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Michael Schumacher in critical condition after skiing accident Updated: 11:15, 14:00 CET

Michael Schumacher in critical condition after skiing accident


Seven times Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher is fighting for his life in the intensive care unit of the University clinic in Grenoble. The German, who was spending a few days of vacation in the ski resort of Meribel with his family, fell shortly after 11:00am and hit his head hard on a rock.

Initial reports said that Schumacher was rattled, but conscious – his helmet seemingly having done it’s job. But after being airlifted to a hospital in nearby Moutier, his condition apparently deteriorated badly and Schumacher fell into a coma while being transferred to Grenoble. Traumatologist Professor Gérard Saillant, who worked on Schumacher after his 1999 accident at Silverstone and after his 2009 bike accident, rushed to the hospital, where emergency brain surgery was performed. Latest information describe Schumachers condition as ‘critical and life-threatening’.

During the night Jean Todt and Ross Brawn, both part of Ferrari’s early 2000s ‘dream team’ arrived at the hospital to be at Schumacher’s side. Former F1 pilot Olivier Panis also arrived at the hospital in the evening. Shortly after the news broke both Schumacher’s homepage and that of his brother Ralf broke down due to the enormous traffic caused by worried fans.

Update 11:15 CET

Doctors of the Grenoble hospital, in which Schumacher is being treated since last night have given further information in a press conference at 11:00. According to them Schumacher is in extremely critical condition and was put in hypothermic state (lowered body temperature) and artificial coma to assist with treating the numerous haematoma in his brain. The sheer amount of brain injuries, caused by a highspeed blunt impact on the head make it almost inevitable that there will be lasting damages to Schumacher’s brain, yet the doctors currently feel unable to estimate whether there will be debilitating effects.

Asked whether Schumacher was fighting for his life, Doctors answered affirmative and stressed that his condition is very critical. They explained that current therapeutic measures are mainly targeted at getting more time for neccessary measures to save Schumacher’s life. They didn’t exclude the possibility of the condition to deteriorate even further.

If you are of a religious disposition, it might be a good time to direct a plea for help at your respective deity.

Update 14:00 CET

Without advice from a M.D. the 1100 press conference didn’t make much sense, so I phoned a friend, who is a surgeon and asked him to make sense of it for me and the verdict is encouraging and devastating all the same. 🙁 Here’s what he told me: “Their answers were very evasive, but they more or less admitted that there will be lasting damage. That doesn’t mean that he’ll be getting crayons and colouring books for christmas for the rest of his life, but it is likely in a cynical way. The whole situation reminds me of Karl Wendlingers crash in Monaco 1994. Back then he was kept in a coma for weeks and chances were less than good for him to wake up and be able to live a normal life, but he did, but it took him a year of rehab training. Brain injuries are medicine’s idea of a lottery. You may spend the rest of your life in a persistent vegetative state or recover with slight changes to your personality or cognitive capabilities”.

A prominent example of the latter case is Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond, who suffered major brain injuries and the only lasting damage is (by his own accord) ‘that I now like celery’.

74 responses to “Daily #F1 News and Comment: Monday 30 December 2013

  1. Pardon my French, guys, but how fucked up is the world we’re living in!?!! Good, honest Russian citizens are under attack by wretched Islamic extremists in Stalingrad (don’t suppose any were code-named von Paulus?), NSA phone data collection is inexplicably ruled legal, and Michael Schumacher fights for his health as a result of the skiing?!?? gah!

    • I understand your frustration, Joe, but I would like to ask you a favour. Nazi references in this context are grossly inappropriate. First of all – the city is named Wolgograd. The name Stalingrad was dropped half a century ago for a reason. Also, naming Fieldmarshal Paulus in connection with terrorists is a sign of complete and utter lack of knowledge. He was a Reichswehr General, but by violating Hitler’s direct order to fight to the last man and surrendering to the Russians instead, Paulus saved thousands of lives on both sides from being wasted.
      So please stick to the topic at hand, especially when your knowledge of history is somewhat lacking.

      • Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks Stalingrad should be known as…Stalingrad:

        City formerly known as Stalingrad may hold referendum on name

        “Russian officials say Volgograd residents should vote on re-adopting name associated with second world war victory”


        As for von Paulus, you have no idea what connotation, if any, was intended by my reference, and my many years of academic work that included taking a degree in History is dishonored by your suggestion that my knowledge of history is lacking.

        But unlike you in your response to me, I won’t take it – or make it – personal.

