TJ13 – July #F1 review in verse

Brought to you by @theF1Poet, Ernie Black 

TJ13 will be doing a monthly collaboration with @theF1Poet reviewing the happenings in the world of Formula One, in verse.

The F1 summer break, has slammed on the brakes
I’m in total withdrawal and I’ve got F1 shakes

Belgium is next but it’s not soon enough
So let’s chat some F1 before things get real rough

July seems like so long ago
Let’s recap the month so we’re all in the know

Tyre safety concerns, were addressed right quick
Pirelli figured Kevlar should do the trick

First stop Germany at one of two “Rings”
Which was won by a German in a car with wings

While one Bull flew, the other was limping
As a pitstop went wrong while the pit crew was skimping

Aussie Grit left the box with only three wheels
Spawning safety concerns about pit lane ordeals

A “Fine” for Red Bull but no time served
No courtroom drama or appeal was observed

Vettel did well to break his home duck
A masterful drive without requiring luck

With a win in July and at his home track!
The champ spanked that monkey straight off his back

So from Germany to Silverstone
For a young drivers test…or so it was known

Racing to snag Webber’s seat at Red Bull
Ricciardo had his chance to generate some pull

But the young Aussie lost it, as he made quite the mess
His off-track excursion may have failed to impress

TJ’s jury’s still out though, as he was still quite fast
Ricciardo was all smiles as he still had a blast

The test were described as somewhat inconclusive
And Red Bull’s vacant seat remains somewhat elusive

To Hungary with haste, for another round for the throne
Where Mercedes and Lewis were “In the zone”

Lewis shot off the line and never looked back
First win in his Merc but fourth at this track

Well done to Williams, a points finish at last
Far too many races without points had passed

Force India struggled, much more than expected
Might them blaming the tyres be blame misdirected?

Finally some news, that stirred some commotion
And had some people questioning Alonso’s devotion

It’s probably nothing but you know how things get
With Nando’s manager at Red Bull, there’s always a threat

It won’t be long now, until F1 returns
And there’ll be a whole new docket of F1 concerns

Stay tuned for when court, will next reconvene
‘Til then, remember the name, it’s The Judge 13

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