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In a new feature for 2014, TheJudge13 will look into Formula One odds from bookmakers analysing what the odds would suggest.  We would invite readers to get involved and tell us if you think they are a fair reflection of what is set to be an amazing season ahead of us.

Last time out

Lewis Hamilton looked comfortable as he cruised to a victory at Sepang.  No problem was ever disclosed by the team as to why Rosberg was so much slower which leaves his lack of pace a mystery.

The team orders debate once again reared its ugly head as this time it was the turn of the Williams team to get embroiled in a row on team radio.  Valtteri Bottas was faster than his teammate, although in the end had to settle for finishing behind the Brazilian.

Nico Hulkenberg once again proved he can mix it with the big boys with a sterling drive home to 5th aided by the retirement of Daniel Ricciardo.  The Aussie now faces an uphill struggle to even score points, as he is facing a 10 place grid penalty due to the unsafe release.

Looking ahead

With just a week between Malaysia and Bahrain there is little, if any, time for upgrades to cars.  They should be largely similar to what raced in Sepang 7 days prior to the first night edition of this Grand Prix.  The unknowns of 2014 will continue as we may see the first reliability problems of continual use of one powertrain starting to kick in.

One plus point for the fans is the different characteristics the Bahrain International circuit will offer, where power is a much more decisive factor.  Given this fact, the Mercedes powertrain should be the decisive factor here, reportedly producing 80bhp more than the Renault equivalent.

Nico Rosberg has enjoyed previous success out in Bahrain in GP2, so it will be a circuit he has fond memories of.  Can he take the honours for this race?

Hot to trot

Nico Hulkenberg points finish – 2/5 – After such a strong showing out in Malaysia, the German will not be short of confidence.  Surely only reliability issues can stop him finishing in the top 10?

Pole, Fastest Lap and Race Winner to Lewis Hamilton – 7/2 – this seems a very reasonable price.  The previous two races have seen the driver on pole go onto victory and fastest lap in the process, can Lewis repeat this?

Both McLaren drivers to score – 8/11 – With a strong pairing and the preferable Mercedes engine the team look likely to see both drivers home to finish in the top 10, or do they?

A punt on a grunt

A look at a more speculative market – Both teams drivers on the podium for Williams is priced at 33/1.  They are expected to be strong in Bahrain as the circuit requires less downforce.  If one of the Mercedes retires could both drivers finish on the podium?


Another race so soon for us all to treat ourselves with this weekend.  A first night race of the season as well to provide us with a different view of these 2014 cars.

TJ13 only suggests responsible gambling.  For advice on the subject visit www.gambleaware.co.uk/     From all the team – enjoy the race!


4 responses to “#F1 Odds Analysis – #BahrainGP

  1. What does 7/2 or 2/5 mean in terms of, idk…how much money you have to wager and what you get back if your (prancing) horse wins?

    Please explain.

    (note: I’ve obviously never gambled or wagered on anything requiring or necessitating the factoring of “odds”…bought a couple of lotto tickets just for fun, but that’s it. NEVER sporting betting!! bad habit to get into, i hear.)

    • Those are the old old fashioned imperial or traditional odds used mainly in UK.

      In the more common european version those would stand 4.5 and 1.4 respectively. So you bet 1 $ you’ll get 4$ 50cents or 1$ 40cents. That’s as simple life would be if the Brittish gave up their old fashioned number systems😃

      There’s of course also another version the American, so life wouldn’t be too simple, all nicely explained with conversion table at:

      Even if you’re not a betting man just to understand those when you do your GP prediction with friends can be of use. Or just for people who like statistics and probability maths.

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