      • but just to clarify, b/c this seems to be what upset you, I intended the reader to form no impression whatsoever that Generalfeldmarschall Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Paulus would have any positive connection w/ radical Islamic terrorism or that Paulus was dishonorable like a Muslim suicide bomber who murders Russian civilians.

        Rather, the Generalfeldmarschall’s name is just one of the most famous connected w/ Battle of Stalingrad apart from Rokossovsky and Zhukov, but I didn’t think those attacking Volgograd in present day would align themselves w/ the defenders of Stalingrad.

        “by violating Hitler’s direct order to fight to the last man and surrendering to the Russians instead, Paulus saved thousands of lives on both sides from being wasted.” <– Yeah I think you jumped down my throat a bit prematurely, as I don't disagree w/ this at all. Paulus was, like myself, a Roman Catholic opposed to suicide, and he is reported by Beever to have said, "I have no intention of shooting myself for this Bohemian corporal." Regarding his promotion to field marshal, Paulus was also to have wryly remarked that, "It looks like an invitation to commit suicide, but I will not do this favour for him." (Beevor, Antony (1998). Stalingrad, The Fateful Siege: 1942-1943. New York: Penguin Books).

        Idk tho if true or not that Paulus forbade men under his command from standing on top of their trenches in order to be shot by the enemy?

        Anyway, cheers!

        • How has an article on michael schumacher turned into this? If you want to read about stalingrad you’re on the wrong site. You mong haha

          • Just going to say it since everyone seems to be getting a bit chippy today. Etiquette in these parts is to avoid language like that. You don’t have to believe me, nor do I run the site, but mostly we’re adults here and we try to stay away from using casual slurs to denigrate others. Particularly since I bothered to look that one up, if it means what the Google says it does, really not nice.

            Language barriers excepted (English not being a first for all the commenters) you’ll live a happier life if you keep that in mind when pressing the Post Comment button.

    • It’s a strange situation in Russia, as the Caucasus areas are predominantly non-Russian, and hence somewhat like conquered states that were not given up at decolonisation (breakdown of USSR) – this is what my understanding of the situation is so far.

      So when we have two sides that won’t back down (Putin, determined to stage the Winter Olympics, even letting out Khodorkovsky and the Arctic 30 to lose distractions, and then host the F1 there 9 months later, and the independence seeking countries’ belligerent arms), there will inevitably be problems. A peaceful negotiation seems as possible as pigs flying at this point.

      Ukraine is turning back towards Russia, as the country is split 50-50 for Ukrainians voting EU and Russians voting Russia, with the Russian part in power at the moment and the former Ukrainian PM now in prison. Why did many countries get independence and not these small caucasus ones? I know there are others like the Tuvan republic as well (close to Mongolia), that are almost like countries inside Russia still, a bit like Tibet and China.

      I’m aware that we have a similar situation here in the UK, with the constituent parts wanting independence. Ireland was granted it 90 years ago, while the botch that was Northern Ireland was kept, with somewhat a 50-50 split, perhaps like Ukraine, which is only settling down just now. The strange thing here is that the countries are now so entrenched in the UK that English is predominant in all areas, and the countries would only be really truly independent if they all went back to speaking native Celtic languages like they did originally, which of course can never really happen now after hundreds of years of integration. I thought the situation was different to this in these other locations.

      On the other hand, I do hope MSc can recover, and the news that he would be dead if not for wearing a helmet really shows how serious this injury is (and the BBC reported that so far it’s believed to be a part failure that led to it). It’s good to hear from the former F1 doc on the issue, below.

  2. Former FIA F1 medical delegate Dr. Gary Harstein providing some useful insights via Twitter in response to questions about how long is the period where danger is increasing to MS’s life until it starts to decrease as hours go by (24-48, to 72hrs: https://twitter.com/former_f1doc/status/417563672131948544)

    and also what the risk of permanent debilitaion is from TBI like what MS may have suffered (“@joepabike @thejudge13 The risk is real but can only be very approximately estimated now (maybe 3-4 categories from likely to nahhhh).” | https://twitter.com/former_f1doc/status/417564663845756928).

  3. Here is more that Dr. Harstein said early (12/29):

    Hartstein said the fact that Schumacher was conscious and speaking immediately after the accident was common. “It’s quite well known that extradural haematomas, a kind of cerebral haemorrhage, can leave a lucid interval after injury.

