish the team for an unsafe release by taking away the constructors points instead of giving the driver a grid penalty?  This would have been a much fairer happening for Ricciardo as he had done nothing wrong in Malaysia.  What do you readers think?

On the Up

One of only a few people worldwide who predicted the podium correctly, Ron Dennis F1 showed an immense amount of trust in Sergio Perez who duly delivered.  With 100 points and 52% accuracy, the team move up 49 places to 7th place just 14 points off Mattpt55 Racing.

Ron Dennis F1 - Bahrain 2014

Some say it is the real Ron Dennis…

One to Forget

PKR-Racing-2014 had somewhat of a shocker of a weekend picking up just 19 points.  The team was not rewarded for making the bold prediction of Felipe Massa to finish 2nd, the safety car putting pay to that.  Furthermore, the lack of pace in the Ferrari and double McLaren retirement made it one to forget.  Better luck next time in China…

It may have been exciting race, but PKR will be happy to move on from Bahrain

It may have been an exciting race, but PKR will be happy to move on from Bahrain

On the up

Charging through the midfield is TNTeam picking up 75 points as the team moved up a staggering 80 places!  Nothing particularly stood out with the predictions, but picking 5 of the top 10 correctly was always going to stand the team in good stead.  It’s pleasing to there is competition throughout the league.

A remarkable rate of improvement from TNTeam

A remarkable rate of improvement from TNTeam

Nobody saw it coming

A double retirement for the McLaren pair stunned many as the Woking team is known for being bulletproof.  Throughout the league, many (including myself) had predicted the McLarens to do much better, however, they have been shown to be lacking pace compared to the other Mercedes powertrain runners.  Whether they can out-develop the likes of Williams and Force India remains to be seen.  It is important to remember this was a circuit that required high traction, as down force was not so important.  China will be a completely different kettle of fish!

Food for thought

A resurgent Nico Roseberg this weekend threw a cat amongst the prediction pigeons with many having elected for Hamilton to take pole, fastest lap and the chequered flag.  With Mercedes still the class of the field, will Nico be able to continue this form at the race where he first won a Grand Prix back in 2012.  That day it would have been a 1-2 finish for the Silver Arrows had the team not botched the pit stop for Michael Schumacher.

The Red Bulls were a different beast on low fuel at the end of the race, especially that of Ricciardo.  Without a grid penalty (yet) for China, can he repeat his heroics of Melbourne in 2 weeks?

Remember when…

In this section there will be a question each week to test your memory from GPs gone by. The idea is not to look it up but see if you can remember it first!

Over 3,000 men and women worked on the construction of the Bahrain circuit.  How many work hours is it estimated to be in total?

(Answer will be posted in the next Predictor summary)

Last question’s answer

The question was:  How much did the Sepang International Circuit cost to build at its completion in 1999?

Answer: Costing $120 million at its completion, the 5.542km circuit remains one of the most loved of the Hermann Tilke designed circuits.

The impressive Sepang complex

The impressive Sepang complex

20 responses to “Castrol #F1 GP Predictor Summary – Bahrain 2014

  1. 37 points this time round, it’s not going well, I’ve had 38 (20 of which were for joining TJ13 league), 39 and 37. I’m ranked 19 thousand and something!

  2. @Adam Mac

    the above quoted comments of Todt re: driver health PLUS the sheer dumbness of rules agreed to by the FIA, FOM, and profit-driven business lackeys re: something as simple as driver vs “team” penalties is sheer madness…

    Daniel’s penalty VS Crashtor’s is unethical, immoral, criminal and stupid. the elitists’ amateur morons running the well-documented F1 “circus” are truly worthy of being roadkill which could precipitate one big party!

    the Indian Govt appears to be the only few people on this planet who rightfully recognize F1 for what it is – and it has nothing to do with sport or relevance. green, for sure – the kind of green only a few put in their pocket…

    even lowly IndyCar (in merely 2 years) fingered out that a 10 grid driver penalty for an engine change had NOTHING to do with the driver and merely infuriated the few paying fans. so, it is ALL on the engine manufacturers this year onward.

    my hard-wired proclivity since 1962 of all that is open wheel racing is rapidly becoming corroded beyond repair…

  3. I’m mid-pack, and it hurts! I got hurt by over-estimating Ferrari’s potential at Bahrain.

    The only positive thing I can think of is that I acquired the same number of points at Bahrain, (46), as the team at the top of the board.

    Onward and upward!

    • My brief and highly unscientific look at scoring in the GP predictor indicates scoring in the 40-50 range will be fine, as you will likely have one or two giant hauls of points throughout the season. 😉

  4. Made a complete and utter mess of my predictions for Bahrain – ie I did not transfer my notes on paper to the website, so my predictions from Malaysia were carried forward instead! I think I’ll do a Red Bull and appeal, or a Ferrari and ask for a change of rules, or a Pastor and throw my toys out of the pram!

  5. I tried to log in to do m predictions a few hours before qualy but kept getting a sever error on the website, so unfortunately got last week’s predictions as a default. Anyone else have this issue?

  6. I guess I should be grateful you picked on someone else to highlight how bad a weekend they had. Someone who scored twice as many points as I did…

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