TJ13 – August + September #F1 review in verse

Once again TJ13 is proud to bring you another fantastic monthly review.  This bumper edition of August and September is brought to you by @theF1Poet, Ernie Black 

Ok settle down, court is in session

Let’s deal with this little issue of F1 Obsession


It’s time to look back and quickly review

The last couple of months in F1 with a fresh point of view


Let’s start with Lotus, who’s summer was a wee bit of a mess

Unable to win and regain top form, they decided to ditch their double DRS


Moving to Sauber where an announcement was made

Confirming Sergei Sirotkin so their suppliers could get paid


The youngster’s arrival surely ruffled a feather or two

And may have caused some relationships to go slightly askew


And on that topic, Nicole and Lewis have drifted apart
It’s always difficult dealing with matters of the heart


Another match made in heaven may have hit the ground hard

Alonso’s love affair with Ferrari, may well have been scarred


Pirelli were confident their tyres would survive

As they lined up in Spa for a long load bearing drive

They did just fine, as did Sebastian Vettel,

Who had his right boot planted on the accelerator pedal

On the way up, were Caterham, everyone’s favourite “Team Green”

As the race for 10 would wind up to a scream


And scream he might, the FIA’s little Frenchman

As political warfare was not in his plan


It seems a challenger arose, to run against Todt

Ward will make this presidential election one which is hard fought


Hard fought was a battle for Red Bull’s F1 seat

Which Ricciardo has won in the hopes that Vettel, he just might beat


More nonsense was floating about a new tyre supplier

As the smoke from Pirelli and Michellin began to turn into fire


But these flames bare no heat and no changes were made

These were just bargaining tactics as an announcement was delayed


There was no delaying Vettel at the Italian Grand Prix

As he dominated the race and was booed by the crowd unceremoniously


The Tifosi found out they had a reason to cheer

As Kimi joins Alonso at Ferrari for the season next year


And next year they’ll have hope because this season is done

In September there was no stopping Vettel from being number one


That fat lady is ready, it might have been said

Vettel’s dominance is a story resembling day old bread


Well done to him and his Red Bull platoon

TJ13 now knows every word to that German tune


Stay tuned for when court, will next reconvene

‘Til then, remember the name, it’s The Judge 13

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