The #F1 Bar Exam: 17 October 2013

Welcome to this week’s addition of TheJudge13 #F1 Bar Exam

Last week’s question(s): Can you name the driver and the team in the photo. Can you also state the model of the car and in which year it was raced as well as who the main designers were?

The answer(s) I was looking for were: The driver was Emerson Fittipaldi in a Fittipaldi F8 during the 1980 British Grand Prix where he finished 12th. The car was designed by Harvey Postlethwaite and young Adrian Newey.

Although this car was not very successful both went on to other teams to design race winning and championship winning cars…

Well done to Graham, Henrik, Prashanth, Mike, Cassius, JJPM, Peter and Carlo.

This week’s question(s): Can you name the manufacturer of the car in the picture below and the team owner(s). Can you also name the team name and one key engineer that is well known today that worked as part of the team that designed the car. Lastly, which well known racing driver drove the car?


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