#F1 Features: Webbuary comes to a conclusion


And so, just as Mark Webber bowed out from Formula 1 at the last race of the 2013 season we now bid him farewell here on TJ13 with a two part interview he did with Peter Windsor.

Enjoy the WEC Mark!

7 responses to “#F1 Features: Webbuary comes to a conclusion

  1. Yay, Webbo! Thanks, Your Honor, for lauding AussieGrit!

    But Webbuary, so sad to see you go!

    I tried to make a Webbuary twibute bannewr that could also be a webpage hweader, but couldn’t figure out how to embed it in the comment section.

    Sooo, here’s the link:


    (just click through when you get there to see “full-size” lol)

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