Castrol GP Predictor Summary – Monza 2013

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With the news of Kimi being on his way to Ferrari, it has thrown the twittersphere into overdrive as people try to make sense of where this leaves the driver market.  Personally, I would love to see two Champions up against each other driving those famous red cars.  The simple and easy option would have been to stay at Lotus and battle through until the end of his career there, but Kimi has been fearless by potentially putting himself up against the “matador” that is Fernando Alonso.  I came across a quote from Steve Jobs, the late co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc, which seems to fit perfectly. The quote is taken from the book by Robert Tuchman, Young Guns, “Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?”

So much focus has been taken away from the race, which as pointed out yesterday by TitanRacer69 in the comments section, was a very exciting one.  “A very solid 9 of 10”, were the exact words which was true.  Drivers throughout the grid who were out of position, on a track where sacrificing your Sunday pace for a Saturday straight line advantage proved to be decisive for the Toro Rosso’s, amongst others.

It made for some interesting results in the predictor.

On the Up

MotoPK was the most improved up 24 places into 13th.  Predicting the podium correctly was a brave choice for the weekend, but it proved to be a stroke of genius.  If Vettel had not had the transmission problems it may well have been even better.

Monza 2013 - MotoPK1

One to Forget

It was not such a happy home GP for Fake Race Control.  Despite predicting with 27% accuracy, the team still dropped 4 places in the TJ13 All Star F1 Racers League. And who says F1 is hard to predict?

Monza 2013 - Fake Race Control1

The only way is … err … down

Over the last few GP weekends Scherzingers Rejects have suffered a dip in form to leave the chasing pack within touching distance.  The dip seems to have come around the time of Lewis and Nicole’s break up; coincidence?

There again, refusing to even select a driver for positions gained could be viewed as arrogance.  Perhaps the team is just lulling everyone else into believing they have a shot at winning (unlike Vettel).

Monza 2013 - Scherzingers Rejects1

Nobody saw it coming

Nico Hulkenberg to have such a strong race weekend.  No really; nobody saw it coming.

Food for thought

A high down force setup required for the tight and twisty street circuit that is Singapore, so the Toro Rosso cars may not do so well there.  Sutil will have a new gearbox available to him which will play into his hands.  Other than that, well, there is only one person you can realistically predict for the win.

Remember when…

In this section there will be a question each week to test your memory from GPs gone by. The idea is not to look it up but see if you can remember it first!

The Italian GP was one of the inaugural races on the 1950 F1 race calendar.  Every Formula One Italian GP has been held at the famous Monza circuit, apart from one year.  Which year was this and where was it held instead?

(Answer will be posted in the next Predictor summary)

Last question’s answer

The question was: Red Bull Racing can now boast 2 wins at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit.  Which other constructors have 2 victories to their name there?

Answer: The answer is Maserati, in 1933 and 1954, and Benetton, in 1992 and 1995.  The 1933 victory, of course, was before the times of being part of the Formula One World Championship.

5 responses to “Castrol GP Predictor Summary – Monza 2013

  1. I would like to do the predictor next season but where can you enter. I googled it but found loads of other shit that is not this. Can you post a link do I can find it and bookmark it please.


    • Hello “Clear View”.

      You can join the 2013 game now, and get in some practice for next year, but of course you wont have any points for the races already run! If you are good at the game, due to the rules allowing you to earn massive bonus points for accuracy, you could still finish top of the league.

      The website link is

      After registering, to join the TJ13 league, go to
      and enter code 7b8e5c7febf97a635b67a1f0b05baa36

      btw, my (MotoPK) predicted results were spoiled by Raikonnen damaging his wing on the first lap, and Lewis suffering a slow puncture. I had also assumed Di Resta would be unable to have his car repaired after the P3 crash to be able to make it to Q1, and would therefore start from the pit lane.

      • p.s. my predictions resulted in a gain of 6001 places on the global league! So clearly, “clear view”, you can make dramatic gains based on one race result.
        LEAGUE NAME Global
        MOVEMENT up 6001
        RANK 2239
        MEMBERS 50958

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