    “Then as the haematoma forms, the increase in pressure causes sudden and dramatic symptoms. Pressure must be relieved rapidly,” he said.He said the coma could be induced.

    “Lets demystify it just a bit. Any severe head injury leads to a loss of co-ordination of tongue and throat muscles. This happens to some when they sleep – called snoring. But this is respiratory obstruction and causes carbon dioxide to rise and oxygen to fall,” he explained.

    “But the brain wants oxygen and hates CO2. So we put tubes in these patient’s tracheas and use respirators. This protects the airway and gives excellent control of ventilation and oxygenation.

    “But to intubate someone, he or she needs to be pretty deeply anaesthetised. So this is the usual ‘artificial coma’. It is an induced coma, but in fact it’s like a prolonged, protective, anaesthetic.”

    Gary Hartstein tweets as @former_f1doc. His responses were edited from his tweets.

    source: http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2013/dec/30/michael-schumacher-injuries-doctors-view

    • Hi Joe, came here to say this, though Dr. Hartstein also has a blog http://formerf1doc.wordpress.com where he writes up the news from the presser.

      Someone I used to race with had a really bad accident while sprinting (practice, got taken out by a rollerblader around 40-50kph) and was actually seizing and stayed unconscious for quite some time (helmet was utterly destroyed). I remember visiting him a couple of months after and I was astonished by how slow his speech was (for those of you at a certain age, it was like talking to someone who was really, REally stoned). His full recovery actually took a couple of years, but he was mostly back to normal by then. I guess what I’m saying is that the road with neuro is almost always a long one, so it’s pointless to get too worked up over every single press release.

      I really feel for his family, though, especially his son. I wasn’t necessarily a fan of his when he drove for Ferrari, but I thoroughly enjoyed his second, more relaxed, career. I’m wishing for the best….

  4. This looks bad. I hope he recovers – at least enough to be sane and capable of enjoying his life and his family.

  5. Danilo it is so frustrating that you still say “direct plea to your respective deity”
    Jesus says “your years are in my hands” so it is upto jesus whether schumi stays in earth or goes to heaven or hell.

          • — Comment removed by a fat hippo —

            You’ve been warned samraj. Stop the posts that attack other people or their religious beliefs (or lack thereof).

          • @samraj. That’s pretty irritating. Believe what you want to believe and let me believe what I want to believe. I don’t try to convert you; show me the same respect and don’t preach to me.


            Re : samrajF40

            ” – Comment removed by a fat hippo – ”

            The Judge stated categorically that there was NO censorship on this site – yet clearly there is.

            So why was this post removed ?

            Did it offend some people ?

            So what ? That’s life ….. you can’t please everyone.

            Did it offend you Danilo ?

            Would it offend me ?

            I don’t know because I wasn’t given the opportunity to read it !

            Surely it is up to me, or any of the other readers, to make up their own minds ……

          • There is no censorship here as in, we don’t delete messages that don’t conform with other opinions. We do reserve the right however to remove messages that have no other payload than useless ad-hominem attacks. Samraj has been warned several times in the last two weeks as he continues posting messages that have no other purpose than to provoke people and start a flaming war, which is something we don’t need here.
            No censorship doesn’t mean, we keep messages that serve no other purpose than to insult other people. Freedom of speech is something I value very highly. I was born in East Germany, we’ve put out lives on the line demonstrating for freedom of speech. But FoS doesn’t mean ‘Freedom to be an Arsehole’, which is why I removed the message.

          • @ Iosif and samrajF40. Freedom of speech means you can say whatever you want to. It doesn’t guarantee a forum to do so. I supported samraj earlier this week when Danilo got down on him, but no longer. Thanks Danilo. Samraj, please go somewhere else.

          • If you remove messages – THAT IS CENSORSHIP Danilo.

            To say otherwise is simply a lie.

            And why was my post moderated ?

            Quote – ” Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili said this on Your comment is awaiting moderation. December 30, 2013 at 18:11 ”

            I haven’t been offensive nor attacked anyone – merely stated an opinion.

            Or do the Thought Police have a problem with me too ?

