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Webbuary has finally passed and we enter the month of March. So… here you are

Adrian Newey's first winning openwheel design - Rick Mears in the March 85C-Cosworth. His Penske team mate Al Unser won the 1985 PPG Indycar World Series.

Adrian Newey’s first winning openwheel design: Rick Mears in the March 85C-Cosworth. His Penske team mate Al Unser won the 1985 PPG Indycar World Series.


Join the TJ13 Predictor League

Last year we had a great response to our TJ13 Castrol Predictor League. GR Racing was our official TJ13 champion with 886 points. Mattpt55 Racing went into the final round with, in truth, everything to lose. Leading and looking comfortable for the league victory, Lewis Hamilton and Romain Grosjean cost the team the honour of the inaugural TJ13 title.

Mist Army finished 3rd place in the league, dropping 1 place in the final round.

Who will win this year and where will you finish?

To be part of the TJ13 league click on the link below and once logged in select “Join Existing League” and then enter the league code. You will now be a part of TheJudge13 league and hopefully this year we can get a top 10.

Unique league link: http://gppredictor.com/league/join/code/6a70171018802287a2ef60e04396f1a0
Unique code to join this league: 6a70171018802287a2ef60e04396f1a0

Good luck!


13 responses to “Daily #F1 News and Comment: Sunday 2nd Match 2014

  1. Joined the league. Didn’t know this game was out there. But it’s a bit of a bummer that you can’t see other players their predictions. Would be a fun insight in other people’s mind… would you guys share your top 3 here? If got 1. Massa (that would be fun) 2. Kimi and 3. Rosberg.

    • You can see other predictions after the deadline for making predictions for each race (makes sense because they can be changed at any time before then). However, you can see their resident-experts’ predictions as soon as they have posted them at http://gppredictor.com/experts .

  2. So March is going to be March March ?
    Whatever happened to Whitmarch – did Martini issue an injunction ?

  3. Another post from Erotsne on Autosport forum.

    Hello again.

    Like to say it was a great test and we now go to Melbourne full of enthusiasm, but alas – not the case.

    To be fair. Many of the problems were not Renault/PU related, but most of the problems we faced involved fire/heat damage which is time consuming to rectify and in our case damaged components we wouldn’t normally carry in numbers to a test.

    We used a new exhaust system for this test and it failed at the collector on the first day and caused some damage to the bodywork and the cooling system. We fitted the existing exhaust design that had been trouble free and that failed in the same spot causing a bit more damage.

    During the break between tests, the internal side pod ducting was changed to duct ambient airflow around the ICE (it was previously ‘post radiator’ airflow). It appears that by ducting lower temperature air over the engine (and the exhaust), it altered the expansion of the first runner, causing weld failure.

    We borrowed Red Bulls vast collection of power tools and hammers and modified the radiator surround and partially blocked the ambient air duct and it seems to have solved that issue. A more elegant solution should be sorted by Melbourne.

    Todays running ended early and saw our first ICE failure but we are yet to find out what failed. Its definitely internal and terminal but may be related to fire damage on Friday that damaged the oil cooler resulting in the computer killing the ICE.

    On a more positive note, it appears from our limited running that the ERS driveability issues have been improved substantially and other teams have clocked up a few miles without any ERS hardware failures. Our simulations and calculations show we should be in the game as far as pace and fuel efficiency is concerned…

    I believe a new coffee machine was ordered back home for the long nights ahead but apparently it caught fire. Go figure.

    • Joined the league. Have Hamilton, Massa, Rosberg for Oz podium.
      Pirelli are taking the Medium and soft tyres and Merc went best on the softs in testing.

      • Looks the whole world and his dog will be choosing Ham, Massa, and Ros for the podium. 😉
        The differentiating scores will come from the 1,2,3 order you predict. Unless of course you pick a wild card in the top 3 and it comes up trumps.

        • I think hamilton wil have a dnf. To bad you can’t pick those either. Especially this year. Would be fun to predict those

  4. Just entered the league. What about double points for the last race?😁😁😁

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