          • Iosif, Censorship means that valid expressions of opinion are suppressed and/or modified. The post of samraj that I removed was a religiously motivated insult, which does not constitute a valid opinion. Calling ‘shame on you’ towards people, who dare not share his religious beliefs is not an opinion, it’s an insult to people, who chose to be atheists or followers of a different religion. We do not condone religiously motivated hatred here, that’s why I removed the comment.
            That your comment was moderated has a very simple reason. Up tp now you posted under the name ‘manky’, but suddenly adopted a new username. Posting under different usernames but with the same email is a usual modus operandi for spammers, which is why the system puts those messages on hold until a human has seen them and made sure that it isn’t an ad for penis enlargements or Nigerian 409 schemes. I was the one, who approved your comment without change – so much for the thought police. You’ve picked the wrong person to accuse of censorship mate.

          • J’ACCUSE …….

            So kind of you to ” APPROVE ” my post without change.

            Should I now kiss your arse in gratitude ?

            And on the point of me using a different username – I’ve used others in the past WITHOUT moderation.

            So I don’t accept your reason.

            Also – spammers don’t continually use an email address on a site for years without any issues – then suddenly start advertising ” penis enlargements or Nigerian 409 schemes. ”

            You as an IT professional should know that ?


            ” Censorship means that valid expressions of opinion are suppressed and/or modified. ”

            BULLSHIT !

            Firstly – what gives you the right to decide what is or is not VALID ?

            Secondly – censorship is the suppression of speech – pure and simple.

            Validity has nothing to do with it !

            Thirdly – quote Danilo – ” There is no censorship here as in, we don’t delete messages that don’t conform with other opinions ”

            Really ? I think you just did …..


            And finally – I used the name Iosef Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili – IRONICALLY.

            I thought you of all people would have gotten that ……

          • Hi there Manky, FWIW DS has administrative rights which gives him at least the temporary authority to do all that he has done. If TJ13 disagrees, I’m fairly sure it will get ironed out rather rapidly.

            As regards the rest of your post, you will notice that DS said “the system” which to me implies that anyone who does that will automatically be subject to moderation due to rules implemented in the commenting system itself. If you think that is a bad idea, I’m fairly sure you can contact TJ13 with your reasoning or suggested changes and have it considered in due course.

            Beyond that however, and whether or not you are aware of it, the tone of your comment to my ears is angrier than the offence warrants. There may be other reasons for this and I will happily grant you them, but I will politely ask since this is a holiday season and this community is one of the bright spots in what is otherwise a trying time, please just take a deep breath and carry on.

            Since I guess technically I was the aggrieved party, I will even send you the text of what Samraj said if it is that important to you. Just drop me your email address. Happy New Year to you!

          • Using Stalins civil name to “defend free speech” is not ironic. It’s utterly stupid and grossly offending to someone, who grew up in a totalitarian system. As someone, who had the right from birth, you should just be happy about it, instead of lecturing those, who had to fight for it.

          • It’s no surprise that belief in god and IQ show a negative correlation. But, religion still exists as in poorer countries they can still play a part in bettering the social, moral and cultural fabric.

            What I do find surprising is how Stalin was Georgian, and that his first assignment as a minister was to study how minorities could integrate into the Soviet Union. What’s the saying.. Power corrupts.

  6. I was never a fan of this man, merely a Ferrari supporter eternally grateful for everything he brought to the team.
    Yet my feelings today are similar to how I felt when Senna was killed.
    Somehow it feels impossible to believe and I’m numb with emotion, it is shocking news.
    I’m agnostic despite being raised a Roman Catholic but whatever type of spirit exists in the world, I pray they support this human being through his toughest fight.

    Forza Michael

    • My feelings exactly Carlo, my mother has recently passed away and i light a candle for her every night, since yesterday i light one for Schumy to.
      Forza Kaiser, vinci la corsa piu’ importante, siamo tutti con te!

    • Ok I was and am still a Schumi fan. The feeling of numbness yes. Him doing his stuff every Fri-Sat since 1992, coming into our living rooms (or hearts). It feels like family does it not?

      The sad thing is it is not just him that has this kind off accident. I remember Liam Neeson’s wife having a similar accident yet it did not affect me at all.

      I pray God’s will be done.

  7. We all hope for the best. My brother had a serious accident racing bicycles and suffered severe head injuries even though he was wearing a helmet; he is mostly recovered, but had strange things happen – his sense of taste and smell changed, so things didn’t taste or smell as they used to. He also suffered depression and suicidal thoughts, apparently a common effect .

    Good luck Schumacher.

  8. I can’t believe a petty slanting match was started in the comments section today, when our only thoughts should be with Michael’s family and close friends. Who gives a shit what the next man believes with regard his religion, we are all F1 fans and should leave the baggage of day to day life at the door.

    Get well Michael, we are alp rooting for you.

    • I tried to avoid that by keeping my religious reference in the text neutral. Unfortunately, the resident flame warrior saw another option to hit out at people.

      • Danilo,
        Some days I feel you may bite a little quick but, you have my full support on this. I have strong religious views of my own, but never press them on others or insult another man’s belief system as its something that bothers me when I’m on the receiving end. So thanks for your fairness on this matter and wish you the very best for 2014.


    • Its often the way, and time, such things do surface. Six weeks ago my 25 year old brother had a caridac arrest, and due to swelling in the brain, they did many of the things they are doing to Michael now, chilling jacket and induced coma/heavy sedation with breathing tube down the throat. It is possibly the worst thing I have ever been through, and seeing someone you love and so young in that state, is truly shocking, so I can really feel for his family. We were lucky, my brother was home just in time for christmas, as so far all seems to be well, so I hope for a similar outcome in Michaels instance too.

  9. General politics and religion here? No thank you !

    Hope all the best for MS, even though I don’t particularry like him.

  10. Michael was gifted not only with the sensitivity and reflexes of a top tier driver, but also a high intelligence, both behind the wheel and out of the cockpit. I believe it was that special combination that made him special. To have that combination of sensitivity, reflexes and intelligence is not too common.

    His accomplishments in motorsport will always stand, but this brain injury, with the possibility of the sudden loss of that intelligence is, for some reason, dis-heartening to me.

  11. Good to see the courtroom is still the place of heated debate….

    Though at times we have to ask ourselves, “what is truth?”. Who owns the answer to that question – certainly not me..

    Some people’s views are indeed highly polemic to many – but may not seem to be to them – so we either ignore their comments or respond accordingly in a proper manner.

    I’ll be fully back 2nd January – until then lets be tolerant with each other and disagree in a reasoned manner with others’ opinions.

    May I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year…. and the first noise made in public by a V6 F1 turbo engine is now just 29 days away….

    TJ13’s heartfelt sympathies are at present with both the Volgograd victims’ families and friends and with those of Michael Schumacher….. and indeed with the many other 100’s of thousands – indeed millions – of our fellow human beings who are experiencing life threatening and desperate personal circumstances on the eve of this new year…..

    • I, for one, am looking forward the return of your tolerant and calming influence.

      Be nice to get ‘back on track’, as it were.

      • “Back on track” always reminds me of the Bahraini Al Khalifa’s…

        … then again… There’s another subject where we have unanimous agreement 😉

    • We have missed your voice of reason your honour. I’m looking forward to following TJ13 for my 1st full season in 2014. This really is one, if not the best F1 blog/site going. Largely devoid of trolls. So happy new year to all who work hard to bring this service.

  12. Jeez fellas, getting a bit off topic today aren’t we? Not a fan of the power trips that have occured lately. Seems the place I come for my f1 news and thoughts has soured a bit in the last 2 weeks. Let’s get back on track and continue what makes this place the best in the f1 community, shall we?

    • Block this clown. Please.

      No drama. No long email warning that spirals into a moralistic debate on censure. Just block him\her, and stop this type of trash polluting this site.

      I can ignore silly comments on red bull. But I cannot ignore comments as disgusting as this.

      Danilo is absolutely not deserving of this gross offence.

      Danilo, adam, Carlo….. Anyone with admin rights. Get rid of this ignorant vermin from our community please. Please!

      • I wish I had that authority Colin, I would gladly remove vermin like this.
        I have no problem with differences of opinion but when it’s voiced with vile racist comments, it’s no longer fulfilling freedom of speech it’s inciting “riots”
        Danilo you have wound every one of us up at times 😉 but we all respect you, block this foul individual.

      • I wish I had that power, ha ha ha hah. 😉
        Seriously though, nobody in any form of life needs vile racist comments littering a community.
        DS, you have probably annoyed everyone on here at some stage, but it happens with family and we forgive, re-appraise and develop.
        We are all in agreement and support here – ban this disgusting keyboard basher…

      • Agreed, the jury has spoken…..

        do we need to get a majority vote or unanimous agreement?

        This a great community and nearly all comments bring something to the party, I don’t think we need trouble makers, I’m happy to debate all things F1 and I even learned about airport runway requirments the other day, which was nice (lol) but the thing I like is no-one attacks you if you do not agree with them. This I like a lot, so I echo Colin’s call to keep the page free on individuals who get their kicks from trying to upset others and bring out the anger that is in all of us.

  13. Carlo,blackjack & danilo,i think you guys support each others only due to the fact that you solely rely on knowlege of other sites.
    Of course i have a subscription to autosport,but i now got to understand that the quality of posts on TJ13 has been drastically reduced since the day you guys started to post comments.
    I have been here daily over the past 1.5 years.
    thats before even danilo was employed.

    • I’ll speak for myself here, but this is the first post of yours that I feel offers any value.
      Why? Simply because it’s your opinion and it attacks no one’s beliefs it race.
      You have shown xenophobic attitudes recently and I for one find it both childish and tiresome but insecurities bring about fears in themselves.
      I used to subscribe to autosport myself but have found their journalism lazy and mid-informed. They also have agendas written into their articles.
      Any musings I put out are my own opinions and are to either encourage debate or make people think. If this is beyond your understanding then fine, I take no offence.
      Whatever I write is based on historical facts which are researched using all available sources not just other “sites”.
      Each to their own, but I’m not a fan of your opinion and I will not reply to any more of your fanning the flames.
      I hope peace finds you in 2014, much love 😉

      • Hey carlo neither do i read your “HISTORICAL” stories.
        I come to this site daily only to read articles published thejudge13 and not yours.
        TJ13 is not like anymore it used to be.
        any how happy to hear from thejudge13

        • That just shows that you don’t know diddly squat. Most news stories are signed “judge13”, but actually they are a team effort. So those news stories that you come back for have quite often been written partially by Adam, John, The Usher and me.
          I’m awfully sorry that we can’t accomodate your wish for a flame war. Please go trolling somewhere else.

          • Danilo,
            I had just printed off this comments section so as to frame and hang on my wall. I can’t believe I was so happy when I realised I have my first official critic! It’s the order of the yin and yang after all, you cannot receive praise without a share of criticism.

            Then as I read through the comments I became slightly disenchanted.
            It seems my critic is not a genuine one at all, after all he has missed the irony of his own words.

            ‘Hey carlo neither do i read your “HISTORICAL” stories.’

            How can anybody have an opinion when they have not read the words that were written?

            Anyway, I wish you all uno Felice Anno Nuovo

        • Samraj F40,

          Posts like that do you no favors. I have no doubt I have more year under my belt than you, but one thing that always sticks with me is that ‘you get what you give’. You can tell someone you dodon’t agree with them without being rude. It’s not a dificult concept to grasp and if you have the same attitude in your day to day life, applying this siple idea could change your life for ever.

          Peace and happiness for 2014.


    • May I disagree with you sir? Or how about this, a challenge for you. How about you ask TJ13 if you could write an article?

      I for one appreciate the contribution of all three you mentioned. Yes, I may not agree with everything all the time but that is the beauty of this community, we debate.

      Very seldom are names called. And yes, Danilo does get very feisty but we love him for that too. In fact, his unwavering support of Vettel has led to a few of us actually thinking that the 2nd German wonder kid is not that bad at all.

      I appreciate your point of view but how about you suggest how they could make their posts better rather than knocking them down? It’s much harder to write something than to provide critique 😉

          • Take no notice Don, I enjoy all content on the site and don’t care about the odd spelling error or a little incorrect grammer, especially if English is a second language as I’m born and bred English and I still struggle from time to time. All contributors of articles are very much appreciated for me and many others. So please keep it up, I may try and compose an historical piece myself over comming weeks and months.

          • TJ13 is a Formula 1 community made up by all the fans CV. It would be great if you want/could contribute please let TJ know.

            We will become the best F1 community in the world (not that I am competitive or anything you know ;))

        • Bullpoop.

          Carlo generates excellent articles. Interesting, informed, well researched. And written in a style that I find very appealing.

          He adds value to our community by being a key contributor and always carrys himself with class and dignity. The very definition of a gentleman, in fact.

          I, for one, am delighted that he gives up his precious time, for free, for my, and others, pleasure.

          Same for all the rest of the contributors, including TJ13. Without their efforts I’d be far worse off in getting my daily dose of F1 news.

          I am truly greatful to them all for their efforts.

  14. Wow, this post about Schumacher sure took a dive off topic. Maybe it’s time to stop for a bit, calm down, and breath deeply.

    Thanks to all who make this site work; I know much unrewarded effort goes into it and I for one appreciate that.

    Everyone, please have a great New Year.

    Schumacher, get well.

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